The Ancient Genes
82 A second Visi
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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82 A second Visi

Max got up in the morning as usual. He followed his daily routine and went out for the morning training. 

Yesterday, August didn't return to the Dorms as he was busy with the work of the Student council. With the All-Academy Competition nearing, the student council had gotten very busy. It was not only them, but the whole Academy.

Max ran through the streets of the campus and he was surprised to see the increasing number of students training out in the morning.

Everyone was feeling excited and wanted to bring achievements for the Academy.

Max ran through the street observing students practicing their Arts. Some had red orbs surrounding their bodies while some had blue. There were also some orbs with yellow and green.

 Every human in this world is born with a core in him which normally awakens at the age of 16. Mages are the people who can enhance this Core through the use of techniques called Magic Arts.

But there are some limitations. A person with a Fire Core in him needs to train with Fire Magic Art and a person with a water core needs to train with a Water Magic Art and so on.

And another important thing is resources and potential ( Affinity ). This is the reason why there aren't many superpowers in this world. Magic Art and resources needed to raise a Mage are very expensive. Poor people and people with low affinity could only dream of becoming a Mage.

 At this point, the Academy comes into work. Their job is to raise Mages and also provide help to those with talent but lack of resources.

After all, the Mage Association and the Guild Union are too busy to be raising the young ones.

As he ran through the streets, Max felt quite a number of gazes scanning him. But no one dared to meet his eyes.

Feeling that something was weird, he concentrated on his ears and several voices entered his ears.

" Did you hear about it? "

" He beat Eric up."

" What!! "

" There is a new name on the list of tyrants."

" Eric has been kicked out "

Max couldn't help but curse.

"Damn it!"

 The information spread too fast. But he couldn't do anything about it. He could only continue to run as he avoided the gazes on him.

An hour later

Max finally returned back to his dorm. Unlike previous times, he wasn't tired at all. There was only a bit of soreness in his leg. He couldn't help but smile at this thought.

" Ah!.. I really have come a long way.", Max murmured as he entered through the door reminiscing about his past.

" Yes! You really have come a long way, Mr. Tyrant. "

Hearing the voice Max froze and the hairs on his body rose as a chill ran down his spine.

Max slowly turned around to see August sitting on the chair. His head was leaning backward and he looked tired with the heavy bags under his eyes.

" Creak! "

At this moment, the door to Axle's room opened and Axle walked out in his sleepwear holding a stuffed toy of Mio chan in one hand and the water jug in the other. His eyes weren't even opened properly as he walked out yawning.

" Yawn! that you Max..? ", He asked while rubbing his eyes.

Max, on the other hand, was too scared to even move.

" ", Axle asked as he could only see Max from his position.

But the moment he took a step, his body trembled and his eyes became wide open. It looked like he had developed a fear of August.

Without giving a single thought, he immediately turned around.

" Slam! "

And the door to his room was shut.

At this moment, August brought his head down and looked towards Max.

" I worked the entire night preparing the list of possible candidates in the Events for the incoming Competition. But the moment I took my eyes off of you guys, you go and mess things up. ", August said with a frown.

" But, It wasn't my fault..I j- " Max said in his justification.

But he was interrupted by August midway.

" I know it wasn't your fault. But you didn't have to take it that far. There isn't much of an injury on your body despite the fact that you faced 5 people. That only shows the difference in power level. You could have taken care of it with ease. But, you broke two of his ribs. I know that the guy deserved it. But you have to look at the bigger picture ." 

" really have nothing better to do in the morning.", Wilson said as he entered the room covered in sweat.

" You stay out of this ", August said with a scowl as he glared at Wilson.

" I will control myself from next time.", Max immediately apologized. He didn't want a war early in the morning. And he was well aware that these two were a lot stronger than him.

" Pfft!  "

" That's the spirit, keep it up. ",  Wilson said with a laugh as he entered the bathroom.

Max, on the other hand, looked confused as he saw Wilson exit the hall. 

What was that supposed to mean?

He turned his back to face August and noticed that his face had darkened.

" So, there is a ' next time '. ", August asked as veins popped out on his neck.

Only at this moment did Max realise that his words might have been inappropriate.

" I didn't mean it that way ha..ha..", Max said with fake laughter.

" Hmph! .. If there is a next time you better be prepared. ", August stood up from his chair as he spoke and headed towards his room.

Seeing him leave, Max breathed in a sigh of relief.

An hour later.

Max ran out of the Dorm with the fatty and as usual they were late. 

" Run! Or else we will be late. ", Max shouted when he saw Kevin slowing down.

" Huff...I..can' ", Kevin said as he panted for another breath of air.


Blacksmith Department, Classroom

" We made it ", Max said in joy as he turned around to look for Kevin.

But there was no sign of him. But soon the sound of heavy breathing entered his nose and he turned his vision towards the floor to see Kevin on all of his four panting vigorously as beads of sweat rolled down his forehead.

" What are you two doing? "

Hearing the voice, Max raised his head to see Mr. Olive, the Instructor walking towards them.

" He just tripped. We were entering the class. ", Max replied to the instructor as Kevin slowly got up onto his feet.

" Anyways, Max the Headmaster is calling for you. You should go and report."

Max could only feel a headache. He already knew that it had got to be related to the incident yesterday.

Kevin looked at Max and whispered before entering into the class, " Don't worry, it wasn't your fault. "

Even he knew about it. It was the hottest news in the Academy and there was not a single soul who wasn't aware of it.


Headmaster's Office

Max sighed as he looked at the door with the words ' Headmaster's Cabin '.

How much time had passed and he was here again. He could still clearly remember the Headmaster's expression and yet he was here again for another visit.

" Knock! " 

Max knocked on the door and the headmaster's voice came through the door.

" Come in "

Max took in a deep breath and pushed the door open. As he entered the room, he found some familiar faces in there.

The four guys standing in the corner with bandages were clearly the ones from yesterday. 

There was another person whom he didn't recognize. He was dressed like a scholar and was in his 40s probably. Even though he had the appearance of a gentleman. Max could clearly feel his hostile gaze 

" I don't think we can allow such a student  in the Academy, Headmaster. He doesn't even have the proper manners of greeting his Elders. Besides, he is too violent. ", the man said as he sized Max up.

Max frowned and just simply greeted them with a slight now.

It wasn't that he didn't have any manners. But this man spoke before he could even do so.

" I don't think it's that serious Director John. It was just a little skirmish among the students. ", the Headmaster said with a smile.

" Ha..Ha.. What kind of small skirmish was it? My son had two fractured ribs. I don't know how his parents raised him for him to turn like this? ", Director said he glared at Max.

Hearing the man, lines started to appear on Max's face. He was angry now.

" Please watch your mouth, Director. This is the Academy not the Board meeting. ", The headmaster said with a frown.

" I only meant that we can't keep such a student in the Academy. " 

" The Academy will decide what is wrong and right. You may leave now. ", the headmaster said and pointed towards the exit.


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