The Ancient Genes
76 Club Activities
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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76 Club Activities

Staff Department…

Max and Kevin entered the department when they were stopped by a man in a cleaner's uniform.

" Wait! Where are you two going? This area is not meant for students."

" Um..we are from the cleanliness club.", Max said.

" Cleanliness Club? ", the man appeared to be in confusion.

" Let them in.", Hearing the voice everyone shifted their gaze towards it to find an old lady in her 50s.

" Mam? But they are" the man was still hesitant about it. After all, the students were not involved in such stuff. Besides, most of the students here were from rich families. It wasn't a good idea to let them in such dirty work.

" You don't need to worry. They have been sent by the Headmaster."

Finally, the man let out a sigh of relief and Max and Kevin entered the department.

" What did you do in order to end up here? You are the first one to receive such punishment.", The lady asked as she took them to the staff's locker room.

Max could only scratch his head as he replied with a smile, " bunked classes by staying out late."

Hearing him the lady only gave him a look. She knew that it wasn't enough for them to face such kind of punishment.

" This is the locker room designated for your club activity. There is a set of clothes and cleaning equipment here. Get changed and report to the desk once every one of you has gathered here."

With that the old lady walked out of the room. 

Max looked around. The room wasn't big. There were several lockers on the right side of the room. Beside it there was a simple board and some stools to sit on.

" They don't even have an electronic board here. Only a fool would join such a club ", Kevin said in surprise.

On the other side, lines started to appear on Max's face. 

Kevin too realised that his words might have been inappropriate.

" Ha..Ha...I was just joking." He tried to cover up but it didn't appear to work.

" Why are you here Kevin? "

Seeing Axle enter, fatty finally found his lifeline and immediately engaged in a conversation with him.

" I was free so I came to help today.", Kevin said with a smile.

" Why don't you join the club? We can always have fun together here. Besides, won't you have difficulty facing those two bastards back at dorms without us. Just think about it.", Axle said as he hooked his hand across Kevin's neck.

Max's eyes too lit up. He secretly gave Axle a thumbs up.

" Um… You shouldn't say such things behind the back of your friends. They are not that bad. I even had fun with them in your absence." Kevin replied as he slid away from Axle's hold.

Max couldn't help but curse in his mind.

' Had fun with them.'

He really wanted to shout, ' Who the f*ck came crying like a child.'

' Friends! Weren't you the one calling them monsters.'

" Tsk..just say you are lazy. You would rather get bashed than do some hard work.", Axle said with a laugh.

Max too smiled at this situation.

At this moment the sounds of footsteps rang out. It appeared the person was wearing footwear with high heels.

Axle's face twitched. But he immediately calmed himself. 

Max could only shake his head as he said, " Let's get ready."

As Max moved towards the Locker with his name, a familiar scent assaulted his nose. It was sweet and pleasant.

" Hello everyone."

Hearing the voice, he turned around and a familiar figure entered his vision.

" I am Elly Lorenz and I will be joining the club from today."

She slowly raised her slightly bowed head and her eyes met Max's eyes.

" She is my friend and she would be joining us." Lisa who was standing behind Elly said.

" Nice to meet you ", Axle greeted with a smile. After all, he was a guy who appreciated beauty.

Max too greeted her with a fake smile and a small nod. He really wished that this lady didn't really remember her. 

Seeing the duo's reaction Lisa's eyes widened. She couldn't believe herself. When did these two become so good-natured? Weren't they so rude with her?

She looked at Axle and feeling her gaze, Axle returned it with disdain.

" Y..You.." She stuttered in anger.

Why was she being treated like that?

She really wanted to know.

But before she could do so. A loud voice resonated in the room.

" Hello! I am Kevin Zen from the Blacksmith department. 17 years old and am still single. It's my pleasure to meet you. I have also joined the club today. Let's work together to make the Academy clean.", Kevin said with a sweet smile.

On the other side Max and Axle's eyes widened and their faces twitched.

This bastard, he really made a 360-degree flip.

Max felt his stomach churn. He really underestimated this fatty.

Didn't this guy told that he was a member of the foodies club. He was even ready to be bashed as long as he could avoid this labor.

He didn't have time to help his friends. But now...

In his moment of bliss, Kevin suddenly felt two gazes filled with killing intent. The hairs on his body rose. But he was lucky enough as a savior appeared at this moment.

At this moment, the man whom they had met at the entrance entered the room.

" Are you all ready, the old lady is calling for you.", the man said.


A few minutes later.

Campus Ground.

Everyone was ready and standing in a row with their cleaning gears on.

" We here work in pairs and you would do so too." the old lady said.

" The two of you will clean the field. And the two of you will clean the park. " The old lady first pointed towards Max and Elly and then Axle and Lisa.

" What about me? I don't have anyone." , Kevin raised his hand.

" You have me dear.", the lady replied and the smile on Kevin's face faded.

No one was happy with these matchups.


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