The Ancient Genes
71 Back to Dorm
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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71 Back to Dorm

" Why do I need to give you my name? Get lost, I am not interested in befriending you.", Axle said with scorn and turned around to leave.

Max gave Lisa a look and then left her standing there as he followed Axle.

It was clear that they couldn't hide. After all, it wasn't tough to find someone's name not to mention they were clubmates now.


Lisa stood at her place and watched the two guys leave. She was already doubtful about these too. And after seeing their behavior, she felt even sure of their identity.

" Hm.. What are they acting like that for? I am not going to eat them. I just wanted to reward them for help. But they are showing me attitude. Fine! I am not interested in them.", Lisa said to herself.

It was pretty clear that she didn't like owing anyone. Even though she was sure that it was them who helped her. But without them accepting it, how can she reward them. She had just thought to get her father to award them a medal of honor. But now that they behaved arrogantly. She too didn't care.

" Jerks! "

Lisa muttered under her breath.


A fist hit Lisa's head and she could only clutch her head in pain as she turned around.

" Ahhh!!....Elly, why did you hit me? It hurts."

Elly was standing behind her.

" It has been a long time since I saw you. And the moment, I find you. You are happily cursing. I was so worried about you.", Elly said as she hugged Lisa.

Actually, it hadn't been that long. It was only a week. But Elly was worried this whole time. She blamed herself for the incident and being unable to save Lisa.

As she hugged Lisa tightly, her eyes landed on a familiar silhouette in the distance.

" Who were you talking with Lisa? ", Elly asked.

" Clubmates, I guess.", Lisa said with sadness.

" Huh? When did you join a club? "


On the Other Side.

" What's wrong with you? ", Max said as he continued to walk.

" What do you mean? ", Axle replied as his brows arched upwards.

" I have never seen you so angry...for 3D stuff, I guess ", Max said as he smiled wryly.

" I will take that as a compliment.", Axle said as he raised his head high.

" Please don't, sigh! .. I can't reason with yo-", 

Max was interrupted midway by Axle's voice.

" I had a dream....and a good one. I saw my brother. It has been a long time since I had such a good sleep.", Axle slowly said.

" I bet your brother would be happy to know that you didn't stray to the wrong path.", Max said.

" was such a nice start of my day and only for me to end up seeing her face.", Axle grumbled.

" Stop being unreasonable. How can you not see her by being on the same campus not to mention now we have become clubmates."

"By the way, I never had a dream in these past few years. I wonder how it felt like.", Max said as he reminiscent about his past.

Hearing him, Axle turned his head and gave him a concerned look as he said, " The old gramps back in the orphanage used to say that, only two types of people dream. There are those who are happy and have nice dreams and then there are those who have been scarred in their life resulting in having nightmares."

" What about people like me who don't dream?", Max asked with a finger pointed towards his face.

" Well they are pitiful, I guess. Obviously, it's my thought, gramps never told me about that", Axle said.

" Are you trying to make fun of me?", Max asked with narrowed eyes.

" Nah… I too had the same problem you spoke of. But you know what? I think it was because I was always troubled about my decisions. But now that I think I am not wrong anymore, It's all good.", Axle said as the Dormitory building entered his vision.

" Nah. What problem could I have? ", Max said with a smile.

" Don't ask me, you should ask yourself.", Axle said as he took the lead and entered the dorm.

Max followed behind as he kept thinking. If he had to talk about, there was only one problem he had.

 It was his family.

 He wondered how they were doing. There was no contact between them. The last time he heard from them was when he was with Mr. Stark. Did they really forget about him? Did his grandpa really hated him to the point that he didn't even contacted him once.

Well, thinking about it wasn't going to do him anything. If he wanted to know about them, he needed to have power. 

After all, Capital was not a place for a weak to be at.

" Woah! You are back. Where were you two? "

The voice jolted Max out of his thoughts as he noticed that he was already at the door of their room.

Axle had already entered the room while Max was still standing at the door.

As Max took a step into the room, he saw the fatty running towards them with tears and snot all over his face. He had become even fatter within a week.

Kevin rushed over and took Max and Axle in his giant arms.

" Where were you two?.... k..know, how I lived here with those two monsters. I even lost half of my weight.", Kevin wailed like a kid as his snot flew all over the place.

" Y..You.. can't..breath ..will..die...", Axle said as his face started to become red.

Max on the other hand too was struggling to take a breath. He used his entire strength. But to his surprise, this fatty didn't even budge. It was as if he didn't even feel it.

Even though the two people were struggling in his grasp, the fatty didn't pay any attention and kept crying like a kid. It looked like he really had gone through much during these days.

" Kevin...leave…me..", Max was able to let out a few words.

" Huh.. What are you saying? Speak louder.", Kevin said as he stopped crying.

But this lump of mass didn't release his grip even by a bit.

Both Max and Axle were probably going mad by now.

" Flare! "

" Ahhh!! Hot! Hot!  Help! Help! "

Suddenly a flame lit on Kevin's back and he finally released the two guys after almost strangling them to death.


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