The Ancient Genes
75 Survivor Ground
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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75 Survivor Ground

" Field Trip to Orena "

" Buzz!! "

" Buzz!!"

Seeing the title on the screen, the class broke out in whispers. Everyone was surprised and started to discuss about it.

Max couldn't understand the reason. After all, What was so extraordinary about the field trip. He concentrated on his ears and several voices entered his ears.

" Why are they taking us to Orena? "

"Yeah, we aren't from the Mage department."

" We are blacksmiths, not barbarians. "

" Yes, Orena is dangerous."

Max realised that his thoughts were not in the right direction. Blacksmiths were different from Mages. They were not meant to risk their lives. But support the fighters.

"O..Or.Orena...Are..they trying to kill us? " Kevin said with wide eyes. Sweat started to form on his forehead.

On the other hand, Mr. Olive was observing the student's reactions. He scanned the entire classroom and shook his head.

There were less than five students who had a good mentality.

"You all must be wondering. Why we as blacksmiths need to venture into Orena? "

Hearing Mr. Olive's voice the class quietened and everyone immediately focused their attention on the instructor.

" Do anyone of you have an idea? ", He asked.


"  Look at this ", he said as the picture on the screen changes.

It was the list of the performance of the different departments of Arcane Academy in the All-Academy Competition for the past 10 years.

" What do you observe? ", He asked again.


It was pretty obvious. But no one dared to open their mouths.

" Bang! "

Mr. Olive slammed his hands on the table scaring the students in the front row.

" We are dead last every year. What's even worse is that our performance has been decreasing every year?"

" But instructor, what has this got to do with us venturing into Orena?", a student in the front row asked.

" The main event of the All-Academy Competition is…", Mr. Olive said as he switched the contents of the screen.

" Survivor Ground "

Everyone looked at the rows of information on the screen. 

Survivor ground the main event of the All Academy. It is also called the Game-Changing Event. It constitutes 50 percent of the points of the competition.

The reason behind this is the involvement of all the departments of an Academy. Each Academy sends a group of Elites representing them.

The students are only given a basic weapon and a day's worth of food to survive in an area filled with beasts.

It shows the level of students of the Academy and hence determines the quality and standards of the Academy. It also allows the students to experience the true battles going around the borders of the continent.

" I believe that you have already gone through this information."

" So, the point behind this is to train you all. Every year our department drags the other departments. And most of the injuries are from our departments too. The students can't handle the pressure and are unable to employ their skills."

Hearing the instructor, a student sitting in the last row in the corner stood up and asked, " Instructor, You can't lump us with the people from previous batches. "

His name was Leer and he was apparently one of the best students in the Academy. 

Hearing him the other students to nodded unison.

" Yeah! "

" Yes! "

There were some voices who supported him.

" it. Then Let me show you something. ", the instructor said as the content on the screen changed once again.

Seeing the information, many student's faces turned red and the guys who had raised their voices lowered their heads.

" Your grades might be good, Leer. But I can't say the same for everyone."

Max couldn't help but smile. The instructor had come fully prepared. The screen contained information about the entrance exams.

The average grades of students in the exams here were the second-lowest in comparison to the past ten years and the students dared to act arrogantly.

Leer sat down with a carefree look. He couldn't do anything for this. Max too didn't feel embarrassed. After all, he can be considered to have used the back door for admission. So his grades were not included there.

" The Class is dismissed. Everyone should start their preparations. We would be leaving by the next week.", Mr. Olive said as he picked up his stuff and left the room.

" F*ck! "

" D*mn! "

" No, I don't want to go. "

Curses and screams rang out in the classroom as soon as the instructor left the room.

" Max! ", Kevin called.

" What? "

" Do you think acting sick would work", He asked with narrowed eyes and a deadpan expression.

Max couldn't help but laugh. It was rare to see him serious about anything except for food and girls.

" Why are we going on this trip? ", Max asked.

" Because of the competition? ", Kevin replied in confusion.

" Do you think it's important? ", Max asked again.

" Obviously, it's the most important thing for Academy.", Kevin replied.

" Then do you think that you can easily get out of something which is considered to be ' Most Important ' for the Academy."

" Woah! You are right.", Kevin replied in realisation.


Outside the Class.

" Huh? Where are you going? Our Dorm is this way. ", Kevin said seeing Max turning towards the right.

" Didn't I tell you about the cleanliness club?." Max asked.

" Oh! I remember.Do you need any help? I am free today. " 

" Really! Are you willing to join the club? ", Max's eyes shined and he grabbed Kevin's hand.

He was really feeling troubled thinking about how only three of them would be able to clean the campus. But only now did he realise it. They were a club and they could recruit people.

" No! No!..I can only help today. You helped me earlier, so it can be considered my way of paying back. I really wished to join the club. But I already have been a member of the Foodies club. So Sorry." 

" Huff!  Since you already have a club, I won't force you.", Max said as he sighed.

And the two of them began walking towards the working staff department.


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