The Ancient Genes
72 Kicking the Bomb
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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72 Kicking the Bomb

" Flare! "

" Ahhh!! Hot! Hot!  Help! Help! "

The fatty rolled on the floor and somehow managed to extinguish the flames on his back.

" I am safe. Huff..huff..", Kevin said as he panted on the ground.

" Cough!..Cough! I thought I was going to die…", Axle said as he coughed vigorously.

Max, on the other hand, was gasping for breath when he suddenly realised that his right hand was on fire.

" Good job Max, I thought I would be dead.", Axle said as he patted Max's shoulder.

Max, on the other hand, was in a daze. A moment ago, he only thought about frying this lump of mass. He never thought that it would actually happen.

He really felt the happiness seeing the flames on his hand.

Finally, he wasn't the one without an element.

Seeing Max's watering eyes, Axle patted his back.

" Don't worry we are alive."

He didn't know the water in Max's eyes was for a different reason.

" Where have you two been? I heard you got into some accident."

Hearing the familiar voice Max raised his head to see Wilson standing in front of them.

His hairs were a mess. It looked like the commotion made by fatty had woken him up. 

" Yes, I remember August saying something like that too.", Kevin too said in a concerned voice as he slowly got back onto his feet.

" isn't that serious. We were just out to have some fun. Right, Max? ", Axle said and gestured towards Max to match his pace.

" Yeah, you don't need to worry. It was a small accident. We were just out to have some fun.", Max said with a smile.

"Oh.. I hope that both of you have enjoyed it. "

The familiar voice from our back sent shivers down our spine.

It was August who had just entered through the main door.

They didn't need to turn around. The sarcasm in August's voice was already the proof of his mood.

August slowly walked towards them step by step and within a few seconds, he was standing in front of Max and Axle.

" Do you two know where I am coming from? ", August slowly asked.

Max slowly shook his head. He kept quiet as he was really having a bad feeling. 

" No ", Axle said as he shook his head.

" Today was the student council meeting. And it was for the first time, I had to listen to complaints because of you too. I can't even look the President in his eyes. I will give a minute to explain yourself.", August said with a heavy expression.

" I am sorry. It was my fault. I thought I could be back in time. But who would have thought I would get into an accident.", Max was the first one to plead for forgiveness.

" Yes, I can testify for him. He told me that he would be back in time. ", Kevin said taking Max's side.

Max couldn't help but secretly give him a thumbs up. He remembered saying it to fatty before leaving that day. Who thought that it would help in such a way.

" It still doesn't give you a reason to leave the campus without informing me. I don't want to hear such excuses in the future. If such a thing happens, I will throw you out of the dorm. Don't forget who's in charge here."

" Yes, I definitely won't.", Max said as he wiped the sweat on his forehead.

" What about you? ", August asked Axle.

" Yeah, I am sorr… wait! Did you take care of my action figures.", Axle suddenly remembered it 

Max couldn't help but gesture Axle to stop.

He just wanted him to apologize. It was obvious that August being a member of the student council and the dorm in charge should have known about their punishment.

Yet, he was still asking them. It was obvious that the punishment has not pacified his anger.

" Just apologize already.", Max elbowed Axle as he said with a fake smile.

But Axle was in no mood to pay attention to it. He turned his head around the room trying to find his action figure.

Max too looked around. If his memory served him right, there should have been a figure on the table.

Seeing the missing figures, Axle's eyes turned red and he began to tremble.

And suddenly he grabbed August's collar as he spoke as he, " Don't tell me you two bastards destroyed it in your bickering."

At this moment Max only had one thought in his mind, " Get out of here."

Axle had just kicked the two time bombs in their dorm.

It was definitely not going to end peacefully.


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