The Ancient Genes
80 Characteristic of Genes
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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80 Characteristic of Genes

« Reporting to Host, the changes in Host's behavior is related to the Awakening of the Ancient Genes. The host has already activated One-tenth of his genes. » 

' But I don't want to. I don't want to lose control over myself. I could end up killing someone. I don't want something like this to happen. I want to be myself.', Max replied in a determined tone.

« Host won't lose control over himself »

' Then what was that a moment ago? ', Max asked in confusion.

« Reporting to Host, a week ago, Host had used « Bloodlust » in a dire state. The thing which occurred earlier was only a side effect.»

Max remembered the event. But he thought it should have only led to mental exhaustion. At this moment he remembered another thing. The voice. He clearly remembered a voice in his mind.

'System, I remember hearing a voice in my head that day,  when I activated «Bloodlust». What was that? '

« Reporting to Host, as said earlier, Host's behavior is changing. Being the descendants of Primal Humans. It is in the very instinct of the Host to be a brave warrior. The skill « Bloodlust » obtained by Host earlier is one of the deadliest skills developed by God of War. The God only second to the first Human God. The voice that Host heard probably belonged to the War God. Host's genes might have reacted to this which led to the current circumstances. The host should be careful in using this skill. »

Max didn't speak. He understood that he had been careless. The power of the skill was too strong. It was obvious that it wouldn't come with a price. He had to be careful. He was already lucky enough to not go into a coma.

At this moment, a window popped out.

« Quest : First Revenge »

« Reward : • 8000 FP 

                  • Observation Skill »

« Status : Completed »

Max smiled. At least he got some FPs.  He clicked on the « Observation » skill.

« Observation » ( Basic )

A basic skill which can be used to identify objects and information on people. The amount of information obtainable depends upon the difference in the level of the Host and the designated target. »

Looking at the rewards, Max suddenly remembered that he hadn't checked the reward for the last quest. He immediately opened the Quest window and scrolled down.

« Quest : Mission Series : Find the objective and stop the Demons goal »

« Reward : • 20000 FP

                   • Equipment.  »

« Penalty : ??? »

« Time limit : 6 months »

« Status : Complete »

He immediately checked the equipment.

« Ring of Space » ( 4★ Accessory )

It allows the user to teleport at random within a radius of 100 m.

Type : Upgradable  »

Cooldown : 1 hour

Max immediately wore the ring in his index finger. The ring looked pretty old and rusty.

But still, as long as it properly worked. He wouldn't mind it. He really wanted to give the ring a try. But the thought of ending up in a random location stopped him.

" It's getting late. I should clean this mess and leave."

He ignored the guys lying on the ground and began cleaning the field once again.

An hour later.


Kevin was the first to return. His clothes were wet with sweat. He was panting. He had spent the entire time with the old lady cleaning toilets.

His dreams of having some sweet and pleasant times with beauty were crushed.

After a few minutes, Axle entered. 

" What's wrong with you? ", He asked the fatty seeing him lying lifelessly on the table.

But the next moment, his tiredness faded and he jumped in joy with energy coursing his body as Lisa entered the room.

He stood up with his head high and took a strong stance.

Axle could only give him a disdainful look.

But very soon Kevin's legs start trembling as he saw the guy behind Lisa with purple hairs.

Norek came forward and just calmly introduced himself before taking a stool and sitting in the corner.

" Axle...w..why ", Kevin stuttered as beads of sweat rolled down his forehead.

" He joined the club.", Axle replied as he started to take out the cleaning gears.

The next person to enter was Elly.

She looked tired but at the same time elegant as she gently wiped the sweat on her forehead.

" Here ", Lisa walked to Elly and offered a towel.

" Thanks ", Elly smiled and took the towel. But at this moment her eyes landed on Norek.

" Why is he here? ", Elly whispered.

" Dad ordered it. He even joined the club to look after me. I have lost my freedom. Although after my request, he told him to follow me secretly and not in open. But still, this ain't fair. I thought I would be finally free in Arcane. ", Lisa whimpered.

" Who told you to make trouble? If it wasn't for Mr. Murcas, what do you think would have happened? ", Elly said as she slightly knocked her fist on Lisa's forehead.

" Ahh!! Stop doing that. And didn't I tell you that he wasn't the only one? Although he played a huge role. If it wasn't for those two, we wouldn't even have reached that point. I too helped by the way." Lisa said as she rubbed her forehead.

" What are you talking about? ", Elly asked in confusion. This was the first time she was hearing it.

" Hey, where is Max? ", Hearing the voice, Elly turned to see Axle looking towards her.

" I don't know. ", Elly replied.

Axle frowned but didn't say anything. They were working together. How does she don't know about him? He obviously developed a bit of a negative impression of her.

But he already had enough of it. He didn't want to get involved with Lisa and neither with her friend.

At this moment the old Lady entered the room. 

" Everyone is here? ", she asked as she scanned the room.


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