The Ancient Genes
55 Fate of Weak 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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55 Fate of Weak 2

************** MC's POV **************

Hearing the noise of the vehicles and the bustling street, everyone's faces broke out in a smile.

As we ran towards the main street, I could see the faces of several girls tearing up.

'Just around the corner and it would be finally over for good.'

I bet everyone had the same thoughts and I was no different.

But before we could take another step forward, flames burst out of the concrete pavement.


The extreme heat from the fire stopped everyone dead in their tracks.

The girl's faces behind me turned deathly pale.

Even I couldn't help but curse.


\" Clap! \"

\" Clap! \"

The clapping sound rang behind our backs giving everyone a shiver.


'Not now, we are so close.', it was clearly written on everybody's faces.


We slowly moved our bodies and turned around to find a person standing with his arms crossed.

 It was a man leading a small group of 7 people who appeared to be from the Seven Sins.

He had brown long hairs that were meticulously tied to the back of his head. The fair skin tone along with his strong build would really make him a charming person, only if it wasn't for the scar running horizontally across his face.

\" Ha..Ha… I really like that look on your faces. \", The Man said with a laugh as an amused expression appeared on his face.

I didn't know who this man was. His appearance didn't resemble the guys behind his back. But the way those guys were obediently standing behind his back with their backs straight showed that the browned hair man was definitely not an ordinary one.

\" What's with that look? Won't you guys struggle? Look behind your back. It's so close.\", he said while pointing towards our back.

Hearing him, I frowned. This guy really had a nasty character.

I could even see the disgusted look in Lisa's eyes beside me.

But, what I didn't expect was that a girl on my right really made a dash.

\" Don't!\", I screamed.

I really wanted to reach out with my hands. But I couldn't do with Axle on my back.

Lisa too extended her hand but alas she was short by an inch.

I saw the girl diving into the flames. I could only hope that she would make it out to the other side with slight burns.

\" Ahhhh!!!!\"

But the reality wasn't so good. It was cruel. 

The girl made it out to the other side. I could see her cry in joy as there were only slight burn marks on her skin. But her body suddenly combusted into flames and she was burned right before my very eyes as her screams shook everyone's heart.

\" Ha..Ha..\", The laughter of the brown-haired man entered everyone's ears and most of the girls broke out into tears.

Suddenly, I feel a tug on my sleeves. Looking below I find Mia, staring at me with tearful eyes as she asked, \" Brother Hero, Why didn't you save her? Are we going to die too? \"

What do I tell her? Did I even have an answer?

I closed my eyes before opening them again.

When did I have any answers to my problem? I have always walked my path with hope.

And today would be no different too.

I slowly scanned my surroundings and there was only one thing I could think of.

Let's just hope that it will work.

So, I slowly moved my hands and patted her head before speaking, \" Don't worry, I am here\".

Hope was something that no one should ever lose. There is no human with hope. And today, I wanted these people to have hope in me.


I slowly took down Axle from my back and handed him over to Lisa.

\" Don't be a fool. He's too strong.\", Lisa spoke as she stared right into my eyes while taking the hold of Axle.

At this moment, it was just for a slight moment but I felt her image improve in my eyes.

\" I know. But do you have any better ideas?\", I asked with a forced smile.

Seeing her lack of response and complex expression. I knew that she didn't have any answers.

\" I will try to hold him back.\"

\" Can you make a hole in that wall around the corner.\"

Hearing me, Lisa replied with a nod.

If we could destroy that wall on any of either side we could easily bypass the flames.


\" Are you done? Then let's begin. And you don't need to worry. I will be the only one to fight and no one behind will make a move. If you can beat me, I will let you all leave.\", the brown hair man spoke with a straight honest face.

Hearing the man speak, I turned around to find all the guys behind him smiling.


I already was in anger and now it was the time to release it. I needed to at least give him a strong hit for the girl earlier.

' System, activate the «God's Blessing» '

I ordered in my mind as I started to walk forward.


Hello guys, its the author. I am writing this here because I show my novel on a site which I have no idea about. So if you like my content. Please read it on web novel.


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