The Ancient Genes
60 The Final Fight 3
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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60 The Final Fight 3

\"Clang! \"

I blocked the man's attack as he hacked his sword at me.

He had a smile on his face as he stared right into my eyes.

I slowly pushed my body up using my feet to stand up and pushed the sword away before kicking the man.

\" Bang! \"

The man slid a few inches away from his spot and feeling the pain he stared at me with wide eyes.

\" I really underestimated you. I can't believe you powered up so much within such a short period of time. It looks like you are carrying some good stuff on you.\", the man said with a greedy smile.

He must have thought my increase of power to be related to some kind of high-grade artifact. But I couldn't care less about his misunderstanding. Time was running out.

So, I moved and made a dash trying to close the distance between us.

Seeing me move, the guy smiled as he spoke, \" Blaze\"

\" Flare! \"

His sword abruptly burst into flames and as I was only a few inches away from him and he swung his sword horizontally.

At first, I couldn't understand his action, but as a crescent shape slash of fire detached itself from the sword, I couldn't help but curse.

Damn it!

I immediately bent my knees and ducked. Even though I managed to avoid a direct hit. I could still feel the burn on the right side of my face.


The slash of fire collided with the car behind me before completely engulfing it into flames.

On the other side, the girls had already closed their eyes after watching the terrifying scene. How many people were killed a moment before? Not to mention how brutal and bloody the method used to kill was.

Only Lisa was in better condition. She was watching the whole scene with wide eyes.  She had a hard time believing how the situation changed so quickly.


\" Don't duck. Let me give you a nice tattoo.\", Derek said after seeing me dodge his attack.

This bastard really knew how to use his mouth.

I was only lacking a bit. If I could have a bit more of strength. I can immediately take him down.

From our confrontation, I could tell that our power level was about the same.

But, it only meant that it would result in a drawn-out fight. And time was the last thing I had with me.

As I was busy with my thought, the guy made his move. He rapidly closed in while swinging his sword as I used my dagger to block his attack.


The heat from his sword was really making it difficult for me.

' System, give me some advice here.'

I asked the system as I continuously blocked his strike while retreating.

« Reporting to Host, Host has gained enough FP for another level up. Advising the Host to level up »

' Do it. '

I can't let this continue. 

« Host has gained a level »

« Congratulations to Host for reaching the 1st layer of Ancient Manual »

« Unlocking…. »

« Gene Ability…»

I really didn't have time to go through the several messages appearing in front of me. So, I just shut the notification tab planning to concentrate on the fight.

\" Clang!\"

Our weapons clashed again.


But this time, I didn't feel the heat to be unbearable. It was still within my limit. And I even felt the man's strike to be lighter than before.

As the man hacked his sword at me again, I too used my full strength to push back.

\"Clang! \"

The noise this time was even louder and the man's eyes widened and his smile disappeared as he was pushed back by two steps.

\" Y..You..\", the man stuttered as if he had seen a ghost.

It wasn't difficult to understand his feelings. His opponent was getting stronger. What kind of black magic was this?


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