The Ancient Genes
81 A Different Face
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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81 A Different Face

Author note :Guys previous chapter has been fixed.


" Everyone is here? ", The old lady asked as she scanned the room.

" Max ain't back yet", Kevin who had somewhat recovered from the shock said.

" Well, once everyone is gathered, come to the dining hall. Everyone here has food together…..And it's obviously free of cost. ", the old lady added the last sentence seeing Kevin looking at his wallet with a troubled expression.

Hearing the old lady Kevin's eyes lit up. All this time he was holding back only because he wasn't given enough allowance. Sometimes he even had to do with the free meal at the cafeteria, which tasted like shit. But today he could finally eat to his heart content. He had already done his research that the food here came within the top 10 in terms of taste in the whole Arcane. But who would have thought it was free of cost. He was really feeling happy about joining the club. If he knew about it, he might as well have taken the initiative to create the club.

On the other side, Elly pulled Lisa to a side and sat on a stool. 

" Don't leave me hanging here? Tell me what happened? ", Elly asked.

" Actually…"


Half an hour later…

Max finally entered the room looking dead tired. Those bastards had really given him a lot of trouble. He really felt that he was on the losing end in the last. 

As for those guys. No one was heavily injured...probably..  He didn't know. He only saw those guys dragging Eric out of the field. It looked like he didn't regain consciousness. 

He really felt a headache when thinking about this new incoming trouble. He could beat him but not his father.


He could only let out a sigh. 

' F*ck! Let him come. What can he possibly do! ', Max cursed in his mind.

" What the hell did you take so long for- ", Axle stood up and said as he saw Max enter the room. But he stopped midway and frowned when he noticed the wound and dried up blood on the corner of Max's mouth.

" It was tiring.", Max said as he dropped his butt on the stool beside Max.

" How did you get that wound? ", Axle asked.

He wasn't whispering. So everyone looked towards them.

" I just slipped.", Max replied with a smile.

But Axle wasn't convinced. He was speechless. How can a guy who was proficient in fighting have such a weak stance?

He slipped.

Who was he bullish*tt*ng?

Axle only gave him a look as if saying,' At least come up with something better.'

He didn't question any further. He knew that this guy wasn't easy to bully.

" Let me bring the first aid box. ", Kevin said in concern and ran out of the room.

Max saw Kevin run out of the room and only smiled.

At this moment, he noticed the new guy in the room. He thought that the guy looked familiar and after a moment, he recognised him.

" Why is he here? ", He asked Axle.

" No idea. Why does it even matter? He's helping us in cleaning. It's enough of a reason to allow him into the club. "

Max nodded. But suddenly he had an idea. He activated the observation skill and looked towards Norek.

« Name : Norek Blaze »

  Gender :?

  Age :??

  Level :???????

  Element :?????

  Background :?????  

  Current Emotional State :???? »

Max couldn't help but feel shocked. He already knew the name. So it was obvious that the name appeared. But what about others. How much difference is in between them for it to appear like that. 

This guy was strong.

But still he felt something weird, why wasn't his gender showing. Don't tell him that he needed to pull this dude's pants down for it to show.

As if feeling Max's gaze, Norek turned his head towards Max and smile as he muttered under his breath ," Interesting, that's an odd one."

Max too returned his gaze with a smile thinking it as a form of greeting and then turned around to look towards Axle.

« Name : Axle Rim

   Gender : M

   Element : Rune affinity ( Variant )

   Age : 16

   Level : Low level Mage ( Close to Peak )

   Background : Raised by an old martial artist in an orphanage along with his blood-related brother who has died due to an unknown cause. He has a death feud with Jason Ovens.

  Current Emotional State : Tired and a bit irritated.  »

It showed a lot when it came to Axle. It was because Max already knew a lot about Axle and he was even stronger than him.

Feeling Max's gaze, Axle looked towards him and asked, " What? ".

Max replied, " What's wrong you looked irritated? "

Axle looked at him strangely as fatty entered carrying the first aid kit.


On the other side, Lisa looked at Max with a complicated expression.

She had an idea what might have happened? She even might have been able to stop it, if she had stayed there. But she didn't.

She couldn't deny that she was somewhat aware of it happening, but she didn't do anything to stop it. 

 Now she only felt guilt. She even behaved rudely when he was one of the guys who helped Lisa.

She really felt ashamed of herself. She wanted to burrow a hole and hide in it when she thought how she asked him to mind his own business.

She suddenly looked towards Lisa and then gave a smack on her forehead. If she had told her about it. It wouldn't have happened.

" Ahh! Why did you hit me? ", Lisa groaned in pain.

Elly thought of apologizing. But she didn't get an opportunity to do so.

They had their food in the dining hall of the cafeteria and everyone in the staff welcomed their arrival.

Kevin ate like a pig until his belly bulged out by another 4 cm and then fell flat on the ground. 

In the end Max and Axle had to work their asses off to carry him back to the dorms.

And the tough day ended.


The sun set down the horizon and the sky turned dark. The moon was out in the night sky shining alongside the twinkling stars.

It was a beautiful night for lovers to be out.

Arcane Academy, Dorm No.7..

Max got out of the bathroom after taking a shower. It had become a regular habit for him to take a shower as it helped him to calm down. And entering into meditation in this state was really pleasing.

He headed towards Axle's room and gave it a knock.

" I am out. You can use it. ", Max shouted.

" Ok! I am busy right now. I will go within a few minutes. "

Max rolled his eyes as he heard Axle's voice behind the door. 

'Busy my foot ' Max could clearly hear the opening song of some show going on. It was obvious what he was " busy " with.

Max ignored him and just walked towards the purifier to get a glass of water.

But he suddenly noticed that the door to the balcony was open.

" Who the hell left it open? ", Max said as he moved to close the door.

But at this moment he noticed someone standing out in the balcony.

Max walked out and saw Wilson standing there with his hands on the railing looking towards the moon.

There was a sadness on his face and his eyes seemed to be glistening in the night. 

Max wasn't sure if it were tears or the reflection of the moon. But he could feel a lonely and sad vibe from Wilson.

He activated his observation skill and looked towards Wilson.

« Name : Wilson Scarlet

  Gender : Male

  Age : 17

  Element : Lightning ( Variant )

  Level :?????


  Current Emotional State : Pain, stress and sufferings from tragic past»

Max could only look at the screen in shock. He didn't know how to react. For a moment he thought that this thing had some problem with it.

But when he looked at Wilson, he fell silent. He could feel that desolate aura.

At this moment Wilson noticed Max standing there and the aura surrounding him suddenly disappeared without a trace.  It was as if it didn't exist to begin with.

" Ha..ha.. I heard what you did. I really am proud of you. We finally have a tyrant from our dorm. Well done. " Wilson said with a laugh as he patted Axle and left.

Max looked at Wilson's back and once again used his observation skill. But this time, the Emotional state too only showed ?????.

' Did he hide his emotions? ', Max thought as he walked back towards his room in confusion. He decided not to ask about it since Wilson was obviously hiding it.

But suddenly he remembered Wilson's word.

' We finally have a tyrant from our dorm.'

' Hm...what did he….f*ck!!! '

Halfway through his thought Max realised what it meant. 

He couldn't help but curse at this newfound identity of his.

What was even more of a problem was August?

He felt like crying when he thought how he would have to face August.


He could only swallow his saliva as he remembered what had happened with Axle earlier. 


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