The Ancient Genes
56 Fate of Weak 3
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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56 Fate of Weak 3

« Activating «God's Blessing », calculating the increase in stats…..»

« 20% increase detected »

Well, that wasn't much. I wish it would have been more.


I let out a sigh.

I just need to hold him for a while. He appeared to have a short temper. If I could avoid his attacks then, he would definitely lose his calm in anger.

I might even find a chance to counter.

But, I still had a doubt. I mean how strong was this man. He definitely looked stronger than me.

\" Shhhnn!\"

I could see the guy pull out a sword from the scabbard hanging on his waist.

But I didn't take out my dagger. I needed to let him have his guard down. Only then could I have a chance. I go.

I took in a deep breath before breaking into a dash.

And as expected, seeing me empty-handed. The guy too pushed his sword into the floor pavement and spoke, \" If you wanna fight empty hand, then I will let you have it.\"

He too moved and his speed was no less than mine.

In a blink of an eye, we were right in front of each other.

I could see the smile on the man's face. He was too confident. He was definitely treating me as a nobody.

Well, that was what I wanted though.

I aimed for the man's chest and punched with all my might. I wanted the man to back out so that I can use that opportunity to strike with my dagger. It was the best scenario I could imagine in my mind. 

I mean it wouldn't be easy to avoid an attack in that situation as you retreated. His only option was to block and you can probably imagine what would happen if you try to block the dagger with your hands or arms.

But, this bastard foiled my plan.

He didn't retreat and continued to aim his fist at my face.

And I was the one forced to retreat.

This bastard, the smile he had on his face was really getting on my nerves.

\" What's wrong? Don't run. Let's have a good fight. Don't you wanna leave, save all the girls behind you. You only need to defeat me. And please be quick. I don't think your friend there has much time.\", He spoke with an honest face and pointed toward Axle.

I turned my head and.... Axle's face looked pale. He had lost too much blood.

But at this moment, my eyes shifted to Lisa and she gave a nod to me.

She was ready.

I too needed to calm down. This guy was trying to incite me.

I took a deep breath.

One more push and we could secure ourselves a path.

Once we were out on the main street, the commotion would definitely attract everyone's attention and it wouldn't even take a minute for help to arrive.

So once again, I approached the man inviting him for a fistfight.

And he took the bait.

This time, I used the Palm Strike. The move from Vital Arts.

Even if he wanted to exchange blows, he would be the one at a disadvantage.

But something unexpected occurred at this moment.

I could slowly see the man's movements speed up. His right hand moved in front of his body and it caught my palm.

I looked up and saw the crazy look and wicked smile on his face.

\" Tsk..when are you going to use that dagger under your sleeves. It's getting boring.\", the man spoke with sadness on his face.

His voice jolted me up.

This bastard was messing with us.


Suddenly, a huge pressure assaulted us and forced everyone on their knees.


At this moment, Lisa suddenly remembered this feeling. It was the same aura she felt in the mall.

It was a Mid-level Mage!!

He was that person. He has been just messing with them until now.

She too felt her knees sink as she fell on the ground.

She tried to raise her voice and warn Max.

But as she raised her head, her eyes went wide. She felt her eyes starting to water up at the scene in front of her.


Hello guys, its the author. I am writing this here because I show my novel on a site which I have no idea about. So if you like my content. Please read it on web novel.


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