The Ancient Genes
85 Finding the Place
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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85 Finding the Place

" Where in hell is that place? ", Max mumbled under his breath as he further continued to walk deep into the alleyway.

At this moment, Max noticed that the two guys behind him seemed to be following him for quite a while.

He frowned and concentrated on his ears and several voices started to enter his ears. He avoided the other voices and only focused on the two guys behind him.

" Are you sure about it? ", A sharp voice entered his ears.

" Obviously, I am. Just look at him. He is definitely a jackpot. Those clothes look expensive. He is definitely a boy from a rich household. ", the other person said in excitement.

" Won't we get into trouble? " the other person seemed to be hesitating.

" won't make it big, if you think like that. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with that old geezer. "

" No!! "

" Then just follow me. "

Max could only smile as he observed the guys from the corner of his eyes by slightly turning his head.

The person who was hesitating had a thin build and long black hairs. While the other guy had a strong built and short blond hair. 

They seemed to be in their 20s.

He couldn't help but shook his head as he used « Observation » on the two guys.

« Name : Vin Smith »

« Age : 20 »

« Gender : M »

« Element : Fire »

« Level : Beginner level  ( Mid stage ) »

« Background : Orphans raised by an old man and are currently his apprentice. »

« Emotional State : Fear »

The guy with black hair and a thin build wasn't the one with a strong-wil.

« Name : Ryan Smith »

« Age : 23 »

« Gender : M »

« Level : Low level ( Early stage ) »

« Element : Earth »

« Background: Orphans raised by an old man and are currently his apprentice »

« Emotional State : Excited »

Well, this guy looked pretty excited to become rich by kidnapping Max.

Max just ignored this duo and kept walking in search of the Iron Smithy.

But as he walked into the alleyway, the number of people started to decrease and after a few minutes, there wasn't a single soul in the place.

" Did I take the wrong path? ", Max mumbled as he took out his phone to check his location. He was sure that he had taken the right path earlier.

But when he looked at his phone, only curses escaped his mouth.

" Damn it "

He didn't have any network on his phone. 

Where in hell was this place? Was this some kind of Isolation Camp area?

As Max was contemplating his next decision, a voice entered his ears.

" Hey Kid, are you lost? "

Max looked at the duo standing behind him. They had followed him all the way.

"Yes, I am. I just wanted to know if this path leads to a smithy? ", Max said with a smile.

" Yes, this path leads to a lot of smithies. We were going in the same way. How about you follow us? ", the blond hair man called Ryan spoke as he started to move towards Max with a friendly smile on his face.

Max only looked as the guy was nearing him step by step. With only a distance of a meter between them, the man finally revealed his true face and pounced onto Max.

Looking at the man, Max only felt speechless. There was no technique, elegance and nothing. This guy was a total amateur. Was this his first time kidnapping?

Well, Max didn't know about it and neither was he interested in knowing. He just wanted to find his way. So he just took a step to the side.

" Thud! "

The men fell face-first on the concrete pavement breaking his nose which started to spew out blood and passed out.

" Ryan! "

The other guy in the back screamed as he ran towards his friend and stood in front of him protecting his friend as he took a fighting stance in front of Max despite his shaking legs.

Max suddenly felt speechless. Why did it look like he was the one bullying them? What was wrong with these dudes? Neither did they use their element nor did they use the mana to protect their body.

" G..Go..back…", the guy stuttered.

" Shouldn't I be the one acting like that? Anyway, I don't care. I just want to know if what he said earlier was true. ", Max asked in helplessness.

The guy didn't speak but nodded his head in acceptance.

With that, Max just turned around and continued to walk into the alleyway.


After half an hour.

Max continued to walk. He had come across some smithy on his way. But they were not the ones he was looking for. But when he asked people for direction, everyone pointed deeper into the alley. He really felt as if he had been trapped in some illusion. Why wasn't this path ending? Was he even Arcane or has he crossed the border to another city?

" F*ck! I am not doing this anymore. ", Max shouted in anger as he reached his limit.

" What are you shouting for, brat!!!"

Hearing the aged voice, Max turned around to see an elderly man with white hairs and a beard along with the wrinkles on his face standing a few feet away with an old and weary-looking bag over his shoulder.

If he had to describe this person in one word, it would definitely be " Beggar ".

" Nah! Nothing old man. Just having a troublesome day. " Max replied with a helpless smile.

" F*ck o** !  Do you think I am worried about you? I am saying, shut your mouth and get lost. Don't create a mess in front of my store.. ", The old man shouted as he walked toward an old weary-looking house to the right of Max and entered the door.

" Slam! "

On the other hand, Max was completely taken by the unexpected turn of events. Only when the noise of the shutting door entered his ears did he broke out of his stupor with profanity spewing out of his mouth.

" F****!"

" I will kill you old man ", Max shouted in anger as he marched towards the door.

He already had a tough day. Besides, he had a bad history with old people. 

First, the old God.

Second, his grandpa.

And, now this old man wanted a share in it too.

No! He had enough of it.

But the moment, he reached the door. He suddenly stopped and slowly took a step back and turned his head towards the right.

" Iron Smithy "

There was a board hanging there with its one end broken. It was really dirty. But if one carefully looked at it. He could definitely spell out the words.

If it wasn't for the Old man, he would have definitely not noticed it. But he didn't know whether he should be celebrating or cursing for his luck. 

" Sigh! "

He just pushed open the door and entered the store. But he was surprised by the sight inside. The store was was shining. There were several types of equipment and weapons hanging on the shelves and stands on either side of the room. There was a desk adjacent to the wall which looked like the place for the reception. And aside from this there were only stairs which probably led to the upper floor.

" Who's there? ", the voice of the old man sounded and after a while his footsteps rang as he came downstairs.

" You brat! Why are you here? Didn't I ask you to get out!! ", The old man immediately turned furious.

Max felt like crying. What was wrong with this man. He wasn't even allowing him to speak.


Finally after a minute, the old man slowed down.

" Are you leaving or not? Do you want me to kick you out? ", The old man said with narrowed eyes.

" I was sent here by my master. ", Max finally said as he took out the letter and handed it to the man.

The man glared at Max as he snatched the letter and opened it up.

' Tsk..I really wanna beat the shit out of him. He wants to kick me out. I even doubt if he has the strength to lift his leg. ', Max mocked the old man in his mind.

' Let me see how much strength you have got.', Max thought as a smirk appeared on his face and he activated « Observation »

« Name :?????? »

« Age :???????? »

« Gender : M »

« Element :????? »

« Level :?????? »

« Background:????? »

« Emotional State :????? »

Seeing the information, Max felt his forehead starting to sweat.

Thank God!.

He didn't do anything stupid. He really felt terrified when he thought about the consequences.

" Master, we are back. "

At this moment, two familiar voices entered Max's ears and he turned around to see two very familiar figures.

' F*ck! '

Max cursed in his mind as he looked at the two dumbfounded duo in front of him who he had just met a while ago.

'What the hell is wrong today?', Max screamed in his mind. 

Nothing had come in his favor.

First he was suspended.

Second, he received the absurd quest with 50% of his stats on line.

Now, this…..


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