The Ancient Genes
53 Questions
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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53 Questions

************ MC's POV ************

\" Ok, let's stop here for now and take some rest \", I spoke while observing that all the girls were tired.

We have been walking here for two hours. The drainage system here was very complex with a lot of twists and turns.

The dim light in the drains has also started to fade. It was turning dark outside. And traveling in a dark place with so many people was not a good idea. 

There were chances of us getting lost and I don't think we could afford that in our situation.

And Axle's situation was not looking good. He needed to have rest too.

So, I decided to take a break.

At my order, all the girls sat on the pavements which ran on the two sides with the drain in the middle.

It looked like we were close to the shopping district since drains here were properly maintained and well developed.

\" Big Brother Hero, tell me a story.\", hearing the voice, I turned my head towards the side to find Mia sitting on a tall girl's lap.

What do I say to her? 

I didn't have any story for her.

As a child, I can't even remember having a bedtime story. I was already happy if my parents could make it back home and accompany me.

Well, I had heard some stories from my teachers and friend. But I doubt that a kid could understand them as they were not some fairy tales.

As if understanding my silence, the tall girl whose lap was made into a chair spoke, \" Mia, don't trouble your hero. I will tell you a story.\"

\" But I want to hear it from him..\", Mia replied as her small brows narrowed.

\" Don't trouble him, Mia. Look at your brother hero. He's covered in injuries. He needs to rest too.\"

I could see the little girl look at me before she reluctantly gave in.

I could only smile at her. I can't believe that an 8-year-old could be so understanding.


I finally walk towards Axle and fall on my butts beside him.

\" How is it? \", I asked in concern.

\" Well, it's better now.\", He replied with a smile.

\" Well your face doesn't say so.\", Even in the dim light, I could see the layout of his face. His cheeks were pulled above as he was in intense pain, yet he continued to stretch his mouth wide to form a smile.

\" Fine, it hurts like hell.\", he whispered.

Well, we didn't have any medicine and without painkillers, it was already great for him to not scream.

\" You would have to wait until we get out of here. Only then can you be treated.\"

Hearing the sweet feminine voice, we both turn our heads to see Lisa sitting on her knees beside us.

Now, it was rare. 

Why is she initiating a conversation?

What was her aim?

These were my thoughts. I wasn't being rude or something. It was just that it was the impression that this girl had created in my mind.

\" Who are you two?\", She spoke.

well, it came fast.

\" Mercenaries. I am Shura and he is... um... Fenrir \", I said.

I couldn't help but come up with something random which was something similar to shura.

And ' Fenrir ' was the only thing which came into my mind at that time.

Suddenly, I feel a slight pain on my sides. Looking below, I see Axle nailing his elbow in my ribs.

\"Why are you making me an animal? I want a cooler name too.\", He whispered with reluctance to accept the name.

\" Isn't the Dog man's best friend? You are my best friend too. So don't take it in the wrong way.\", I too whispered.

\" Shut up! Do you take me for a fool? Fenrir was a Wolf.\"

I couldn't find any words to retort him.

As I was having trouble answering back Axle, Lisa spoke with a smile,\" So, you two are Mercenaries, Max and Axle.\". 

And I froze and my body trembled

How did she know our names?

But at this moment, Axle whispered as if he felt my tremble, \" What are you being shocked for?, Haven't we been calling each other by our names.\"


I really wanted to facepalm myself.

\" But, that's not important. I know you two have been here for that girl and rescued us while you were at it. But how did you know my name? I don't remember telling you my name.\" She spoke as her eyes stared at us for answers.

Hearing her, I went into flashback.

Damn, I remember calling her name out.

Even though what she told was partially true. But I wasn't in the mood to clear her doubts.

\" And why do you two feel familiar, especially you.\", she said while pointing towards Axle.

\" Who are you?\"


Hello guys, its the author. I am writing this here because I show my novel on a site which I have no idea about. So if you like my content. Please read it on web novel.


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