The Ancient Genes
107 Competition 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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107 Competition 2


The laughter immediately caught everyone's attention and the expression of the instructor from Mage department turned grim.

Seeing the look on the instructor's face, Kevin and Axle immediately caught hold of Wilson's mouth, shutting him up.

The Instructor was furious, but he couldn't possibly punish a student because of it. If he did such a thing, it would definitely hurt his reputation.

On the other hand, Wilson gave a look to the two people who had their hands on his mouth as if saying, " You have got guts".

Axle and Kevin immediately removed their hands from his mouth and wiped the sweat from their faces.

How could they not know? If they really had allowed him to laugh, the situation would definitely become volatile judging by his character.

This guy didn't earn his wicked reputation for nothing. If he felt that he was being wronged, he would even set water on fire. And not to mention, now they were together. They would definitely be caught into it.

On the other hand, the Instructor once again spoke, " Every team would have 6 members. And out of 6, it is mandatory to have at least one student from Blacksmith department and another from Formation. The rest of the students can be from any department. In total we should have 120 students. But, it looks like there are some irresponsible students."

At this point, the instructor from Mage department turned to look towards Instructor Strong from Blacksmith Department before further continuing, " Since there are two students missing, one group would have 2 less students, you guys can form teams on your own and mutually decide on the Squad leader. You have 10 hurry up."

As the instructor finished his command, the crowd immediately started to buzz like a swarm of bees and everyone began talking to one another.

On the other side, Kevin jumped in the crowd. Since they only had three members, they had to look for other members. And in case, Max and August reached here by tomorrow. They would still be lacking a member.

Seeing Kevin jump in the crowd, Wilson looked at Axle standing beside him. Seeing him standing there and not taking any action, he asked, " You are not going to look for someone?"

Hearing him, Axle shook his head before replying, " With our terrible reputation, I doubt anyone will be joining us. And thanks to your laughter, we are already a good target. They will definitely try to eliminate us in order to stuck up that Instructor's a*sz. Tsk..Can't you control yourself? "

" Why should I? Controlling yourself? Bullish*t! I still regret that I didn't went out of control and ended up losing something precious..", Wilson said as mixed emotions flashed through his eyes. Regret, Anger, Helplessness.

" What are you talking about? ", Axel looked at him in a strange manner.

" short..Controlling yourself will only restrain you, destroy your potential. For once, I might even turn a blind eye to this. But the most important of it, what about your dignity? Can you even call yourself a man?"

Listening to Wilson, Axel felt his face burning up. But soon, he calmed himself and snorted before speaking, " It really sounds good. But, I don't agree. Going against someone whom you can't offend isn't bravery but foolishness. Haven't you heard ' 10 years isn't long enough for a man's revenge' "

As Axle said these words, he turned his head to look at the guy in the distance who was surrounded by several people. He smiled at the girls in front of him and acted like a gentleman.

James Ovens...looking at the guy's figure, Axel made the resolve in his mind.

'I will definitely kill you one day.'

" Aren't you guys a bit too focused on the definition of a man?"

The voice surprised both Axel and Wilson as they turned their heads to look at the guy with purple hairs and a feminine face.

" What are you doing here?", Wilson spoke with an indifferent tone.

On the other hand, Axel had already got used to Norek's presence after a week of being club mates with him.

" You shouldn't be so much focused on this stupid ideologies. If you keep following them, you would definitely hit a wall.", Norek clearly ignored Wilson and continued to speak.

" Let me ask you. Were you born with the ideologies? Don't tell me the moment you came out of your mother's womb. The first thing you did instead of crying was shouting, ' I am a man! '..."

Hearing him both Wilson and Axle faces twitched.

" didn't. Then that means it was your choice to follow them. Don't dwell too much on unnecessary stuff. You only need to know that you choose them. Your decision is your ideology. As long as it's right for you. Then nothing matters."

" Stop talking and go somewhere else. I don't need you.", Wilson spoke, but there was still a momentary flash of realisation in his eyes.

On the other hand, Axle only nodded as he couldn't agree anymore with Norek. But he still couldn't help but curse at Wilson's action. 

They were already lacking members and he here was clearly driving out a strong guy.

Norek just ignored Wilson and stood there. It wasn't like he was interested in forming a squad with them.

When he tried to move toward Lisa. His young miss had clearly given him a glare. It was his duty to protect her. But she clearly was intending him not to approach her. She even secretly pointed him towards Axel's group. Only God knew what was going through her mind.

On the other side, Lisa and Elly were already surrounded by a group of girls.

" Why did you send him there? ", Elly asked Lisa as she had noticed her actions earlier.

" I don't want him to stick around me. Besides, they have helped me in the past. I will just try to return the favor a bit."

At this moment, the Instructor clapped his hand and the time was finally up.

It was time to start.

13 hours before Beast horde....


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