The Ancient Genes
91 Unacceptable
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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91 Unacceptable

Old Town Weaponry

Max and Vin entered the shop following behind Ryan.

Max looked around the shop and saw different kinds of equipment, accessories and weapons. They were ranging from 1★ to 4★.

Ryan walked up to the counter and kept the boxes down before taking out a round silver token from his pocket.

Seeing the token, the old man at the counter ordered the staff to take the boxes before quietly leading them to upstairs.

The trio followed the man and reached upper floor where the man knocked on one of the doors and spoke.

" Sir, they are here."

" Let them in.", a strong voice sounded behind the door and the old man opened the door allowing Max and others to enter.

Ryan was the one in lead. So he entered first with Max and Vin following behind.

As they entered the room, Ryan felt that something was wrong. There were 2 more people inside the room beside Mr. Han, the manager of the Weaponry.

In reality, the old town weaponry was just a facade. In reality, it was called the Black Weapon Pavilion and Mr. Han was the Head of this Branch.

" Oh, you are finally here. I have been expecting you. Please come and have a seat.", Mr. Han spoke as he gestured them to take a sit on the couch facing the other two people.

" How has it been Mr. Han? We are here with the delivery. But I think I have come at the wrong time.", Ryan said with a smile.

" Haha..well, your timing couldn't be any more correct. Why don't you have a seat first?", Mr. Han replied with a short laugh.

Ryan was now sure that something was wrong. He walked forward and took the seat while Vin stood beside him. Seeing Vin standing beside Ryan, Max too felt that it wasn't appropriate for him to take a seat. So he just stood beside Vin.

" Well, now that both of you are here. Let me get this straight. This gentleman here, claims that he can provide the same product you do at a cheaper rate and better quality." Mr. Han said as he pointed towards the guy opposite to Ryan.

Hearing him, Ryan looked at the guy sitting on the couch and the man standing beside him. He couldn't see their faces due to the cloak. But he felt that they looked a bit familiar.

" Well, It's Impossible. I can at once believe that this man might be able to provide the product at a cheaper rate if he idiotically cuts his own labour charges and is willing to make a loss. But.. he can provide a better quality product. I am afraid I can't pretend that I didn't hear that….After all….", Ryan said as the aura around him changed. He dragged his last sentence as he stared at the guy in front of him.

He wasn't the type to take things seriously. Nor was he the one who ran after money. He might seem foolish at times. But when it came to his own creation, he wouldn't take it lying down. He didn't know if it was Stark's influence or his own character. But he believed one thing.

" I am best at my level.", Ryan said without a hint of emotion in his voice. For him and the people who knew him, it was a natural thing. But for other people hearing him, it definitely sounded arrogant.

" Slam!!"

The man sitting on the couch couldn't stand Ryan's words as he slammed on the table.

" You are taking it too far. Do you really think you are better than me?", the guy asked in anger.

Ryan didn't give any response to him as he just looked towards Mr. Han for his decision.

Max too looked at the situation in surprise. He really felt hard believing that this guy could act so cool.

On the other hand, Vin wasn't surprised at all. He knew how hard Ryan worked to perfect his skill. He just didn't race to promote his level. But he perfected his skill and became the best in what he could do.

The 3★ Swords that he had crafted were already at their best. If someone said that he could provide something better than that, it only meant that the weapon had to be at the level of 4★. And if a person sold a 4★ equipment at a cost lower than 3★ than he was just a fool.

Seeing Ryan ignoring him, the guy finally lost his temper. He brought down his hood and showed his real face.

He really had an ugly expression on his face as his brows were twitching and he gritted his teeth in anger.

" I had enough of you, Ryan. Do you really think that you are that great?"

Seeing the guy, Ryan frowned. He knew who this guy was. He was the guy from a prestigious family of smiths in Arcane and had once visited his Master to learn from him only to be rejected.

But what really got onto Ryan's nerves was this bastard's behavior. He even called out his name. Even though the people in the room knew who he was. It was a basic kind of courtesy to not take names. Yet this bastard…

" You should better control your temper Youngman. You know where you are, don't you? ", Mr. Han said with a smile.

Hearing him, the guy calmed down. This was the last place he wanted to make enemies with. After all, trade was an important aspect of their family income.

" I, Renard Brown, challenge you to a duel.", the guy said as he unhooked the hammer on his waist and slammed it on the table.

" I too think it's a good idea. What do you think? ", Mr. Han spoke as he looked towards Ryan. After all, for him the thing which mattered the most was profit.

" Fine then, I accept it.", Ryan had nothing to fear. He took out his hammer and placed it in front of him.

" Good, then we will hold the competition within a week at the Underground Sector hall. ", Mr. Han clapped his hand as he smiled. 


The situation was resolved for now. And Max and others were on their way back to their shop.

Max was allowed to sit in the cart since it was empty while Vin and Ryan pulled it. 

Well it wasn't that he was lazy. It was just that he was being spoiled by his seniors. He really liked this feeling.

" Mr. Han is really taking advantage of this situation. He wants to hold a duel in public to show that they only sell the best quality products.", Vin said.

" They only care for their profit. Don't expect anything from them.", Ryan replied in disdain.

Max on the other hand just listened. But as they passed through the streets, he suddenly felt the hairs on his body rise as a chill went down his spine.

He didn't even give it another thought and jumped on the two in front who were pulling the cart.

As the trio fell on the ground, an arrow soared through air passed right above their head and hitting the wall on the side.

And right in front of their shocked faces, cracks started to appear on the wall as it collapsed within a second.

" Aaa!!!"


People screamed as they started to run around.

Max immediately got up and looked towards the direction where the arrow came from.

It was a dark alleyway on the left and he could feel a presence retreating.

Well, he wasn't planning to let the bastard get away with it. He activated «Sprint» and «God's Blessing».

Ryan saw the look on Max's face and moved to stop him. But before his hand could reach him. Max was already gone.


Max moved through the alleyway bypassing all the obstacles in his path as he kept following the guy. He could feel the distance between them closing in.

But, when he thought that the situation was under his control, the presence vanished.

Max felt an ominous foreboding. But before he could do anything, he felt a force on his back which made him take a few steps forward as a sharp pain coursed through his back.

He slowly turned his head only to find an arrow embedded on his back.



Footsteps sounded in the dark alley as a person appeared wearing a black cloak and a bow in his hands.

Seeing the guy, Max slowly reached out with his hands and managed to pull the arrow out.


He could feel that this guy was definitely stronger than him. But he deliberately slowed his pace earlier to lure him in. And he too like an idiot fell for it.

Actually, the last few fights where he beat a bunch of weak people had given a boost to his confidence which resulted in his foolish action.

" Damn it!"

Max cursed as he knew that he made a foolish choice. He should have activated «Stealth» before following. But now it was too late for it. His only option was to activate «Bloodlust».

But before he could do so, he felt the strength in his leg fade as he fell onto his knees.

" You don't need to be surprised. The arrow was coated with paralyzing poison. You foiled my plan. That's the reason, I didn't strike your vital parts. I will let you see how I slowly kill you. Won't that be exciting.", the guy with the bow spoke as he started to move towards Max.

On the other hand, lines started to appear on Max's face. 

' Was this really happening? '

'F*ck, he couldn't accept this shit! He f*ck*ng survived an attack of Master Level Mage. Yet, he was going to die here!!!'


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