The Ancient Genes
88 Crafting an Equipment 3
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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88 Crafting an Equipment 3

" What a waste of time? ", the old man shook his head in disappointment and threw the jacket back at Max.

Max's complexion had gotten worse hearing the old man's world. 

" Does that mean I fail? ", Max asked with a dark face.

" Well, you still have got time until the morning. If you think that you can make something better then go ahead. If not, then you may leave.", the old man said as he once again leaned in the chair.

Max took the jacket and went back to the storeroom. It wasn't that he was confident about making a high grade 1★ Equipment. He just didn't want to give in. He had to at least try till the morning. Both for himself and his master.

As Max left, Vin who was standing on the stairs came down. He had heard everything and was very confused.

" Master ", he called out to the old man.

" What's wrong? If you have finished all the work then go ahead and start preparing for the next batch of equipment.", the old man commanded.

" Ah!.. it's not that.", Vin immediately explained as he shook his head.

" Oh! Then what is it? ", the old man asked as he turned his head towards Vin.

" Master, why didn't you accept him? Even though he can't be considered a genius in smithing. He isn't bad.", Vin said with a bit of hesitation as he knew that if his master was in a bad mood, he would definitely find himself in trouble.

As for Max not being a genius. He probably wouldn't have said such words if he knew that Max had just started blacksmithing.

" He is good. But that's not what I want. I want someone who has patience and is hardworking. Patience is very important for a blacksmith. If he can't last by the morning then that was all he had. What is a genius, if he just gives up due to a simple set back.", the old man said as he leaned on the chair.

" And aren't you being a bit talkative today, Vin." the old man further said.

" Ah! I was just curious. I will get back to work, master.", Vin said as he hurriedly rushed back to the first floor.


On the other hand, Max was sitting in the smithy massaging his head.

He already had it rough, while making the jacket. How the hell could he make something better than it?

He contemplated his decision as he put the jacket in his inventory.

He thought for a while and decided to just give it a try. Who knew his luck might shine and he would miraculously succeed. After all, he didn't have anything to lose.

And so he did….and...Failed!

" Sigh! "

He knew that he would fail. But he still felt disappointed and helpless when it occurred.

Now, he only had one option. He had to somehow level up his « Blacksmith » skill.

But where could he go? Did he know anyone in Arcane who could teach him? 

He could have earlier tried to go to the library to obtain information. Even though it would result in a slow accumulation of knowledge. He could have at least given it a try. 

But now it wasn't possible.

 It was already dark outside and the library should have been closed by now.

As he was thinking about the possible solutions, a thought suddenly struck his mind.

The old man really was giving him a hard time. If his standards were so strict despite him being young. Then doesn't that mean that his disciples should at least be at that level? They had to be 1★ or 2★ blacksmiths. If not then this old man was just toying with him.

He immediately got out of the room and activated « Stealth » before entering the shop.

The old man was still sitting at his spot dozing off. Max knew that this old man was stronger than him. So he quietly moved step by step sticking to the sidewall while maintaining as much distance as he could with the old man.

And luckily the old man didn't notice and Max finally got to the stairs. Max could have done it openly too. But he didn't want the old man to see what he was going to do.

It was a matter of pride.

As he left the ground floor, the old man opened his eyes and shook his head as he murmured, "  I will kick him out if he dares to steal any equipment."

He was feeling disappointed. He thought that Max as the inheritor of the Hammer had to be a hardworking kid. He was willing to accept him after all he was a genius.

But now he doubted it. He thought that Max was planning to steal equipment just because he couldn't make one. This wasn't hard work. How could he accept someone with such a character?

He just opened his senses and decided to observe the situation for a while.


Upper floor

Max entered the floor and deactivated his skills. It was another area for crafting equipment. There were five small cabins here each consisting of a furnace and working tools.

At this moment, the door to one of the cabins opened and Ryan walked out of it.

" Phew! ..finally done..", he didn't notice Max standing there as he murmured and wiped the sweat on his forehead.

" Hello!! "

Max raised his hand to let the guy know about his presence.

" F*ck!...OMG!! just gave me a heart attack.", Ryan fell on his butt terrified by Max's appearance.

This building was pretty old and the stairs had been worn down too. They make a lot of noise whenever used.

So, it was obvious that he almost peed in his pants due to the sudden appearance of Max.


Seeing the guy shout, Max immediately moved and grabbed his mouth. He had done so much just to avoid the old man. He couldn't let it go to waste.

At this moment, the door of another cabin opened and Vin walked out hearing the noise.

When he saw Ryan on the floor and Max over him grabbing his mouth. His eyes popped out of his socket and he immediately moved to help his friend.

" Stop! The incident earlier was just a light one. We didn't mean any harm and you didn't even get hurt to begin with. You can't kill people over such small things."

Max looked at Vin running while he shouted.

' F*ck! What is wrong with the guy's imagination? ' Max cursed in his mind.

But the situation only got messier as Vin grabbed Max's hand to pull him. But in doing so, he clearly felt the dagger hidden in Max's sleeves.

" Y..You!!.."

And he freaked out.

Max was already having trouble controlling one and now there was another one.


" Damn it! "

He had enough of it. Max had reached his tolerance limit. This guy wasn't even listening to his explanation.

If words don't work then use your fist.

Max was stronger than both of them. So he just grabbed Vin and slammed him on the floor beside Ryan.

" Ahh!! "

" I am not here to kill. I just want your help.", Max said once again.

Finally, this time his words passed through and the duo calmed down. 

Seeing this, Max released them from his grasp.

" are here do you have a dagger in your sleeve?", Vin stuttered. It looked like he still wasn't convinced.

" I need it because there are people like you in the world." Max replied as he rolled his eyes.

Hearing him, Vin's face became red. He was too embarrassed. He was regretting listening to Ryan. Now, he had to carry this thing to his grave. He was a criminal.

On the other hand, Ryan just coughed and immediately changed the topic.

" Cough!.. What help do you need? "

" Teach me about synthesis and Extraction. I want to see a practical use too." Max immediately replied.

" Did my Master allow it? We can't do it without his permission.", Ryan replied.

" No, he didn't. It's just a small matter. Besides, do you want your master to know that his two cute little disciples tried to kidnap in broad daylight.", Max brought out his bargaining chip. 

Well, it was more like a threat.

"Y..You..fine..I will help you.", Ryan gritted his teeth as he gave in.

Max smiled and nodded in satisfaction.

" But..I don't..think it's a good idea. Besides, I already had made a mistake and I don't want to make another one", Vin was hesitant about the matter.

" What mistake? If you help me. We will become friends. And things like that occur between friends. It's not a big deal. We were just having fun. Right, Ryan.", Max said with a smile as he put his hands around Ryan's neck.

Hearing him, Vin's eyes lit up and he asked innocently, " Really? "

" Yes, definitely.", Max replied.

On the other hand, Ryan shook his head as he sighed. His friend was too easy. He knew it very well after all, he too had taken advantage of him many times.

On the other hand, the old man downstairs smiled.

" Interesting.."


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