The Ancient Genes
86 Crafting an Equipment 1
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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86 Crafting an Equipment 1

" Y.. You! .. why are you here? ", Vin stuttered and his legs went limp as he pointed towards Max with wide eyes.

" Hm..You know each other?. ", the old man asked observing Vin's actions.

" Master..he- aahh!! ", Vin screamed half a way as Ryan pinched his back.

" We just met him earlier, Master. He was asking for directions. Who would have thought he was looking for our store? If I had known I wouldn't have mess..I mean I would have brought him here myself. ", Ryan said with a smile before giving Vin a deadly stare.

He knew that they were in the wrong to begin with. If their Master were to know about it. They were as good as dead. He even looked at Max with pleading eyes.

Max on the other hand too didn't want to get involved in any more trouble. So he nodded and both of them came to a tactical agreement.

" How did you get that? Don't tell me you got into trouble again.", the old man asked with a frown as he pointed at the bandage on Ryan's nose.

" No..No..Master, I just fell and hit my nose. ", Ryan said as he vigorously shook his head.

" Good then, Go and get to your work.", the old man commanded and the duo immediately took the stairs to the upper floor.

When they finally left, the old man turned his head towards Max.

" How's he doing? I can't believe that the arrogant brat now has a disciple. Tsk..", the old man said as he clicked his tongue in some kind of dissatisfaction.

" Um..he is doing well. ", Max politely replied. 

He didn't showed it on his face. But he really didn't like how this man addressed Mr. Stark. Mr. Stark was a father figure to him. If it was anyone else, he would have already waged a war by now.

But since Mr. Stark had sent him here. He had to act accordingly.

" Follow me. ", the old man said as he took the lead and walked out of the shop.

Max was confused. But he still followed him. The duo walked out of the store and following the old man's lead, Max entered the small path beside the store. 

It couldn't be considered to be a path. It was just a small opening between the old man's shop and the building next to it. Max followed behind the old man as there was not enough space for two people to walk side by side. 

' Hm..where is he taking me?', Max wondered.

But soon he saw the old man entering a door. This place had room in it's back. Such places were ordinarily used as storage rooms to keep supplies and stock.


Entering the room, Max felt a wave of heat wash over his face. This place was hot. Max turned his head and scanned the room.

On one corner, there were several materials kept on the shelves. He was able to identify some of the materials. He had seen the red and the icy blue-colored crystal while working with Mr. Stark. They were flame crystal and cold steel respectively. There were also some other materials that seemed familiar to him as he had studied about them in his classes.

On the other side, there was a furnace which was spewing out flames. There was a workbench beside it.

" Do you have your hammer with you? ", the old man asked.

" Yes, I do. ", Max said as he took out the hammer hanging from his waist.

The old man stared at the half-broken hammer in Max's hand for a while as his brows twitched. But he didn't speak anything.

Max too felt a bit embarrassed. But he wasn't going to change his hammer. After all it was one of a kind. And they had already formed a bond. Max could feel the hammer even without touching it.

" Take anything you want. Show me what you can make. If you want to learn here. You need to make a piece of decent equipment before getting accepted. ", The old man said as he stroked his beard.

On the other hand, Max frowned. Was he here to learn? But the letter didn't say anything about it. Besides, what could this man teach him? His Master was a 7★ Blacksmith. And even the Academy's professor were at the level of 5★. 

Even though the old man was a lot stronger than him, that was another thing. Besides, he himself was just at the peak of Low level.

" What's with your expression, Brat? Do you know how many people out there are begging for this opportunity that you are getting? Hmph! Just consider yourself lucky. You have a day to make the equipment. ", the old said with a snort and then walked out of the room.

" Tsk.Tsk..", Max clicked his tongue in disdain.

'What opportunity? Wasn't this old man just talking big. If there were so many people begging out there? Why did he have only those two weird disciples of his? Don't tell me that a mental asylum wanted him to teach blacksmithing to their patients. ', Max only kept those thoughts to himself.

Even though his thoughts were opposing, Max still moved towards the shelf and began to look through the blueprints of various equipment.

Since, his Master has asked him to meet the owner. Max had to keep his master's words and do what this old man said. Besides, he was suspended for a week and with the All-Academy Competition approaching, it wasn't a bad idea to focus on blacksmithing.

« Host has obtained a 1★ equipment blueprint »

« Host has obtained a 2★ equipment blueprint »

« Host has obtained a 1★ equipment blueprint »




« Host has obtained a 3★ equipment blueprints »

Max smiled as he closed the notifications. He didn't know what was going to happen? But now at least he had benefited from the trip. He wouldn't be returning empty-handed.

Max searched the shelf for a while. But there were no blueprints above 3★ level. He was disappointed a bit. But it was still understandable. Every 3 levels had a major gap. It didn't matter who it was for. Whether it was a Mage, Formation Master, Black Smiths, Beast Tamer or any other.

Besides, blueprints were expensive. The difference between the cost of 3 ★ and 4★ blueprints can range from 20 times to 80 times depending on the kind of blueprint.


Max finally selected a blueprint. It was a type of light at armor. Since, Max didn't have Mana in his body, he couldn't form a Mana barrier. And he didn't even have any idea when he would be able to obtain a defensive skill. 

So, it was better for him to make defensive equipment for himself.

« Silk Jacket » ( 1★ Equipment )

« An equipment made from the combination of the fur of  Dragon Silkworm and Yellow jade.

+7 VIT    

+1 END.   »

Max looked at the blueprint shown by his system as the original blueprint didn't show him how his stats would be affected.

His vitality being his health bar would gain an increase. It wasn't bad considering it was only an 1 ★ Equipment.

Besides, the materials needed to make it weren't rare. Dragon Silkworm was just a low-grade ferocious beast. Even though Max might find it hard to survive in front of it. There were others who could easily kill it. As for the Yellow jade. It was just a 1★ Mana ore of Earth nature.

Everything was set and he just needed to make it. But he forgot about the most important thing. His « Blacksmith» skill was still at Lvl 0. It wasn't that he didn't have enough FP. But, he lacked the amount of understanding to reach the next level.

« Blacksmith » Lv 0 ( 0/1000 ) FP

( Advance Skill )

Allows the host to craft items below the level of 1 ★.

Next Level Requirements :

• Understanding of Synthesis ( 67/100) %

• Understanding of Extraction ( 77/100) %

• Practical experience at crafting a peak level 0 ★ Equipment ( Fulfilled )

Max felt troubled at this situation. But he still thought it was worth a try. After all he didn't have anything to lose.

So, he began his attempt. He took out a piece of yellow jade about the size of his fist and carefully inserted it into the furnace.

Leaving that aside, he took out the fur of the Dragon Silkworm and soaked it in the water container kept at the corner of the room.

A few minutes later…

The alarm in his phone rang and he used the equipment to take out red heated ore from the Furnace.

Now it was the most important process of making equipment. It was time to remove the impurities.

Max took his hammer and raised it high with one hand. While using the other to hold the ore.

" Clang! "

He struck and the sound metal rang out in the room.

Max could feel the hammer screaming in joy as if it had found it's long lost freedom.

" Clang! "

" Clang! "




Max repeatedly struck the ore with his hammer. As the temperature of the ore decreased, he put it back into the furnace and then brought it out and repeated the process.


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