The Ancient Genes
99 Bidding Farewell
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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99 Bidding Farewell

Iron Smithy, Old Town

Max and Ryan returned back to the smithy after the competition ended.

" How was the competition?", the old man asked as he saw the duo enter.

" We won!! It was a breeze. "

Before Ryan could even speak, Max had already shouted as he threw his hands into the air.

" Haha… that's what I expected from you.", the old man said with a laugh.

Seeing the guy act like that Ryan's face twitched. He was acting like nothing happened at all.

Ryan smacked the back of Max's head as he spoke, " Master, don't listen to him. Even though we won. It was anything but a breeze. The Brown family had really pushed it too far."

Listening to him, the Old Man heavily frowned.

"Speak, what happened today?", the old man questioned.

Seeing the situation, Max sighed. He really didn't want the mood to be spoiled on the day he left.

On the other hand, Ryan began to recite the entire event. How he won. But was accused of cheating. In the end, Max had to step in and fight to prove who the true winner was.

Suddenly, the old man stood up. He looked towards Max and said, " Don't do anything foolish from now on. Place like black market is not for fooling around. The people there will go to any length for personal gain. But since you have worked hard, I can't possibly let you go back without anything. Take anything you want from the shop."

Hearing the old man, Max's eyes lit up. This was an opportunity. He had already seen several materials in the storage room which had made him drool.

" Thank you, Grandmaster.", Max replied.


After the matter was resolved, Max decided to collect his reward while Ryan and Vin began to prepare for crafting a farewell gift.

They had planned to give the old man a locket made of red crystal with a small picture all of them in it.

Winter was approaching fast and the old man seemed to be going to the capital which experiences a freezing temperature. So, what could be better than a red crystal which is a fire ore and can provide heating.

Obviously, they didn't know about the old man's strength. After all, at his level it would be impossible for him to freeze even if he ran around naked.

" Finally, haha!!!"

Max hysterically laughed at the sight of the various ore on the cupboard and shelves.

He has always been thinking of increasing his elemental infinity. But, he couldn't.


Because he is a poor guy.

The elemental ores costs a fortune. And it wasn't like he just needed a single one to level up.

He could only sigh at this problem. His only option was to venture into orena and test out his luck.

But who would have thought that the old man would turn so generous. With the amount of material present here, he could definitely level up his elemental powers to the low level.

He rubbed his hand while commanding the system.

' System..absorb '

The old man would have never thought that his shop was being looted at this moment.

Even though he allowed Max to take whatever he wanted,  the old man wasn't being generous in the least.

After all, how much could Max possibly carry with his own two hands. And he obviously never thought about Max having a storage device.

After all, how could any ordinary person possibly possess a storage device. It wasn't about money but status too. The storage stone which is one of the most rare ore on the continent is needed to craft such devices. Even the old man barely had one on himself.  


A few moments later, Max returned into the shop with a bright smile on his face.

Seeing him return empty-handed, the old man asked in surprise, " You didn't take anything? "

" I have taken enough. ", Max replied as he pulled a small piece of earth ore from his pocket.

" What can you possibly make with a piece of low quality earth ore? It's not every day you get a chance like this kid. You still have my words. You can take whatever you want.", the old man replied as he stroked his beard.

"....Sigh! Grandmaster, how can I possibly ask any more from you. You have already granted me so much of your knowledge."

Max replied after a bit of hesitation. He initially planned on speaking the truth. But, he stopped. After all, he couldn't possibly say that he absorbed everything. 

Hearing him, the old man looked at Max with a strange light in his eyes. He really felt it hard to believe. 

After a moment, he nodded before bursting out into laughter.

" Haha...Good!...Very Good! You can always come and take anything you want from my shop to practice even after I leave."

Hearing the old man, Max felt a bit guilty but he still nodded.  It looked like he didn't need to worry about materials for the time being.

Max thanked the old man before going upstairs and joining others.

On the other hand, the old man was busy in his thoughts. Initially, he had thought that Max would definitely be a tough nut to crack. After all, he was a Stark's disciple. But, he never thought that the kid was honest and upright.


An hour passed..

The trio finally completed their work and came down with an exquisite looking pendant. Even though a pendant didn't sound like a good departing gift, Vin was adamant that it didn't matter as long as it was made by their own hand.

And as expected, the old man's face twitched when they revealed the pendant. But soon, he broke out into a smile as he looked at the picture in it. 

After that, they had lunch together before Max finally bid everyone farewell and left.


An hour later..

" Ryan, look after the shop for a moment. I need to look for some stuff in the store room."

" Yes Master.", Ryan's voice was heard from upstairs.

The old man walked out of the shop as he headed towards the shop. It has been a long time since he was returning back. There were many juniors and friends. He couldn't possibly go back empty handed. 

After all, no matter how much shamelessly he behaved here, he needed to maintain his reputation back at the capital.


He opened the door of the store room and entered while humming.

The next instant a terrifying scream was heard through out the Arcane.

" Ahhhh!!!"


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