The Ancient Genes
94 Underground Area
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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94 Underground Area

Morning, 6 pm

As usual, the day began. Even though it was the day of his departure, the old man didn't have any plan to leave them until the last moment.

Max got out of his blanket and got fresh before changing into his tracksuit and getting out for his usual training. 

Ryan and Vin too followed along as physical training and meditation were important for Blacksmiths.

The morning training and meditation had become an essential part of Max's life all along.

" Did you think about the gift?", Max asked as he slowed down his pace to match with the other two.

" No..", Ryan shook his head.

" How about we give him something made by us? We can all work together to make it." Vin suggested.

" Sounds good to me.", Max replied.

" Ok, then let's do it.", Ryan too nodded.

" Fine, I will start as soon as we get back.", Vin replied in excitement.

" But, we have the Duel today. Aren't you coming?", Max asked in surprise.

" Ahh!! about it.", Vin smiled wryly.

" Both of you don't need to come. You should stay back and prepare for the present. Besides, this time there is no heavy load to carry. As for the match, I can handle it alone.", Ryan snorted as he puffed up his chest.

" Fine then ", Vin replied.

But Max wasn't the one to be easily fooled.

" I have never seen a blacksmith duel. I think it would be a waste to let this chance go.", he replied with a smile and ignored Ryans' deadly gaze.

Seeing Max ignore him, Ryan could only sigh. He knew Max wasn't easy to fool. He really didn't want the two to follow him because of the attack a week earlier. He didn't want to put them in danger.

Even though he managed to get by Vin, he knew that Max was a tough nut to crack. But he still had to give it a try. So, he slowly moved towards Max.

When Max saw the guy moving towards him, he took the initiative and whispered into his ears.

" If you can beat me up. I won't follow you."

Hearing him, Ryan couldn't help but shut his mouth. He remembered that Max was stronger than him. 

He released a sigh as he consoled himself thinking that at least he had managed to get Vin, the weakest person out.

An hour later, they got back to the smithy. The old man had as usual, gone missing. They took turns using the bathroom and getting fresh before having their breakfast.


1 Hours later.

" So, you are dead set on it.", Ryan asked looking at the guy in front of him.

" Did you forget who saved you last time?", Max asked in annoyance.

They had gotten out of the shop an hour earlier. But, this guy had been asking the very same question every five minutes.

" If you don't stop this, you will lose the duel by not appearing on time. Do you want that to happen?", Max asked.

" You are one stubborn guy. Fine..lets go.", Ryan said while shaking his head.

Old Town Weaponry

Max and Ryan finally reached the shop. They had already covered themselves in the cloak and just as they were about to enter the shop, an arrogant voice sounded behind them.

"So, you have come. I thought that you wouldn't even dare to show your face."

Hearing the voice, Max and Ryan turned around to see two familiar figures.

It was Ryan's opponent, Renard Bown and the guy behind him was probably his bodyguard who had attacked Max earlier that day.

" Well, I wouldn't have come if you would have chosen your man more wisely.", Ryan replied mockingly.

Max couldn't help but give him a thumbs up secretly. This guy knew how to rub it in.

Hearing him, the man trembled. But he held himself back.

" I just didn't want to waste my strength. But since you really want it, I will crush you with my own two hands and show that your crafts are nothing but trash in front of mine.", the guy snorted in arrogance.

Hearing him, Ryan frowned. This guy has touched his reverse scales. 

'His craft was trash.'

'Didn't want to waste his strength.'

" How can a guy like you even claim to be a blacksmith, as far as I know the blacksmith is a hardworking profession. Lazy people like you don't belong here. If you want to play this game, go back and do it with your family.", Ryan said with a mocking smile.

Hearing Ryan's words, the guys face twitched and then turned red in anger.

Ryan had really hit the spot. It was actually true. Even though people praised him because of his talent, when he turned his back they would mock him because of his attitude.

Even his father had recently told him to work hard and even gave him an example of how hardworking the No.1 prodigy of his generation was. 

That's the reason he came here to challenge the most hardworking prodigy in Arcane. If he could defeat him, he could prove to everyone that he was born special and everyone would have to revere him. 

But, this guy had really hit his spot and angered him.

" Y..You...kill him.. ", the guy finally lost his calm.

Hearing his Master's command, the man immediately reacted by pulling out a sword.

Seeing the situation, Max too moved in front of Ryan as the dagger slipped down his sleeves into his arms.

Even though the man was stronger than him, Max knew that if he went all out, the end would be difficult to determine.

" Hahaha...You guys are full of energy. But I will appreciate it if you don't use it here and in this way."

Mr. Han walked out of the shop with his hands behind his back. It looked like the staff had alerted him about the commotion.

Seeing the man, Reynard waved his hand and stopped his bodyguard. 

Ryan too pulled Max behind him. He couldn't understand why this guy was so eager to fight, even after all the lecture he gave him yesterday. Instead of learning from it, he even brought out a dagger with him today.

He glared at Max only to be ignored. He wasn't a fool. He knew that this Me. Han wouldn't let something like this to happen. That's the reason he got back at them.

" Good!  I have already made preparations. Let's get to the avenue.", Mr. Han clapped his hands and several cars came in front of the shop.

The doors of the car in the front and back opened and several men walked out of it. Some of them had firearms while some of them were carrying swords and Axes.

Max could feel the pressure from them. The highest person among them was definitely a High level mage, if not then it might be even higher. He had no idea. After all, the person was leaking his aura just to scare out enemies. It wasn't enough to tell his level. 

On a second thought, releasing all his strength wasn't a good idea to begin with.

But one thing was very clear from the current situation, this Mr. Han was definitely a powerful figure.


Old Town, Underground Area.

Everyone followed Mr. Han after getting out of the car. He led them into a building where two assistants came forward.

" You two can follow them into the battle area. I will be watching the battle from the sidelines.", Mr. Han said before leaving.

" Sir this way please.", the lady politely said.

Max and Ryan followed her while the other two followed the different assistant.

" Where the hell is this place?", Max asked in confusion. 

This place looked no different than an ordinary mall. This had really confused Max.

" You will soon find out.", Ryan replied with a smile.

Max kept quiet and followed them as he entered the elevator.

But he was surprised to see that there was no button for the basement. Wasn't it an underground area?

But his thoughts lasted only a second as the lady tapped a number of buttons on the lift. Her hands were agile.

And the next thing he knew was that the lift was moving down. And if he knew correctly, they were definitely on the ground floor.

5 seconds passed….


The door opened.

" This way sir..", the lady pointed out.

Ryan followed her with Max being the last one.

The moment he got out of the lift his eyes widened. The place was fully packed. People were going from one place to another. There were several other lifts. And the most surprising thing was he couldn't see the end to it.

There were several stalls on the side of the streets. The people here had their faces covered.

It was as if he had just entered another world.

And he could feel several terrifying presences in this place. 

" Max, what are you doing. We need to go." 

Ryan's voice broke Max out of his stupor and he came back to his senses.

" Ah! Sorry. Let's go.", Max replied.

" Surprising right?", Ryan asked with a smile as they started walking.

" Yes, it's like another world.", Max replied with a nod.


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