The Ancient Genes
57 Fate of Weak 4
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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57 Fate of Weak 4

\" Splash! \"

Blood splattered on the pavement dying it red.

\" Ahhhh!!!\"

All the girls screamed seeing the brutal scene.

\" Is this all you have? So disappointing.\", the man spoke as he lifted Max by his hair.

Lisa's eyes started to water.

The scene was brutal.

Max's body was covered with blood as he was hanging without any movement.

\" Well, it's over. Let's go get the girls. We haven't got the entire day.\" said the man as he gestured the man behind him to get the girls.


This scene took place as I lost consciousness.

I didn't even know what had happened. I couldn't even react when the man had made a move. It was only after the pain assaulted my body and my vision started to blur, I noticed that blood had started to ooze out from several places on my body.

As the darkness slowly covered my vision, I could only feel the coldness envelop me.

It was all over.

I had tried my best. Even though, I was afraid all along. I gritted my teeth and continued to struggle.


First of all, it was for the little girl. I couldn't help but see Lily's, my little sisters reflection in her.

Then, it was for Axle. I didn't have many friends. I don't even need two hands to count them. How could I leave him in trouble?

But I had failed.

I could only apologize to everyone for dying. 

Mom, Dad, Lily, Axle, Mia, and everyone.

 I just wish….

Whom am I even trying to fool? 

I can't even accept it myself. I don't want to die. I can't let it end like this.

But there was no one to hear me as usual, I was all alone.

No, it was different this time.

I could hear a sweet and pleasant voice as a notification appeared in front of me.

« Suggestion »

« Hearing Host's plea, the system suggests the host to max out his abilities.»

« Status »

Name : Max Edwinson (Lv 4) (0/5000)

Race : Primal Human (Unawakened)

Genes Status: Awaken (4/100)%

Flow Method : Ancient Manual

Flow Energy : 43619

« Stats »

Strength: 11

Agility: 17

Intelligent: 14

Endurance: 12

Vitality: 11

SP left : 0

There were several notifications beside it that I hadn't checked.

« Host has defeated an enemy, gained 200 FP »

« Host has defeated an enemy, gained 200 FP »







« Achievement : 10 kills  »

 Status : Completed

Reward : • 35000 FP

               • Blood Lust Skill 

[ A skill which uses the rage and killing intent of the user to boost his strength. It numbs the Host's senses as the desire to kill takes over.

Gives 100% increase in stats for 2 minutes.

Side effect : Lead to Mental Exhaustion. If used in a terrible state can cause the host to slip into a coma.

Cool Down : 2 Days ]

Next Reward: Require 100 kills (26/100)

« Quest : Find the missing girl »

« Status : Completed »

« Reward : 500 FP »

It was quite a lot considering my ordinary routine.

But would it be enough? After all, that man was a mid-level mage.


What am I doing?

It was not the time to think. Besides is there any reason for me to be afraid. I am already done for if things continue this way.

' System, put everything in the leveling bar.'.



« Status »

Name : Max Edwinson (Lv 9) (8619/10000)

Race : Primal Human (Unawakened)

Genes Status: Awaken (9/100)%

Flow Method : Ancient Manual

Flow Energy : 0

« Stats »

Strength: 11 —›16

Agility: 17 —› 22

Intelligent: 14 —› 19

Endurance: 12 —› 17

Vitality: 11 —› 16

SP left: 25

' System, I leave the SP to you. Since you have always been there for me even while I cursed you. Today, I will trust you. Let's do this, we are in the same boat now. 

« Hosts request has been heard. The system is adjusting the SP….»

« Suggestion »

The host is suggested to activate the « Blood Lust » skill


' Activate it.'


Hello guys, its the author. I am writing this here because I show my novel on a site which I have no idea about. So if you like my content. Please read it on web novel.


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