The Ancient Genes
62 Is it Over?
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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62 Is it Over?

This man was strong.

I couldn't even move my body due to his grip on me.

\" Well you see, I don't have much time to accompany you. So, I am sorry but I will have to finish it fast.\", Alciel, the blue-haired man said.

Suddenly, I felt the surrounding go cold and it took a while for me to notice the layer of frost covering my arm.

Damn it!


He is a Variant!

\" Ahhh..!!!!\"

Finally, I felt the pain as my skin cracked and blood started to flow out only to freeze into ice.

\" Leave him…! \"

I couldn't believe the source of this voice.

It was from Derek.

\" Leave him..he is mine….I have to settle.. my score with….him.\", Derek said as he tried to push himself onto his feet.

\" That's got nothing to do with me. I am not your babysitter.\", Alciel said with a slight smile as he observed Derek struggle to get back onto his feet.

His Master had said to him to look after this guy and let him experience the world since he was the successor of his best friend, Master Pride.

But at that time, he really didn't think that this person would be so prideful. After all, it wasn't necessary for people to have the same characteristic as their branch.

' Master Pride, has really chosen a troublesome successor. ', he couldn't help but have this thought.


\" Leave us alone or you will be in huge trouble, you don't know who I am. \"

Suddenly, a sweet feminine voice interrupted the conversation.

Alciel turned her head towards the voice.

It was Lisa.

She had stood up while gritting her teeth and resisting the pressure.

She couldn't watch it any longer. She knew that there was no way for Max to defeat that person. She even doubted if there were any people in the Arcane that could match this person.

According to her knowledge. The best mages here were only at the level of Expert. So, was there any person who could rescue them now. In her mind, actually there was one such person. But she knew that he wouldn't be here. It was the Head Master of Academy, William Kingsman.

So now, she only hoped that her identity would let the opponent hesitate.

\" What a pretty lady? May I know who you are, lady.\", Alciel asked with an amused expression.

\" I am Mage King's Daughter, Lisa Walker. \", Lisa said.

\" Oh.. is it. Now that's really surprising. But you don't need to worry. I won't be in trouble. Let the Association come. We aren't afraid of anyone.\", Alciel said with a smile.

He really was surprised that the Mage King's daughter was at a small place like Arcane instead of Capital.

But that was it. Nothing more. Even though the world didn't have any idea about the power of the Dark Society. Every authoritative knew clearly about it.

That in this world there were 3 supreme powers.

\"Boom! \"

He slowly started to release the frightening aura from his body and Lisa couldn't take it any longer. Blood started to flow out of her nostrils and her vision blurred as she fell on the ground with a thud losing her consciousness.

\" Now then boy shall we continue.\" Alciel said as he shifted his gaze onto me and the pain in my arms started to increase and the layer of frost started to spread to my entire body.

Damn it!

He is toying with me.

But I couldn't do anything. The difference in power was too great.

And then, I didn't know what happened. Maybe the adrenaline rush disappeared and slowly a severe pain assaulted my body making it numb as I too lost all my senses.

But before falling to the ground, I seem to hear bird's cry.


Hello guys, its the author. I am writing this here because I show my novel on a site which I have no idea about. So if you like my content. Please read it on web novel.


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