The Ancient Genes
70 Caught by Her?
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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70 Caught by Her?

" Do you have any problems, Mr. Rim? "

" can I have any problems. I was just curious. Do we even need to clean the toilets? "

Hearing him, Max only felt like slapping his forehead.

Lisa too gave him a look.

" Yes, please. Do everything to maintain the cleanliness in our academy.", the headmaster said indifferently

Hearing him, a line appears on Max and Lisa's faces as they glare at Axle.

It was obvious that Axel's big mouth had caused them unnecessary trouble.

" You may leave now."

The trio quietly turned around and left the room.

But soon, they heard the headmaster's voice once again as Axle was closing the door of the cabin.

" Mr. Rim you should not be too fast to judge people's character and taste."

And the door was shut.

Outside the door.

Axle was trembling as sweat formed on his forehead.

" I told you to shut up. Look now, he obviously heard you.", Max said with a troubled expression.

" Are you two idiots? Because of you I even have to clean toilets.", Lisa spoke as she was fuming in anger.

" Shut up! It was your fault too. What are you blaming us for when you have broken the rule too?", Axle retorted with a frown.

" You dare! ", Lisa said with her widened eyes.

" Axle calm down, did you forget that she's one of the four tyrants. Weren't you the one warning me not to mess with her. Besides, we are in the Academy now, do you still think we have masks on our faces.", Max whispered.

Max could surely defeat her if he mounted a sneak attack using a Vital Arts. But it was obvious he wouldn't kill anyone over such trivial stuff.

What about a head-on fight?

 A head-on fight. He was confident of not losing. He knew that the other party was strong too. Besides, he didn't even know what kind of power she had. He only knew that she was a variant.

So why was there a problem with offending her?

Her background.

Besides, even if we take that out, her single word could make several people in the Academy act.

She was the campus belle after all.

" I don't care anymore. What would she do? I already have been close to death. Do you think I am f*ck*** afraid of anything now?", Axle cursed. 

" Idiot!! why are you shouting in front of the headmaster's chamber.", Max said as he hurriedly pulled Axle out of the place.

This guy had really developed guts. He even dared to curse in front of the headmaster's chamber.

Outside the building…

" Calm down! ", Max said as he finally released Axle.

" D*mn her!", Axle cursed.

" You should have just left her there to die. Who told you to act as a hero", Max said.

" Tsk..that would be against my principle.", Axle replied.

" What kind of crappy principle is it? You can curse her to death. But you can't leave her to death.", Max said.

" Sigh! Leave it be. Let's go back, I don't want to think about her anymore.", Axle said as he started to walk.

" We still have got another trouble to face back at dorms.", Max said as he too followed Axle.

" Wait!! "

Suddenly, a voice stopped the two in their tracks.

They turned around to see Lisa walking towards them.

" What is your name? ", she asked Axle with seriousness.

It was obvious that she found these two people to be familiar with. Besides, there weren't many people who dared to talk to her in that way.

Max should have been l on a bit of a safer side since he had not said anything to her today. Besides he had used «Acting» skill to mask his voice during the rescue.

But now Axle had given out on him too.


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