The Ancient Genes
78 Against a Tyrant 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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78 Against a Tyrant 2

Arcane Academy, Park .

Axle was sweeping the leaves on the ground. After an hour of hard work, he had managed to gather a pile of dirt. 

From time to time he frowned as he observed the lady beside him.

Lisa was having trouble. She didn't even know how to properly use a broom. If things continued like this, it wouldn't be any different then Axle working by himself.

" Tsk..Tsk..", Axle grumbled. He couldn't stand her to begin with and now this.

Lisa who wasn't much far away clearly heard it.

" If you want to say something, say it on my face. Or are you afraid.", Lisa said as she came and stood in front of the Axle.

" Huh.. Afraid. What have I got to be afraid of? Besides if you are going to work like that it's better for you to leave. I will complete it all by myself. At least I won't have to see your face." Axle said with narrowed eyes and then turned around to get back at his work.

Lisa couldn't take it any longer. What was the problem with him? She didn't remember doing anything to him.

She moved her hand and grabbed Axle's shoulder and pulled him around.

" What's your problem? I can't take it any longer. I am only trying to be good because you helped me. But what's with your attitude.", Lisa said as her body trembled in anger.

" Huh? I don't remember asking you to be good to me. Why don't you behave like you usually do? Selfish, Arrogant, treating others lower than yourself. Just like you did to my brother.", Axle couldn't control his emotions and finally, let out the anger he was holding in.

"", Lisa replied in confusion. It seemed that she didn't remember the event clearly.

Seeing her behavior, Axle could only feel his heart sunk. He couldn't believe that his brother had fallen for a girl like this.

" What would a rich girl like you know? You only care about yourself? I didn't even ask much from you. I only asked you to justify my brother. But you didn't. Why? ", Axle asked.

" Y..You..what do you know about me? I remember now. I remember it very clearly. I didn't do anything wrong. You don't even know anything? ", Lisa said as her eyes moistened.

Axle's rage calmed down. He didn't expect things to turn out like this.

" Oh..Am I at the wrong time here.", Suddenly a voice interrupted them.

Axle turned his head in the direction of the voice and a familiar figure entered his vision.

Purple hairs and a feminine face. This guy was charming.

'Why the hell is this guy here?', Axle couldn't help but think.

On the other hand the new guy gave Lisa a look and then introduced himself.

" I am Norek Blaze and I will be joining the Cleanliness club. Nice to meet you. I was sent here to help."

This guy was none other than the first ranked tyrant in the Academy.

Axle couldn't help but feel shocked at this event. Why was he joining them?

Norek, on the other hand, didn't pay any attention to Axle and moved with the broom in his hand towards Lisa.

Axle too didn't give it much thought. He wouldn't say no, if someone was helping him. Besides, he didn't want to continue his conversation with Lisa. 

The scene of Lisa's watering eyes kept projecting in his mind.

' Damn it!'

Axle couldn't help but curse in his mind. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He gritted his teeth. What was with her reaction? It was as if she didn't do anything wrong and she was being wrongly blamed? 

On the other side, Lisa silently gave Norek a look. He was quietly sweeping the dirt beside her.

" Why are you here? ", Lisa quietly asked.

" Of course to join the club.", Norek replied with a smile.

" Didn't I ask you to not approach me within the Academy? ", Lisa asked with a frown.

" Well, your freedom has been revoked. I have received orders to look after you and eliminate any kind of possible threat.", Norek said with a smile and slightly turned his head towards Axle.

" Y..You..No..Dad can't do this..", Lis said in a shock 

" She did my Lady, besides I would advise you to stay away from that guy. He doesn't seem to have control over his aggression and he even has a bad link with you." Norek said with a calm expression.

" Obviously, you can do whatever you wish to. No one can touch you with me here.", Norek said with a smile.

" Don't do anything without my consent.", Lisa said with narrowed eyes.

" I am sorry my Lady, but I have been allowed to make decisions on my own free will.", Norek said with a carefree smile.

" You can't do this Norek. I have treated you so well since we were child ", Lisa said in anxiousness.

" Oh yes, I can my Lady. That's the reason I won't let any harm come to you.", Norek said as he glanced at Axle.

" No..I will talk to Dad.. I won't allow this.", Lisa said and immediately took out her phone.


Academy Field

Max was quietly cleaning the field. He moved from one place to another picking up the dirt.

" Huff! It's really tiring. Why can't people keep their surroundings clean? Ain't there any punishment for this littering. I will have to complain about it to August.", He mumbled as he bent to pick up the plastic wrapper.

" Bang! "

Suddenly he felt a pain in his lower back and before he could realise the situation he was already falling towards the ground.


He fell face first.

" Bastard! Do you know how expensive my shoes are? "

Max could hear Eric speak behind him. He was really angered now. His face had darkened and veins had hoped out on his neck.

At this moment, the system's voice rang out and a notification window popped up.

« Quest : First Revenge »

« Host has reached Lv 10. The System won't be informing the Host about any threats. Host has to fight for himself.»

« Reward : • 8000 FP 

                  •  Observation Skill. »


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