The Ancient Genes
111 Battle of Orena 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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111 Battle of Orena 2

Orena, 300 Km from the Border

" What are you looking at? Do you really think I won't kill? ", Axel said as he took a step forward.

The man in black cloak looked at him warily. He really didn't understand what happened earlier. But he knew that it could have very well killed him if it was aimed at his heart. But the thing that Axel didn't shoot at his vital parts confused him. 

Was it possible that this guy was strong enough to toy with him?

" Who are you?", he asked with a menacing look in his eyes.

Hearing him Axel smiled as he took another step forward.

' Hell yeah!! He f*ck*ng fell for it!! But it's not done yet...calm down...calm...I have only one more bullet left. If I fail. We die. Calm...calm….'

" Which side are you from?", the man in black cloak asked as he stared down at Axel.

' What is this guy talking about? Side?...I will just play along. I only need to take a few more steps forward.'

" What do you think? Which side am I from?", Axel asked with a smile.

Hearing Axel, the look in the man's eye turned even sharper 

" Your power is not something that humans have. And I don't remember the Demon kind to have such powers too.", the man spoke calmly.

' Demon...what does he mean by that? I thought that they only existed in animes.'

" Haha..Do you really think that you crappy humans and demons could compare yourself to me?", Axel said with a  condescending look in his eyes.

When the man heard Axel, he glared at him with his piercing eyes. He felt that something was wrong. There shouldn't be someone who could look down at Demons in this entire realm. 


Because of Vacaria, the Heavenly Demon.

" You really do talk a lot. Our Lord is the strongest existence in the realm. And you dare to say such words. You are definitely strong unless...its a bluff.", the man in the black cloak said with a laugh as he took a step forward.

' F*ck! I went too far!! He found out.'

Seeing the man move, Axel made up his mind. 

He immediately moved towards the formation. The mana around him began to react and in this dangerous situation, it broke through the barrier of mid level mage.

" Damn! You piece of sh*t! You were only a lowly mid level mage.", the man in black roared in anger. It was a humiliation for him. He was none other than the Instructor of Mage Department and the James's servant. He was always looked up to. But now….no! he needed to wipe out this humiliation.

He kicked off the ground and dashed towards Axel as an eerily aura started to leak out of his body. But he didn't dare to release too much of his energy for the fear of the cave collapsing.

" You are dead, kid!! ", the man roared.

But at this moment, Axel brought his gun forward and aimed toward his head. Runes began to appear on the gun and what was surprising was the color of runes.

It was black.

There have never been a case of Black runes in the history of Magic.

Even the man in black was surprised. But, he soon realised it was giving him the same feeling from the bullet from a while ago. And this time it was aimed at his head.


He couldn't allow the bullet to hit his head. Earlier, the bullet easily passed through his mana barrier. If the same happened, he would surely be dead.

He immediately slowed himself down and leapt towards the right while bringing his arms in for protection.




The bullet hit. It hit right at the back of the man's hand. And there was a small cut on his hand which was bleeding.

The man looked at the back of his hand in amusement before bursting out in laughter.

" Haha!!! I can't believe this. I really fell for it….This is the limit of your power. Even though it passed through my mana barrier, it couldn't damage me at all. And looking at you, I think twice is your limit kid.", the man said with laughter.

On the other hand, Axel stood there panting and sweating. He looked exhausted. The man in black cloak was right. Two times was his limit.

He had been working on this thing for the last year.

He named it 'Anti-magic'

The power that could erode away mana. But the thing was he couldn't use it properly. He could barely create a bit of Anti-magic and that was only enough to bypass the mana barrier.

But still Axel was smiling. Because it was enough.

" You are smiling at the time of your death. You really are insane.", the man shook his head.

" You really are sure about it? ", Axel asked with an exhausted voice.

" Are you not?", the man asked in amusement.

" Well, I would look around me before saying such words.", Axel replied with a smile.

At this moment, the man realised that the ground and the ceiling of the cave were shining. Runes had emerged out and connected to form a huge formation.

" Y..You sly ba*tard!! I will kill you!! ", the man roared as he dashed toward Axel. He was fooled time and time again. He had to kill this guy.

" Nah! I will turn your offer down. Hope to never meet you again, YOU f*CKING PIECE OF SH*T!!!", Axel replied calmly except for the last part.

" Boom! "

And the cave collapsed.

Orena, In another area.

" Why are you following my Lady? Nah! Leave it. I bet you won't speak. Anyways, the blood on your clothes already tells me you two are up to no good.", Norek who was sitting on the branch of a tree said as he looked down at the duo releasing an evil aura.

" Norek in the past, we might not have wanted to cross paths with you. But things are different now. Besides, there are two of us here. Are you really so eager for your death?"

One of the guy spoke in a teasing tone.

Hearing him, a smile crept up on Norek's face as he replied, " Then what are you waiting for? I really am eager to die."


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