The Ancient Genes
89 Result of the Tes
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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89 Result of the Tes

" I will teach you. But remember your promise. The matter from earlier never happened.", Ryan said as he led Max into one of the cabins while Vin went back to his work.

Entering the cabin Max pulled his hand in front of his chest and pledged, " Don't worry. I don't even remember if anything happened."

And then the session began, the moment Ryan picked the hammer the aura around him completely changed. There was something completely different about him.

" Since you want to know about synthesis and extraction, you can just observe and ask any questions. The equipment, I am about to make involves both processes at a higher level.", Ryan said seriously.

And the next instant his hand moved at lightning speed. 

" Clang! "

" Clang! "

The more Max observed, the more shocked he felt. There was something different about this guy. The way he swung his hammer. There was something odd about it. But he couldn't understand it.

It seemed that Ryan had noticed Max's expression as he started speaking, " This is a Hammer technique. If you can learn it. You can improve the process of purifying an ore. The more you perfect your technique. The better your purifying process will be."

Hearing him, Max finally understood. No wonder, he felt his way of swinging to be profound.

And the process continued…

After an hour..

The Weapon was finally ready. It was a beautiful long sword. 

" Did you understand?", Ryan finally asked Max as he turned around.

" Yeah, I got it.", Max didn't know whether it was due to his increase in INT or his natural talent but he didn't find it difficult to understand.

"Well then good luck. I heard from Vin that  master had given you a test.", Ryan said with a smile as he picked up the sword and kept it in the stand beside the door which had seven more similar weapons in it.

" You really are good. You can make several of this 1★ weapon without failing.", Max said in surprise as he observed the stand full of weapons.

" What are you talking about? They are all 3★ Weapons.", Ryan said with a smile.

On the other hand, Max's eyes widened in surprise.

3 ★….3★….Did he hear it right?

He immediately took a sword out of the stand and the information immediately appeared in front of his eyes.

« Star Blade » ( 3 ★ Equipment )

Made from the horn of a Star Wolf and Armanent Ore.

STR + 34

AGI + 29     »

Max looked at the information and finally accepted the truth.

This guy really made a 3★ Equipment.

" What level are you at?", Max faced Ryan and asked seriously.

" I am a 4 Blacksmith.", Ryan replied while rubbing his nose.

On the other side, Max brows twitched. 

This guy was a 4★ Blacksmith. If he hadn't seen him craft the sword with his own two eyes. He definitely wouldn't have believed it.

" Why the hell do you need to kidnap me? You are a 4★ Blacksmith. Shouldn't you be living well with the money you make?", Max asked in confusion.

" Sigh!, we definitely make enough money. But it all goes to the old man. We only have enough for our basic needs.", Ryan said with a painful expression.

" Don't work here!! Are you an idiot?", Max couldn't help but lose his temper at this injustice.

" We can't do anything. He says it's his tuition fees for teaching us."

Only at this moment, did Max realize something. If that old man could raise them to such an outstanding level. Then what level was he himself at?


He had been looking down on the old man all this time. Thank God, he didn't say anything foolish, or else he would be too embarrassed to face Mr. Stark in the future.

" Are you two done? It's already 12 midnight.", Vin entered the room.

" It's already that late. Let's get something to eat and hit the bed. You should come with us too...Ah! I forgot to ask your name.", Ryan awkwardly smiled.

" You can call me Max.", Max replied with a laugh.

When they went downstairs, the old man was missing from his place. The duo didn't seem to be surprised even though it was right in the middle of the night. It looked like it was an ordinary event for them.

Vin brought out three packed food sets which he had kept under the reception table and shared it with Max and Ryan. They talked as they ate and Max got to know more about these two guys who had apparently been taken in by the old man since they were children. This was probably one of the reasons that they just didn't run away from the old man.

After having completed the dinner. They pushed the weapon stand to one side clearing the place and brought out pillows and mattresses placing it on the floor.

" Hahhh! I am tired and my nose hurts." Ryan was the first one to hit the bed.

" You should sleep too, Max. Master is very strict. He will force you up at 6 in the morning. He doesn't allow more than 6 hours of sleep.", Vin said seeing Max still standing.

" No..I can't. I need to complete my task before morning or else I will be kicked out.", Max just declined the offer as he walked out of the shop towards the storeroom.

" System, show me the «Blacksmith» Skill", Max called the system out as soon as he got into the storeroom.

« Blacksmith » Lv 0 ( 0/1000 ) FP

( Advance Skill )

Allows the host to craft items below the level of 1 ★.

Next Level Requirements :

• Understanding of Synthesis ( 100/100) %

• Understanding of Extraction ( 100/100) %

• Practical experience at crafting a peak level 0 ★ Equipment ( Fulfilled )

Max smiled as he looked at the screen. He finally could level up his skill. It was time to show that old man what he was made of.

" System, level up « Blacksmith » skill", Max commanded.

« Reporting to Host, « Blacksmith » has reached Lvl 1 »

Max looked at the remaining FP which was around 27000. It had increased after the reward he received from the quest and the daily training and meditation.

It was enough for him to level up once again. So he decided to put his FP into the Lvl bar.

« Host has gained a level »

Well, now it was time for him to get to work. He took the hammer in his hand and looked at it. The hammer vibrated as if responding to his gaze like it was saying, " Let's do it."

Max went through the blueprints and as he was going through it, an accessory caught his eyes.

« Earpiece of Vitality » ( 1★ Jewelry )

An earring made from the Mana Core of a Bison and Blue Pearl.

VIT +12

END +10 »

Equipment Skill : 

 Healing (Passive) : Slowly heals the host. »

It had a passive skill. It was very rare to find lower grade equipment with a skill. He definitely had lucked out today.


Morning, 8 Am.

Max woke up thinking that he was still in his dorms. But very soon he realised that he wasn't. He immediately looked at his phone.

"F*ck! "

If he slept a bit more, his time limit would be over and with the old man's temper, he would have definitely kicked him out.

He hurriedly got out of the storeroom and entered the shop only to see Ryan and Vin busy carrying crates into a cart parked out of the shop.

" Oh! you are here.", the old man's voice rang out in the room.

Max turned his head to see the old man walking down the stairs with a smile on his face. It looked like he was in a good mood today.

Well, the old man was really in a good mood. When he returned yesterday, he found Max missing and checked the storeroom only to find him working.

He knew that the hammer wouldn't choose a useless person. But he had to do something about this kid's behavior. Max really was like Stark in his younger days. 

But he won't make the same mistake he did with Stark. He planned to keep Max in his check from the very start. After all, this little bastard couldn't possibly have made the equipment. He would take him to the very inch before becoming generous and taking him in. This way Max couldn't possibly behave arrogantly and he would be indebted to him for his entire life.

He laughed in his mind as a smug appeared on his face.

" Old Man…"

" Old Man.."

" Old Man!!! "

The shout finally jolted the old man out of his thoughts as he looked at Max.

" What are you shouting for brat!!", The old man scolded in anger. He almost had a heart attack.

" Take a look.", Max said as he stretched out his palm.

The old man looked at the piece of earring with confusion which slowly turned into a surprise and cursing in his mind.



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