The Ancient Genes
73 Learning a Lesson
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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73 Learning a Lesson

" It's been so long. It really feels good to have a bath.", Max murmured as he walked out of the bathroom in his towel.

As he reached the door to his room, he suddenly heard a sobbing noise.

Hearing the noise, Max walked past his door into the hall only to find Axle kneeling in front of a pile of ashes with his face full of tears and shots.

He was speechless. It has to have a limit. It was about to be an hour.

An hour earlier…..

Axle pulled August back and forth by his collars jolting him up.

" Where the hell are my figures? I will kill you two!!.", Axle roared in anger.

" Stop! Stop! Axle. Let August go. ", Kevin ran towards them trying to pull Axle aside.

On the other hand, Wilson was standing there with an amused expression on his face.  Sizzling sound along with purple flashes around him could already be seen.

If it wasn't for August who was standing there with a dark face. He would have already shocked the crap out of Axle.

Max at this moment was already starting to move towards the main door bit by bit. He really didn't want to get involved in internal fights. Besides, he felt that it would not end up in a good way.

" Get lost! ", Axle kicked Kevin and refused to let go of August.

" Just listen to me.", Kevin said. It seemed that he wanted to say something.

But Max had already lost his sense.

" Kevin, back off."

It was August who spoke.

He finally raised his head and it was terrifying. The veins on his forehead were bulging out and his eyes had slightly turned red.

Hearing him both Kevin and Axle trembled. Kevin immediately backed out in fear. But Axle wasn't even able to react before he found himself in the air above August's head.


August had lifted Axle with one hand into the air before slamming him into the ground.

The tremor from the impact shook the building. It felt as if a grenade had exploded.

" Kevin, bring the box.", August said in a calm manner.

" But.."

Kevin looked at Axle twisting in pain and hesitated.

" Kevin!! ", August shouted.

And Kevin was already running into his room.

In a minute, he came back with a box in his hands.

Max raised his head only to see the box full of Axles' action figures.

" My figures…"

Even at this moment, Axle's eyes didn't miss it. He raised his hand towards the action figures.

" I collected them in order to prevent any harm to them.", Kevin said with a smile as he brought the box towards Axle.

" Stop! Keep the box there"

Kevin looked at August. He couldn't understand his actions. But he still kept the box 3 meters away from Axle.

" Since you haven't learned your lesson and repented your actions. I will give you the proper punishment. ", August said as a black colored flame suddenly lit upon his hands.

' Shit! '

This was what rang in everyone's mind when they understood the situation.

Wilson was the only exception probably, he didn't like those stuff to begin with. 

" No! No! No!  Don't.. Don't do it. I really regret my actions. I will never do it. Please don't. Aren't we like brothers.", Axle pleaded for mercy.

He had gone all out to protect his action figures.

At this moment, August's stance turned soft.

He turned towards Axle and said, " Since you have already accepted me as your brother. Then it is even more so my duty to correct your actions. So don't do anything like that next time."

" Flare! "

August threw the small ball of fire and it engulfed the box in black flames as he walked towards his room.

" No!!" Axle shouted as he began forming signs to activate the formations in the room.

But nothing happened.

Max looked at the scene with wide eyes. He understood one thing today. 

Never offend August.

He was strong as hell and at the same time, he was a student council member.

' But why aren't Axles formations working?', He couldn't understand it.

" His formations won't work."

It was Kevin who spoke.

" Why?"

" August had bought someone from the formation department a few days ago to remove it.", Kevin said as he looked at Axle wail.


Current Situation….


Max couldn't help but sigh.

" How long are you going to be like that? "


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