The Ancient Genes
54 Title contains *Spoiler*
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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54 Title contains *Spoiler*

************ MC's POV **********

\" Who are you? \"

Hearing her, I couldn't help but feel a headache.

Why is she asking so many questions?


Why do I need to answer her? There will be hundreds of Max and Axle out there. Even if she knew our name, what can she possibly do?

The reason I didn't want our identity to go out there were quite a lot even if I left the demons out of the picture.

First, we will be kicked out of the Academy.

Second, it was possible for Axle's actions to be brought out in the light.

Third, we killed a lot of members of the Dark Society. And they probably will come knocking to our doors if they knew who we are.

So, I reached a conclusion.

I can't let her know our identity. Not only her but anyone else.

\" I already said that we are Mercenaries. And for your identity, I had a look at the list of all the missing people in these past few days.\"

I could feel her doubtful gaze. It seemed that she was not convinced. But she had to accept it for now.


And the night passed with us sleeping in this stinking place without any food or water.

I could have never thought that there would be a day like this.

But I guess it was not only me. 

As the dim light returned to the sewers, I could see several people with heavy bags under their eyes.

Well, it looked like I was not the only one with a sleepless night.

But a particular person looked very frightened to me.

Yes, it was Lisa.

Her eyes were swollen and the dark circles under her eyes were terrible almost making me feel a slight bit of pity for her.

Well, that was all I had for her.

I turned my head and looked at Axle who was sleeping beside me.

\" Hey get up, we should be moving.\", But this bastard really was having the sleep of his lifetime.

He didn't even budge.

Well, with no option, I moved my hands forward planning to shake him. But as my hands touch his arms, I frowned.

After a while, my expression turned dark.

He was burning up.

It was a high fever.

We need to get him treated or if it gets worse….

No, I can't let my thoughts go in the wrong direction.

\" What's wrong?\"

I hear Lisa's voice behind me. 

Seeing my expression, she too took a hint of the situation and touched Axle's forehead.

\" We need to get him out of here \", she said with a grave expression.

I knew it too.

I stood up on my feet  and spoke, \" Everyone get ready, we are about to move out.\"

I asked two of the girls to carry Axle as I didn't have any choice.

I was acting as the Vanguard and leading our group, while Lisa was acting as the rear guard.

In terms of strength, I could take down a low-level mage if I mounted a sneak attack and not a head-on confrontation. This was the amount of confidence I had in me.

For Lisa, if I were to judge on the basis of the spell she performed earlier. She was already a low-level mage.

But, I didn't know if she had any fighting experience. 

Well, I can't be the one to speak though. But my situation was different. I was kind of forced into it and almost got killed.


I just hope we don't face any enemies. 

Because in our situation and considering our current strength. We would be dead if we got caught.

After an hour or so…

We were finally here.

The light in this place was strong. It wasn't dim anymore.

The rays of the sun were passing through the holes in the lid of the manhole above my head lighting the darkness in here.

\" Yay!!!\"

\" Sob..sob!\"

Cheers, laughter, cries all sounded throughout the sewers.

I couldn't blame the girls. They had gone through a lot in these past few days.

But obviously, I wasn't planning to carry the celebrations here.

\" Save the celebration for later. And follow me.\"

And so I took the lead and started to climb the steps of the ladder.

\" Clang! \"

I pushed the lid and it turned around falling with a clanging noise.

I slowly raised my head and scanned the surrounding.

It was not the main street. But I could hear the sound of engines and horns. It wasn't far from here.

A few steps and we would be out there.

I quickly got out of the hole and one by one helped the girls out.

When most of them were done, I got down and took Axle on my shoulder and climbed up the ladder.

And yes it was difficult.

My hands ached and I was about to fall.

But his shallow breath made me grit my teeth and continue on.



Finally, the last person, Lisa got out.

\" Let's go, move \", I shouted and everyone started to run.

Everyone had a smile on their faces, just the turn around the corner and it would all be over.

But how could it end so well...

Title : Fate of the Weak (1)


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