The Ancient Genes
59 The Final Fight 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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59 The Final Fight 2

There was complete silence on the street. The scene from seconds before had made the sweat to appear on the forehead of the other guys in black.

Derek was scanning his surroundings waiting for Max to make a move.

While the other guy too had a tight grip on their guns. They were ready to retaliate at any moment.

\" Tweak! \"

Suddenly, a sound was heard in the dark alley connecting to the street in the corner.

\" Shoot! \"

Someone yelled and the guys started to fire without holding back. Fear had already gripped their mind. They acted solely on their instincts.

\" Bang! \"

\" Bang! \"

\" Idiots, stop shooting!!\", Derek yelled but his voice didn't seem to enter the ears of his followers, either due to the noise of gunshots or due to the fear they were struck by.


After 20 seconds of rapid-fire ….

\" Click! ..Click!....\"

\" Tsk.. they really are a bunch of idiots.\", Derek shook his head at these bunch of idiots.

They were out of ammo. They hadn't carried much ammo thinking that what could probably go wrong with that brown hair man beside them. But now, Without their guns, they were no different than sitting ducks.

\" Well...I...will...sent accompany...your..friend..then..\"

Suddenly, one of the men heard a voice right beside his ear which made his legs tremble.

He immediately grabbed his rifle by the barrel and turned himself planning to smash his enemy's head.

But as he turned around, what immediately came into his sight was two fingers.

\" Puchi! \"

The two fingers directly went into the man's eyes and the guy screamed like a slaughtered pig.

\" Ahhh!!!..\"

But his screams soon stopped as a dagger pierced his throat.

Seeing the brutal scene, the 5 remaining people had already started to shake.

\" Kill him! Everyone, attack together.\", one of the guys yelled and following the man's lead, everyone else attacked.


I really was feeling great. 

I needed to kill more. It wasn't enough. I needed blood. 

\" More..more...more…\", several voices rang in my head.

I had started to lose myself.

This skill was really overbearing. And I even used it in my worst state.

As I saw the group of men running towards me. I couldn't even feel them as humans. It was as if they were there for me to kill.

I really didn't have any idea that I had already started to laugh hysterically when I suddenly threw my dagger at one of the men.

\" Shnk! \"

At such a close, It wasn't possible to miss it. The dagger pierced the man's throat and he fell on the ground with a thud clutching his throat as his life slowly faded away.

With another guy down, there were only 4 more left.

And finally, they were in front of me.

Vital Arts

Palm Strike

The guy who was leading in the front bore the full brunt of my attack.

\" Bang! \"

A thunderous noise rang out as my hand connected to the man's chest.

\" Crack! \"

A cracking noise could be heard as the man's chest caved in and he was sent flying while puking out blood.

\" Thud! \"

His body fell a distance away and there were no signs of movement.

As I took the first person down, the other three were already onto me.

They took the opportunity and bombarded me with their fists and kicks as I dealt with the first man.

A fist was on my face just below my nose on the right. A roundhouse kick to my ribs on the left. And a sidekick to my stomach.

But, I couldn't feel anything. There was no sense of pain although I knew that my body was injured because of the cracking sounds and my bleeding face.

Seeing me unfazed, the 3 guys' eyes widened and the fear gripped their hearts even tighter.

\" Monster!\"

One of the men yelled.

I couldn't care less about what I looked like. In my eyes, these people were even worse than monsters.

I grabbed the two legs on my body before slightly bending and kicking the guy who had his fist on my face.

The kick was right on his nose. The man fell on the ground holding his nose which spurted out blood like a fountain. I then proceeded to crush his neck with my foot.

Two left…

\" You..two..will.soon...accompany...them \", I couldn't speak properly as the malicious thoughts kept trying to overtake me.

\" No...No..leave us..we were forced into this..\"

\" Yes...I have..a home..\"

The two men started to beg me for their life.

But how could I let them go?

' Yes Kill them. The animals don't have the right to beg for their life. They are only meant to be slaughtered. KILL THEM! KILL THEM!....'

There was this strange voice ringing in my head all along.

But, I knew that I didn't have to listen to its reasoning.

Why would I let them go? They had a family. What about me then?

Don't go f*ck**g others if you don't want to get f*ck*d up yourself.

I pulled the two men by the leg and kicked one in the groin and let him groan in pain as I grabbed the other man by the back of his head and turned it.

\" Twist! \"

It was an easy death.

Now, there was only one lying on the ground twisting in pain holding his balls.

I didn't know if it was due to the menacing voice or my nature. But, I stomped the man's face and silenced him by sending his head into the pavement by an inch or two.

\" You are finally done. I really got tired of watching. Let's start this.\"

I turned my head on hearing the man's voice and found him pulling his sword out.

Seeing him staring at me, I raised my index finger.

\" only need one minute to deal with me. Interesting...I really wanna see you do it.\"

He got me wrong. My skill duration was only two minutes. Since one minute had already passed. What I originally meant was that in the next minute, one of us was going to die for sure.


\" Let's get started then. \", as he finished speaking, he disappeared from his position living a gust of wind behind.

\" Zzmm!\"

I immediately rolled forward and took my dagger out of the dead man's throat before raising it above me.

\" Clang! \"

The man appeared in front of me and his sword collided with my dagger.

He was fast.


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