The Ancient Genes
79 Against a Tyrant 3
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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79 Against a Tyrant 3

' You don't need to remind me system.', Max thought as he smiled.

He remembered it very well. And he won't let anyone trample over him. Besides, he was even thanking this bastard for letting him a chance to earn FP.

He finally got up on his feet and used his hands to flick the dirt off of his clothes.His skin on the corner of his lips had been torn due to the fall and blood had started to leak out of it.

" Boss, what's wrong? ", The bunch of lackeys behind Eric came running seeing the situation.

" Boss, Did this bastard do something? ", One of the tall guys said.

" This guy spoiled my day. ", Eric replied and folded his hands.

"You bastard, do you have any ideas who our boss is? ", the tall guy came forward and grabbed Max's collar.

" Do you even know how to speak? Kneel and beg for forgiv...aahh!!", the guy didn't even complete his sentence before he was on his knees and screaming.

Max had grabbed his hand by the wrist and applied his strong grip before he was on his knees screaming in pain.

Seeing the scene, everyone subconsciously took a step back. They couldn't believe their eyes. 

How much strength did he have in him?

" Do you think I am easy to bully? I didn't blame you when you made my hard work go to waste. But don't take my silence for anything else.", Max shouted at this bunch of local tigers. Everyone knew about it. They only knew how to become bullies in the Academy because of Eric's father. But outside the Academy, they were just a bunch of rats.

"Besides, if you can't get a girl's attention. It only means that you have a fault within yourself and don't go f*ck*** beating others for it."

Hearing him Eric's face turned red and he couldn't take it any longer as he shouted.  " What are you looking for? He is just a single person. Use your magic and beat him up. I will take all the responsibility. Break his legs."

At Eric's command, the other three guys immediately sprung into action. 

One of the guys immediately ran towards Max. And while doing so, he slightly lowered himself and picked up some pieces of stone in his hands. This person was an earth mage as he was preparing for a basic earth element spell. 

Shattering Fist

His fist immediately turned rough and slowly it turned into stone and he quickly pushed in planning for close combat.

But Max didn't allow him to do so. He pulled the guy in front of him and kicked him straight towards the incoming guy.

" Bang! "

In front of everyone's frightened gaze, the guy flew in the air making an arc before crashing into the other incoming guy.

He saw the another guy a few meters away who was about to cast a basic spell.

Max didn't give him any time and immediately raised his head.


Flames lit up on his hands and with just a direction of his thought, it immediately made its way towards the guy engulfing him in it.

" Ahhh!! ", the guy screamed.

Max couldn't help but get confused. They were just a bit better than basic level mages. How could they act like a bully?

This guy really had a memory. He didn't even remember that until a few days ago, he was no different from an average man.

Besides, it was just the first year of Academy. Not to mention it was Arcane. It was the time when students had just awakened. If they could be a bit better than beginner level mage and close to entering the low-level category. They could already be considered elite. Only the students who were variants and had awakened earlier were truly the strong one's.

Max turned his head towards the fourth guy who was just standing there and trembling.

" What are you looking at? Get him. ", Eric screamed and the guy finally made a move.

He just madly dashed towards Max.

Max on the other hand ducked and avoided the guy's hand and just kicked him down.

He was speechless. Did he suddenly become OP?

Well obviously he was considering that he was fighting a bunch of beginners.

" You are strong. But do you think you can get away with it. Do you know who my Father is? You might be strong. But you don't have the real power. I will definitely pay you back. I won't let you off. ", Eric shouted in anger.

" Do you think I am afraid of you? ", Max asked with a smile.

" Ha..Ha.. If you are not afraid, I will make you afraid. I will destroy what you care for. How about your family? ", he asked.

Max frowned heavily and his face darkened. It wasn't anything personal but now he was not sure of it.

Seeing Max's expression, Eric new he had find the right spot. This was the way he brought people down to their feet. If they were stronger than him, then he would just use his background. He was not afraid of anyone in Arcane.

" Please tell me you have a sister. I really like gir-", Eric spoke with a lecherous smile. But, midway his smile faded he stopped as Max disappeared right in front of his eyes.

" Bang! "

The next instant Eric's eyes popped out and blood started to flow out of his mouth.

Max was right in front of him with his fist smashed into Eric's stomach.

He looked right into Eric's eyes and spoke calmly, " Do you wanna die? "

" Thud! "

Eric's pupil dilated and he passed out falling to the ground.

On the other hand, Max felt a slight pain in his head. He knew something was wrong with him. He didn't know why he reacted like that? It was obvious that he was angry. But he could literally feel that he was going for a kill. If it wasn't for the last moment change, he knew that his fist would have gone for Eric's neck.

What's happening to me?

Max felt himself sweating.

At this moment the systems window opened with the answer he wanted to know.

He never realised it. But now when he looked back, his personality had really changed.

Was it just him becoming brave or was there something else.


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