The Ancient Genes
93 One Week Training
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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93 One Week Training

Max and everyone returned to the smith after an hour with their hands full.

But as they entered the shop, they were surprised to see the hall empty. They scanned the room and saw all the weapons and the stands pushed away into the corner. 

A board was placed right in the center of the room.

" You all are back.", the old man's voice resonated in the hall as he slowly walked down the stairs.

" Master, what is this for?", Ryan asked in confusion.

Hearing him, the old man scanned the trio before speaking in a serious manner, " I will be teaching you all the things you will require in your life as a blacksmith. Things that will make you successful."

" But why so suddenly, haven't you been teaching it all along?", Vin inquired feeling that something was wrong.

" I have to leave for an urgent matter.", the old man sighed. He himself had no idea when will he be returning back to this place.

" When will you return Master? ", Ryan asked.

" Huff!! Look kids.. I don't think it will be anytime soon. I have no idea how long it will take."

" T-Then what about us master?", Ryan stuttered and Vin's eyes started to water too.

The old man looked at them with a smile. The memories from the past flashed before his eyes. So much time had passed in the blink of an eye. The two kids were no longer small.

" Well, you can continue to run the shop. But you still need to pay the lease and.y tuition fees.", the old man said with a smile.

" No! I want to go with your master. I will continue to help you.", Vin said as tears started to slide out of his eyes.

Ryan on the other held himself back as his eyes were starting to get wet too.

" Haha!! You are too weak. If you want to help me, improve your skills.", the old man patted his head.

" What grade do I need to be? How much skill do I need to remain by your side master?", Ryan asked.

The old man looked at his disciples. Even though he treated them harshly, they still wanted to remain by his side. In truth, it was just his way of training.

" If you wanna help me, become a 7★ Blacksmith. Only then, will you qualify to help me."

Hearing him, Max's face twitched. 7★...the old man said it so easily. But, how many 7★ Blacksmith where there. He hadn't heard of any in Arcane at least. Besides, the more one improved the more difficult it became to level up.

There were many who never reached that stage because of the lack of talent. 

" Enough of your tears. Let's get to work. I have a lot of things to pass down on to you all. There will be minimum time for rest." The old man clapped his hands while announcing.


And the intense training for a week began.

The old man brought out an old and tattered book and threw it to Ryan.

" What do you think is the first and the most important thing for blacksmith?", the old man asked.

" Materials ", Max answered.

But the old man shook his head.

" I think it's practice.", Vin replied in hesitation.

" Well, not accurate. ", the old man still didn't give a nod and looked towards Ryan.

" It's your control over the hammer.", Ryan said after giving it a thought.

" Good! There are many people who reach 4★ or 5★ level. But they get stuck there.".


"It's because they didn't work on their hammer control. In order to become a good swordsman, you need to train your way with the sword. It's no different in our case. But still, there are many who don't understand this point or they feel it's not true. In early stages of blacksmithing, you might be able to pass even with the lanky skills. But later, every strike matters. One wrong hit and it's all over. That's the reason hammering techniques were created. But it's still not within the reach of many. That book in your hand contains the hammering techniques which I inherited from my master."

Hearing the old man, everyone's eyes lit up. 

Ryan opened the book as Max and Vin looked over his shoulders.

But Max was surprised. This book didn't only teach the method to increase hammer skill. It included techniques to master all kind of basic weapon used in the ancient times like sword, spear, axe, bow, etc.

" There are different kinds of weapons listed in this book. But you only need to learn about the hammer.", the old man spoke.

" Master, who was your Master? He must be a legendary figure." Vin asked.

" Nah! He was just a random old man at the level of 3★ Blacksmith. I learned a bit from him before he passed away leaving his belongings to me. It was then that I found this book." The old man spoke.

On the other hand, Max took the book in his hand for a proper look. But the moment he did so, a notification popped out in front of him.

« Reporting to Host, Advance skill book «Weapon Mastery» Lv 1»

« Would Host like to form the skill? »

' Yes!!!!! It's definitely a yesss!!!'

Max didn't even need to think about it. It was very unusual to get something for free. Now that he was getting it, he wouldn't be a fool to reject it.

« Host's request has been heard.»

« Host has obtained «Weapon Mastery» Lv1»

With the formation of the skill, Max felt a huge influx of information in his mind.  All the basic moves of various weapons flooded in his mind.

" Max let me have a look."

Hearing Vin, Max passed the book to him.


Now that you all had a look, we will start. This is your basic routine for this week. The old man pointed towards the board.

Everyone's eyes nearly popped out looking at the routine. 

' F*ck!'

Max cursed in his mind.

There weren't even six hours of sleep. He had reduced it to 4 hours a day.

What was he a monster?

And the day passed with the old man showing them his hammering skills while giving them advice on it.


Day 2

4 Pm

Everyone was woken up forcefully by the old man and another tiresome day began.

Controlling the Fire 

It was another important step in determining the quality as well as success and failure 

The old man stepped in and practically showed what it meant to play with fire.

Day 3

Selection of materials.

Even though this was not considered to be an important topic for the ordinary world, the old man didn't think so. He insisted that the materials were needed to be carefully selected.

There would be differences in two same equipment if the materials were slightly different. For example, the core of a young Flame Tigris will give a weapon more destructive capability whereas the core of an adult Flame Tigris might not have the same destructive prowess but it could make the weapon more durable.

Day 4

Synthesis, Extraction and Moulding

The old man went on and on for the whole day as this topic had a lot of theoretical aspects to it. And finally, the day ended up with a practical class.

Day 5


Every blacksmith has their own creation. It is very necessary. Both for their reputation and to advance into higher levels.

Day 6 \u0026 7

Advance Smithing

Even though Max and others didn't understand a thing about this topic, the old man just laughed it off. He knew it was too far from their reach. But who knew, one they might be able to understand something and make a breakthrough.

Even though Max had almost turned into a zombie, he couldn't deny the fact that this old man had godly teaching skills.

The last class was finally over and the old man would be living tomorrow evening.

Ryan and Vin were feeling a bit down. Max had already tried several ways to cheer them up. But everyone of them ended in failure.


It was night time, and they were on their mattresses in the hall. But no one was asleep.

Finally, an idea struck his mind to cheer the two guys up.

" Hey, have you thought about giving Grandmaster a farewell gift."

And as expected, the idea really pulled them in.

" are right. I should give him something." Ryan said.

" What does he like the most? ", Max asked.

" Money, I guess." Vin replied.

Hearing him, lines appeared on Max and Ryan's faces. Even though the old man liked money, that wouldn't be a nice gift. Besides, they didn't have enough money.

" Then what should we get?", Vin asked in confusion observing their expression.

" I think he wouldn't mind anything if you give it from your heart.", Max replied after thinking for a while.

After staying here for a week, he had realised that the old man wasn't that bad. He was a bit of tsundere… Nah..that really destroys his image. He was soft hearted as long as it didn't involve money.


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