The Ancient Genes
77 Against a Tyrant 1
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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77 Against a Tyrant 1

" I don't want to work with her.", Axle straight out rejected the offer.

Lisa who was already not happy with this couldn't take it anymore. She didn't say anything. But how dare he. This was the first time a boy had probably rejected an opportunity to be with her. Her pride has been hurt.

" I too am not interested in working with him." Lisa said with a frown.

There was lightning sparkling between their eyes.

" Enough!!"

" We value discipline and Unity. There won't be any changes. Move and do your work. And if I find any half-hearted work, you better be prepared.", the old lady said with narrowed eyes before taking off with Kevin.

Without any choice, everyone started to move towards their designated location.

Academy Field

Max and Elly had quietly walked all their way till here.

Max could feel her constant gaze on her back. He could feel the sweat on his forehead. It appeared that she had a good memory and still remembered the incident.

Entering the grounds, they began to pick the garbage in the bags provided to them. 

" You should mind your own business.", she finally spoke.

" What do you mean? ", Max asked in confusion. He decided to feign ignorance. Even though he wasn't scared of her. He had to think about the person behind her.

Her name had Lorenz in it.

The first thing which appeared in everyone's mind after hearing it was, Garry Lorenz.

He had heard several stories about this legendary man whom even his dad admired a lot.

" I don't know why you did that. Nor do I care. But If something would have happened to my friend. You would have to pay for her." Elly slowly said as she picked the wrapper into her pouch.

' Even though she looks cool and calm. She can be scary. But she at least has a good heart. A person who cares about her friend can't be a bad person.', Max thought. 

It would all have been good. But the only thing that Max couldn't digest was this friend of hers who apparently was not so good.

An hour later..

Max had finally filled the bag with garbage. But it wasn't over. This field was freaking huge.

He kept the bag and took out a new one and then moved to a different position and began his work. As he worked, he noticed the girl in the distance. He had to say that Elly didn't slack off. She was hardworking.

At this moment, a group of seven people entered the field. 5 boys and two girls.

The person leading them had a perverted expression on his face. One of his hands was hooked around the girl's neck and it gently snuck into her blouse.

This bastard was openly groping a person and no one seemed to care about it. The guys around him only laughed.

Even the girl was giving him flirtatious looks. 

Max didn't notice this group of people. If he did, he would definitely find the face of the leading figure familiar.

He was Eric, another one of the tyrants. This bastard ran amok because of his father who was one of the directors in the Academy.

Suddenly Eric's eyes lit up at the sight of a familiar figure. He was a lustful guy to begin with. From the very first day, he was thinking of approaching Elly. But he wasn't able to do so because of her nasty friend. But today she was alone. 

A chance.

He was really excited and immediately let go of the girl beside him.

Elly noticed this group of people. More accurately she noticed the lustful gaze of this guy. It was an ordinary situation for her and she had gotten used to it.

On the other side, when Eric saw Elly looking towards them. He got even more excited.

" You all wait here." He commanded and started taking huge strides towards Elly.

But in his excitement, he didn't notice the bag of garbage in front of him. His foot hit the bag of garbage spilling all the waste out of it. 

" F*ck "

Eric cursed as he saw the dirt on his expensive shoes. His shoe was covered in sticky black liquid. It looked like there was some liquid content in the bag too. 

Hearing the noise, Max turned around to see an hour of his work go to waste.

He frowned and his face started to turn red. But he calmed himself down. He recognised the guy and he definitely didn't want to get into trouble again. So he ignored him and continued to work.

" Who the hell kept it here!!! ", Eric shouted in anger. This dude had a short temper to begin with.

Max frowned. He didn't want to get in trouble. But he wasn't a person who would be willing to let anyone trample over him.

He stood up and turned around.

" I kept it there. ", Max said.

" You bas-", he stopped midway as he remembered something.

He didn't want to have a bad impression in front of Elly.

He glared at Max but didn't do anything and just walked past him.

Seeing him leave, Max too got back to his work.

" Hi there, I am Eric. I don't know if you know me but we are in the same class. I was absent in the last class. I was really wondering if you could help me out a bit ", Eric said in a dignified manner.

Elly turned her head and said with a smile, " I am very busy and don't have any time. "

She got up picking the garbage bag and looked towards Max before saying, " I am done. I will be going now."

And without giving a look to Eric, she left him standing there. 

Eric's face turned green. This was a humiliation. He really wanted to press this girl down and vent out his anger. But he knew that it wasn't possible for she was not someone to be trifled with.

He turned and look towards Max. 


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