The Ancient Genes
105 Escaping the Horde
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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105 Escaping the Horde

Max continued his barrage of flames obstructing the beast horde. He only needed to hold for a few more minutes.

But at this moment, the Rock Head Hippo increased its speed and started to catch up with the vehicle.

Rock Head Hippo is a low level savage beast. It is very territorial in nature and is considered to be very prideful. It was lucky for Max that this horde was being led by this fellow. This beast is one of the slowest beasts. It is even slower than the Star Wolf behind it. But luckily due to its nature, it didn't allow any other beast in front of him. If it was any other beast in the lead, Max and August would have been dead by now.

As Max noticed the Rock Head Hippo speeding up, he immediately threw a fist full of flames towards it.

But the beast ignored the fist of flames hurling towards it as if it didn't even exist. It rammed into the flaming fist and emerged out of it without even a burn mark.

" Dammit! "

Max cursed and threw another fist. But it agitated the beast even more and it roared. The mana in the surrounding started to surge before flowing towards the beast.

" Max!! Stop it!! It's going to attack. ", August shouted as he felt the unusual flow of mana.

The situation was dire. Even if they somehow managed to survive the attack which was unlikely to happen, the car definitely wouldn't. And hence, they would be dead as long as the attack flew towards them.

On the other hand, Max felt the sweat rolling down his forehead and neck.

' Stop it!! F*ck! It was easier said than done. Even a High tier mage might not be able to scratch its skin. And he is making it sound so easy.' 

But still, he didn't have a choice. There was only one thing that Max could do at this moment. 

He calmed himself down as he looked at the mouth of the beast which seemed to be glowing. It was an innate ability that every beast has. A breath attack.

At this moment the vehicle finally got on the bridge. The bridge was severely damaged. It was already a miracle that the bridge was still hanging. 

With the vehicle on the bridge, Max could clearly hear the crumbling noise and even the cracks seemed to be slightly extending.

At this moment, the Rock Head Hippo was finally done with its preparation.

 The beast swung it's head and was about to release it's attack when Max acted. He activated his earth elemental ability and concentrated at the ground where the Rock Head Hippo was taking its next step. Using his ability he made a hole in that place planning to divert the attack.

And it worked.

But it made the matter worse.

The beast stepped in the hole and its body tilted towards the right as it released a blinding white light from its mouth.

Max released a sigh as he saw the breath attack flying a few meters by his right.

" Boom! "

Max didn't pay any attention to the breath attack  as he looked at the horde of the beast, who had slowed down a bit after the Rock Head Hippo fell on its side.

" Shit! "

August cursed drawing Max's attention.

" F*ck!"

Even Max couldn't help but curse.

The breath attack from earlier had struck the opposite cliff which seemed to have shaken the cliff. And the bridge was obviously connected to the cliff.

And hence the bridge ahead of them had crumbled from the impact of the attack. 

They were driving straight into hell.

Ahead of them was the abyss and behind them was the horde of beasts.

As August was looked at the brakes thinking about it, Max shouted.

" Don't!! Keep speeding up. I will take care of it."

August only smiled before further pressing the gas pedal. They didn't have any chances of survival. And even if Max didn't say it, he would have still chosen to drive into the Abyss. After all, there might be a tiny bit of chances of survival and even if they died. It would still be nice in comparison to ending up in the horde of beasts.

' System Activate « God's Blessing » ', Max commanded.

« Reporting to Host, skill activated...»

« Calculating increase in ability...»

« 21% increase detected...»

Max closed all the screens and took in a deep breath. He hadn't checked the limit to his elemental ability. It was time to check it.

The mana around Max surged as he ran his ability to it's maximum capability. Blood started to gush out of his nose and mouth. But he knew that it still wasn't enough.

What Max was trying to do now was against common sense? He was filling his body with Mana. Humans practiced their Magic arts and refined their cores to improve this limit and reach a higher limit. But Max wasn't like others. He didn't have a core. His limit was his physical body limit. This was the main difference between him and others.

" Puke! "

Finally, Max puked out a mouth full of blood on August's shoulder. 

" Y..You.."

Only at this moment did August noticed that Max was bleeding from his mouth, nose and eyes.

But before August could speak, he saw Max raising his hand forward before speaking.

" Go! "

With a single word, a dense amount of Earth elemental mana gushed out of his body and a shocking scene appeared.

Stone and rock popped out of the broken half of the bridge and in the blink of an eye it made a 20 feet huge ramp.

August eyes concentrated on the steering as a ray of hope appeared in his eyes.

The Vehicle hit the ramp and started to climb it. August extended his hands as a black fire appeared in his hands. The vehicle was too heavy. He needed to lighten it. He melted the reinforced armor on the sides and front of the car after exhausting himself. After all, he needed complete control so as to not damage the vehicle and only melt the armor.

And finally, the vehicle flew off the ramp. Max finally let out a breath that he had been holding and the ramp made of earth crumbled. 

But the next moment, his time was up. The time for « Bloodlust » was over. He suddenly felt an intense pain in his head. He clutched his head and staggered a step back. His leg hit the back of the vehicle and he lost his balance. And the next thing he knew was August's scream before he lost his consciousness.


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