The Ancient Genes
49 Run Part-2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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49 Run Part-2

********** Third Person's POV ***********

Axle was currently lying on the floor as his eyes were starting to blur.

Damn it

It really hurts.

He couldn't help but curse.

But he knew very well that he didn't have  any time to waste. He needed to move quickly. It was already weird that the people inside the IT room didn't come out even after hearing the commotion.

Axle slowly pushed his body up and got up after picking his rifle. 

\" I couldn't believe it really worked. Who said formation masters couldn't fight and only support.\"

There were different types of runes on this gun. They were all basic low level runes. One was for increase in basic attack, one was for piercing power, one was for increasing agility and so on.

Axle at this moment didn't know that at his level, no one was able to perform such difficult maneuver in the past.

Why ?

They didn't have the skills to do it.

So basically, he was one of his kind.

Slowly, Axle finally reached the door to the IT room.

\" Bang! \"

The door was kicked open and there was only a single terrified person inside the room, with the phone in his hand.

\" He's... please...send...hel-\"


There was a sound of gunshot as the guy stopped speaking and slowly fell on the ground with a thud.

\" Huh..\"

\" How in hell is the phone working around here? \"

Axle took out his phone and found that it was receiving network.

\" What kind of formation is this? Did they intentionally created a hole in the formation here to be able to provide information to other places \".

' It was weird, on a second thought maybe not. I mean what use would the IT room have if they can't even provide information and report about the anomaly they observed through surveillance. '

' But, what level of terrifying strength one needed to have to make such a complex formation.'

' Forget it, It is good for me. I should contact that person first.'

Axle dialed the Murcas's number on his phone and made the call.

\" ♪ who's the bessttt...♪ \"

\" ♪ I am the best ♪ \"

Hearing the ring tone, a line appears on Axle's face. 

' Can this guy really help us?'

His worry wasn't without a point. 

Because usually strong people don't like to flaunt about their strength.

\" Beep!..Beep! \"

The phone disconnected.

' why the hell is he not picking it up ? '

' God Damnit!!!, Pick up the phone…'

And Axle dialed his number again, as his eyes suddenly fell on the piece of paper stuck on the wall.

************ MC'S POV *********

\" Get ready we are about to leave this place \". I speak while scanning all the girls around me.

Everyone of them had dark circles around their eyes and a fear in their eyes.

\" Huff…\"

I couldn't help but let out a sigh.

Don't tell me they are even afraid of me.

\" Look, you all don't need to be afraid of me. I am here to get you all out of here \". I speak trying to calm them down.

I couldn't blame them for panicking. I don't even know what they have suffered mentally after being Captured here for such a long time.


Suddenly, my eyes catch the sight of a familiar face hiding beside Lisa.

It was Mia, the cute little girl. It had all started because of her.

Seeing her teary eyes, I walk in front of her and kneel on my right leg before wiping the tears in her eyes.

\" Why are you crying, Mia? \"

\" Your Daddy said her daughter was very brave \".

\" Ah!...  Daddy…\". She looks at me before speaking.

\" Yes, Mia's Daddy had hired me to bring you all out of here \". I speak as I could feel several gazes on me.

\"Yay!  I knew my hero would come \". The little girl jumps into my arms with a cheerful smile.


I hit the chain on her leg with the hilt of my dagger breaking it apart.

\" Do you want to leave this place ? \". I speak again.

And this time, there was not a fear but an anticipation in their eyes.

\"Clang! \"

\" Clang! \"




One by one, I start to break the chains and set them free.

As I walk in front of Lisa, I could feel her intense gaze on me.

\" Who has sent you? \". This girl finally spoke.

\" Didn't I already said about it. \", I reply while masking my voice.

\" Do you think I am a fool ? If you were here to rescue a girl, then why would you take all this extra luggage with you. Won't it be easy to just get out off here with the little girl ? \". She speaks while staring at me.

Man.. this girl was really getting on my nerves. And after knowing about Axle's brother, I already had second thoughts of leaving her behind.

\" Fine then \". My hands stop just before the hilt of my dagger struck the chain on her legs.

\" I will leave you behind Miss Extra Luggage \". I get up under her widen eyes and turn around.

\" Y..You Stop ! \". She spoke with a stutter as her face gets red.

\" What now? \" I ask her in disdain.

\" …\" . She could clearly see the disdainful look in my eyes. But she could only grit her teeths as her pride didn't let her beg for help.

No reply. Fine then. You want to play the hard way, I will make you beg in front of me.

\" If you haven't got anything to say, I will be leaving then \".

\" Wait.. Do you know who I am? \" She speaks with a smile.

Now, that really triggered me. How do you need to raise your child for her to have such a personality.

\" Yes, I know you. You are just a duck waiting to be cooked \". I speak with a smile and turn to leave.

\" Don't...\" , Finally she mutters as her eyes start to water.

But I had already planned to leave her behind if she couldn't raise her voice up.

All the girls in the room didn't even raise their voice to support her. 

Who would support her?

She just said some harsh words like.

They were extra luggage.

They didn't know what her intentions were.

But on the first look, if it were me. I wouldn't take it in a good way.

\" Big brother Hero, Are we going to leave that sister behind ? \". Finally someone raises her voice.

It was the little girl, Mia.

\" Yes, Mia. What did your father say to do when you need someone's help? \". I ask the little girl while patting her head.

\" Um..I remember. I need to bow down my head and request him and if he agrees, I need to thank him \". She replies in hers cute little voice.

\" You are a good girl. So tell me. Did you see that sister do that like your other sisters did to me ? \". I ask again.

\" No \". She replies.

\" Then doesn't mean, she doesn't need my help \". I speak with a smile.

Even though I didn't look behind. I could hear the clatter as she gritted her teeths.

I didn't know why, but suddenly, even in this terrible situation I felt good.

But, a storm has already started to brew .


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