The Ancient Genes
102 Supreme
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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102 Supreme

The sun had already set and the darkness had enveloped the sky. The hooting of nocturnal and the buzzing of insects could be heard throughout the forest.

Suddenly, a rumbling noise was heard and one could see two flashes of light approaching fast.

August was the one driving the car while Max was sitting next to him. The car looked dirty and all battered as if it had gone through a round of intense beating.

" Let's stop here for the night.", August said as he pulled the breaks.

" Y..You..", Max looked at him in anger. But before he could speak any word a fist had already landed on his face.

" Shut up!! Do you know how much trouble you have caused, you b*st*rd. We almost died. Besides, I have yet to find any signs of trouble. And, if there really is some trouble, then it is even more important for us to rest and give the car a rest too. After what you have done, I am really surprised that it still made it here.", August growled before getting out of the jeep and checking their surroundings for any beast.

Max could only shrink back at this time. After all, August was right here. He too got out of the car and his lips twitched as he looked at the front of the car which had caved in while the two headlights were hanging out of their socket.

It wasn't entity Max's fault or may be….it was. Max didn't think much before snatching the car keys and kicking the gas paddle. It was only later after calming down he realised that he didn't know how to drive.

But before he could say anything to anyone, the jeep had crashed into a tree throwing August and Max at the edge of a cliff. He still felt the sweat on his forehead as he remembered the close call.

After that, August gave Max a fierce round of beating before taking the keys and driving the car.

Max walked a bit and checked their surroundings. Luckily there were no beasts. They were still at the outer layer of the border. So, there were only low level beasts here. With Max and August together, they didn't need to worry much about it.

After confirming that there was no beast nearby, Max went back to the vehicle before opening the chat box. Earlier he didn't check the messages in a rush. But now he finally remembered about it.

« Average Man : House of Ovens is the one who is most likely colluding with the Demons »

« Bahamut : Are you sure? Did you get any valid proof? »

« Average Man: I don't know if it can be considered as proof. But I still have some findings.»

« I am Mr. Cool : I didn't expect you to obtain information this quickly. You are a born infiltrator. »

«Average Man : Brother please, I don't deserve this. I didn't infiltrate the Seven Sins.»

« I am Mr. Cool : What the f*ck were you doing these past few days then!! »

« Average Man : Do you think I am some crazy person like you? How could I step in while knowing it's a lion's den?»

« I am Mr. Cool : You coward!! »

« Bahamut : Enough!!! Let him speak first»

« Average Man : I have got a lot of things to discuss. First, the kidnapping incidents. We were wrong. It has been happening all over the continent for the past six months. We thought that it only occurred recently. »

« I am Mr. Cool : All over the continent!! Six months!! Are you sure? You know how many girls would be missing if that were the case.»

« Average Man : I am sure. We thought that it was only around us. But if you check the quest list for the Mercenary. You will see that the quest for missing girls has gone up by 70% for the last six months. I had called several people across the continent. You know, what's common with all these cases.»

« I am Mr. Cool : What? »

« Average Man : All the girls were declared dead by one way or another by guild union. »

« Bahamut: You are right. If such an incident had occurred, it can't be the  doing of someone from the lowest ring. And the Ovens family is the only one with such power in Guild Union.»

« I am Mr. Cool : But, is this enough to convince the other Noble Houses. What if they deny such accusations? »

« Bahamut : No..its enough to convince the Noble Houses who are against House of Ovens. But those who support them won't believe it. They would probably think that it is a conspiracy by our houses. But we know our houses are innocents as for Mage king he's innocent too. I am sure that Man wouldn't put his daughter's in danger. »

« I am Mr. Cool : You are right . But, Isn't it still great? We can have the Association to support us. Our families will be finally on our side too. »

« Bahamut : No ! it would lead us to our doom. »

« I am Mr. Cool : How? »

« Average Man : Just think about it. If your family knows about this, what would happen? »

« I am Mr. Cool : A fight would be inevitable even if we don't have any evidence, we have to fight to stop them.»

« Average Man : Here lies the problem. We don't have concrete evidence. The first one to make the move will be considered to be the nasty one. At that time the neutral houses will shift towards the house of Ovens and we would be destroyed.»

« I am Mr. Cool : Right, we are the only one who knows that our Houses are right.»

« Bahamut : So, we have to wait until we have concrete evidence. I can guarantee that if this message reaches the Mage King, he wouldn't hesitate to attack. »

« Average Man : Now, to the second thing. I had been lurking in the Dark Society for the past few days. I really heard the shocking news. The Pride branch of the Seven Sins was wiped out. And there is only a single survivor and also our hope. »

« I am Mr. Cool : Why aren't you completing your sentence at once? Stop flaunting. I get it, you are all brains but no brawn.»

« Average Man: Tsk.. This time, it's only a prediction and there is only a 30% chance of it to be true. If we go by the name, the branch of Pride should be of prideful people. They should have opposed working with the House of Ovens. This led to conflict and they were wiped out. The person who survived was the successor of Pride. If I am not wrong, he should be able to help us »

« Bahamut : Your prediction should have 50% chances of being true. The Seven Sins are exactly as they sound. And you missed a point. The Master of Pride is at the level of Grand Master. If he want to leave no one could stop him not even the Mage King unless..»

« I am Mr. Cool : The world will definitely plunge into chaos. »

« Bahamut : A Supreme has appeared...»


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