The Ancient Genes
68 Coversation
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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68 Coversation

« Coward Cat - You all met that old Man too »

« Average Man - Hey! What do you mean old man? He is a god and also our ancestors. Be courteous. »

« I am Mr. Cool - Chill dude..its not a big deal. What he is saying is not wrong anyway. He was an old man. »

« Bahamut - Enough!! »

From the few chats, Max had managed to deduce one thing. Bahamut appeared to be the most respected one.

« Bahamut - Everyone introduce yourself. Your names can be kept a secret if it's not convenient to share »

After that, they had a long chat. No one was too keen on giving out their names and background information.

But still, he got some information about them.

Bahamut was from the Magic Academy of Capital, Orca. Average Man was from the Magic Academy of Ishtar. The Magic Academy of Ishtar was just above Arcane in rankings. And I am Mr. Cool was from the Magic Academy of Ethera. This Academy was said to be on the same level as the one in the Capital. But since they lost last year's All-Academy Competition by a hair's breadth, they were placed second in terms of ranking.


« I am Mr. Cool - If things proceed smoothly, we will all meet soon »

« Average Man - Yeah, We are all from Magic Academy after all. Let's meet at the All-Academy competition. »

« Bahamut - You all, really have it going easy. Why don't you guys train and try to level up? Everyone state their Level »

« I am Mr. Cool - You expect everyone to be a freak of nature like you. »

« Average Man - I just reached Lv13.  »

« I am Mr. Cool - I am at Lv 16 »

« Bahamut - I reached Lv 20. But you know what, I almost died in the recent encounter while investigating the Demonic Aura. »

« Coward Cat - You have received that quest too. »

Max too joined the conversation finding the topic familiar.

« Average Man - It's not only him. »

« I am Mr. Cool - Yes, it's giving me a headache too. I have recently found a link that connected it with kidnapping cases»

Seeing the chat, Max couldn't help but smile wryly. He had just completed the case and was lying in the bed with several fractures.

« Coward Cat - I completed the quest »

« Average Man - Are you serious? You just reached Lv 10 »

« I am Mr. Cool - Yeah, I had to run away several times during investigation of this case. The enemies are really strong. »

« Coward Cat - I just barely survived the quest due to a timely rescue. »

After that Max began to explain the situation he faced to them and warned them not to take it lightly as there might be a Master level Mage on their side too.

« Average Man - Thank God! I didn't dwell further into the case. How can they send a Master Level Mage? Isn't this overkill? »

« I am Mr. Cool - Seven Sins..what are they trying to achieve? Is there any link between the demons and them. »

« Average Man - What do I do? »

« Bahamut - You two don't make any move. I will handle the situation »

It looked like Bahamut didn't have an ordinary background.

« I am Mr. Cool - You don't need to worry. I have my ways »

« Bahamut - Are you sure? »

« I am Mr. Cool - Yes, I am »

Max could only let out a sigh of relief. It was good for them to have a strong backing. Since they were basically in the same boat now.

« Average Man - Um.u..I still need help though.»

« Bahamut - Yes, I heard you. »

« Bahamut -  Everyone I will be going. I have some work to do. Remember to continue your training. »

« I am Mr. Cool - How many times are you going to repeat yourself »

« Bahamut - We are already lacking when compared to our enemies. You need to change that attitude. Besides, we are still lacking the last member. Do you know what that means? »

« Average Man - That person hasn't reached Lv 10 yet »

« Bahamut - So now do you get it?  The pressure on us is already increasing. This is no joke. Take it seriously. Only we are the ones who know the truth in this world. But do you think without any power anyone would believe us? Get Strong as quickly as possible. The other side has already started to move.»

« I am Me. Cool - Fine..Fine..I get it. I am sorry. I was in the wrong»

« Average Man - Yes, you are right. It will affect too many lives. If we can't stop them in time »

Max too was struck with the realization. Things were already starting to get messier.

He needed to become stronger.


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