The Ancient Genes
67 First Layer of the Ancient Manual
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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67 First Layer of the Ancient Manual

Seeing them leave the room, Max lets out a sigh of relief.

Even though he was going to receive some punishment, it was fine as long as he didn't get expelled.

He closed his eyes preparing to take rest when he remembered about the system.

He needed to check his status.


' System, show me my status.'

« Stats »

Strength: 11—› 17 —› 27

Agility: 17 —› 23—› 28

Intelligent: 14 —› 20 —› 23

Endurance: 12—›18—› 20

Vitality: 11—› 17—›27

SP left : 0

Each of my stats has crossed 20. I guess, now I am invincible among low-level mages. 

But after battling that man, I got to know one thing, the difference in power levels is much greater than it appears to be.

At my current strength, I might be able to take down a mid-level mage with a sneak attack. But that's only for the weaker ones who have just been promoted.

If I am right that guy was definitely at the top among mid-level mages. 

I hope that I won't see him anytime soon. If it wasn't for the new skill, I would be dead right now.

I closed the stats window and as I was planning to close the main tab, the several notifications on it caught my eyes.

« Congratulations to Host for reaching Lv 10, the first layer of Ancient Manual.


Gene Ability...Elemental Affinity obtained..

« Elemental Affinity ( Basic ) »

It allows the host to have a basic affinity with all the elements. Needs to be upgraded by the consumption of Elemental resources.

Fire ( Lv 5 ) 

It allows the host to form a ball of flames at the level of beginner Mage.

Water ( Lv 1 )

It allows the host to produce water droplets

Earth ( Lv 1 )

It allows the host to move small pieces of rock.

Wind ( Lv 1 )

It allows the host to produce a slight breeze of wind.

Upgradable to Advance level needs all the element level to reach Lv 50 and 100,000 FP.   »

Looking at the notification, Max wanted to scream in joy. 

God Damn it.

I can use elements.

And not only one but every one of them. Who dares ridicule me now.

F*ck you!!

Looking that there were several more notifications, Max calmed himself down and began to scroll through them.

« At Host's instructions, the system has found it essential to use the free opportunity and upgrade Fire element to Lv 5 »

No wonder only the fire element was at Lv 5. It was due to this that I found the temperature of the flames to be within my bearable limit earlier.

« Unlocking…

The inventory system has been unlocked.

« Inventory »

Host can store materials in an alternate space provided by the system »

« Unlocking….

The Chat Box has been unlocked.»


What is this chat box?

I clicked on the new option on the top bar which had the chat box written on it.

« The Coward cat has joined the chat...»

« Average Man - hey!! Everyone look!! We have a new member here.»

« I am Mr. Cool - we have one more to go»

« Bahamut - Hello!  New one and welcome..»

What the hell is this!!

I couldn't help but feel shock at this sudden change of events. 

There was a key board in front of me hovering in the air. I could control it with my thoughts. 

But what was even shocking that this thing had a chat system.

As I raised my head to see the chat once again.

« Coward Cat - What the hell is this!!»

My message was already sent.

' System off this automatic setting ', I immediately commanded.

« Host request has been heard….»

« Task Completed »

Damn it

My first impression was already destroyed.

« Bahamut - You don't have to worry. We are the same. »

« I am Mr. Cool - Yeah, don't disgrace us. You have to act in a dignified manner. »

« Average Man - Leave him be. I was freaked out too at first. »

« Bahamut - Are you still there? »

Hearing him call me out, I too joined the conversation. 

At least I needed to know what was all  this.

« Coward Cat - Yes, I am.»

« Bahamut - well then, I would officially welcome you to the Group »

« Average Human - Clap! Clap! »

« I am Mr. Cool - Welcome, if you ever need tips on getting a girl into your bed feel free to approach me »

« Bahamut - Ignore him. We were all brought here by the system and I assume you are the same.»

Hearing, I remember the words of the Old geezer and only then I realised the situation.

« Coward Cat - You all met that Old Man too. »


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