The Ancient Genes
98 Duel 3
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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98 Duel 3

The audience cheered as the two fighters moved for a head on clash.

Within a second, they were right in front of each other.

" Die!!"

The man roared as he hacked his sword at Max.

On the other hand, Max kept his eyes open observing the man's move. The moment he saw the sword coming down at him.

Max took a side step avoiding the sword by a hair's breadth as he performed a vertical slash.

The sword struck the left chest of the man drawing out his blood and flesh.

" Splash! "

Blood splattered on the ground as the man staggered taking a few steps back.

" Clang!'

He stabbed his sword in the ground as he struggled to stay on his feet. He was really at a disadvantage. The competition only included a sword fight without the use of mana.

Even though a mid level mage was strong, if someone took away the power of mana from him, it would almost cut down his strength by half.

On the other hand, Max was different as he didn't use mana, to begin with. Unlike mages who use mana to strengthen themselves, he was different.

" How is this possible!!", the guy said in shock.

Max didn't reply to him and instead just moved forward planning to end the battle. 

Seeing Max moving towards him, the guy gritted his teeth ignoring the pain as he raised his sword in an attempt to block Max's attack.

" Clang! "

The impact from the swords clashing led cracks to form on the ground while the guy's knees sank into the ground.

He tried to resist while blood started to ooze out of his mouth and nose.

" Time Over!!! "

The announcement from the Host stopped Max and he pulled himself back.

" Well, it looks like I don't need to speak. The results are very clear. Our jury didn't make a wrong decision. The winner has defended his position."

The announcer said while pointing towards Max.

Seeing the situation finally under control, Mr. Han released a sigh. He had planned to declare Ryan's craft the winner even if Max lost after all, the match wasn't about the stronger person but the best weapon.

Even though the situation would be a bit troublesome, it would still be better. But with Max winning, now there was no trouble at all.

On the other hand, Max gave the guy on his knees a last look before turning around and walking towards Ryan.

Ryan saw the scene and finally sighed in relief. He was really surprised to see Max's strength, but he still wished for his junior not to get in trouble.

" I won!! ", Max raised his fist as he slowly walked towards Ryan.

But suddenly Ryan's smile faded as his eyes widened.

" Watch out!! "

Ryan's voice reverberated through the arena pulling everyone's attention. He had really shouted at the top of his lungs.

No one had expected the man who lost to attack on the back of his opponent.

Max on the other hand, has already felt the danger even before Ryan shouted. He hurriedly turned to pull the sword above his head.

" Clang! "

Max felt as if a mountain had crashed on him. The man in front of him had released his full strength by mobilizing his mana.

" Die!!!! " the guy roared. It seemed as if he had lost himself. It was too much for him to bear the humiliation of defeat and he had to take revenge for his master.

On the other hand, Max beared the brunt of the attack of a mid level mage. 

Sweat slid down his forehead as he felt his feet sinking down.

As expected he was a bit weaker when it came to brute strength.

" You have to die!! ", the man yelled in anger as he pushed down his sword.

" You are an idiot. You have broken the rules. Do you think you would be let off so easily? The guards would be arriving here any moment. ", Max snorted.

" I have already allowed you to disrespect my Master. I would rather die if I could take you down with me."

" F*ck!!".

Max couldn't help but curse.

This guy was either brainwashed or he was a psycho.

Max knew that he would be in trouble if he allowed the situation to aggravate any further. After all, he was caught off guard and forced into this passive stance. And it was a troublesome situation since he was the weaker one in terms of strength.

" Boo!!!!"

" Loser!!!"

" F*ck*** coward!!"

" Where are the guards!!"

Several voices rang in the Arena. 

But Max knew that he didn't have enough time to wait for anyone.

He immediately used his abilities. His skin started to turn hard. It was the basic earth element spell.

" Haha!!! What can you do with these penny little trick of yours?", the guy mocked Max's action with laughter.

But the laughter on his face was soon replaced by surprise as the stone hands suddenly busted out in flames.

" Flare! "

" Ahhh!!!! "

He screamed taking several steps back as he tried to extinguish the flames on his face.

He never expected this guy to have two elements. He had never heard about such a thing.

When he saw Max using the earth element, he lowered his guard towards other types of attack.

But how could he possibly know that Max would suddenly burst out flames?

Max finally took in breath as the pressure above him was released. But, Max wasn't planning to let this guy go so easily.

He immediately moved closing in on the guy as the flames covered his blades. He was imitating the move Derek had used on him. With only a few inches between them, Max brought up his sword performing a vertical slash.

In front of everyone's eyes, a pillar of flame rose on the spot consuming the man within it.

It only lasted for seconds before disappearing.

As the flames disappeared, the man appeared in the center. His body was scorched with flames and his pupils had turned white.

" Thud!!"

The man finally, could no longer support himself as he fell on the ground.

Max too fell flat on the ground. He breathed heavily as tiredness washed over his body.

He has overused his ability while performing the last attack.

" Max!!!"

Ryan came running as he saw Max falling to the ground.

At this moment, the guards finally came inside the arena and surrounded the man and Renard. They had caused a lot of commotion today and it looked like they would be paying a lot this time.

Ryan helped Max to get back on his feet before taking him into the waiting room.

The competition finally came to an end.

Ryan and Max didn't stay for long as Max had to get back to the Academy in noon. And before leaving, he even need to help in preparation of the farewell gift for the old man.

Ryan and Max didn't stay for long as Max had to get back to the Academy in noon. And before leaving, he even need to help in preparation of the farewell gift for the old man.


In the Academy Dorms

" Where the hell is Max? ", Axle asked fatty.

" I don't know. He said that he will be coming today.", Kevin replied.

" Call him.", Axle said.

" I tried but I can't reach him.", Kevin replied with a worried expression.

" Why isn't he here? Shouldn't he be in the dorm by now."

The voice pulled Axle and Kevin's attention. They turned their heads to see August walk in. He was fully geared from top to bottom in his combat uniform.

" Well, I couldn't reach him this entire week. So, I couldn't inform him about the changes to the trip. And I think he would be returning in noon since we have our classes at that time according to schedule.", Kevin replied.

Hearing him a frown appeared on August's face as he spoke, " Try to get to him. In case, we can't. We have to leave him."

" But, wouldn't that affect his grades.", Axle asked in concern.

" If he is so concerned about his grades, he should be here right now. Anyway, I will inform the authorities. They will look at it. It can't be entirely Max's fault as it is a communication problem. I am sure they would find a solution."

" And, you two. Why aren't you in your combat uniform? Get ready and remember I don't want any trouble on this trip. ", August said as he scanned the two in front of him.

" Oh! And where is Wilson? ", he asked as found the person missing.

" Ah.. He was really excited about the trip as he could finally let himself lose. He already got ready and left the dorm.", Kevin said with a smile.

Hearing him, August's face became dark and a line appeared on it as he hurriedly left the dorm.

Max had no idea about the situation here as the old man has taken his cell phone cutting off all kinds of communication from the rest of world.


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