The Ancient Genes
112 Battle of Orena 3
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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112 Battle of Orena 3

Orena, 300 Km from Border.

" Shouldn't you be running? You really want to die here?", the guy in the black cloak spoke.

" Enough of your bullsh*t!! Let him go.", Wilson spoke as a bolt of purple colored lightning emerged from his body.

" Boom! "

An explosion occurred kicking around a storm of dust and sending out a gust of wind.

Suddenly a silhouette emerged from the cloud of dust. 

Wilson rushed out of the cloud of dust with the student in one of his hands.

His other hand was in a guarding position while the sleeve of his uniform was in a tattered condition and blood continued to seep down his hand.

Suddenly, a voice came from the smoke as the guy walked out of the cloud of dust with slow steps.

" You blocked it.", there was a tinge of surprise in his voice. But his condescending look in his eyes clearly showed his attitude.

Wilson threw the guy in his hand towards the other students who had somehow managed to get back on their feet.

" Get out of here. I will handle him.", Wilson said as he faced the guy.

The other students looked at Wilson with a complicated look in their eyes.

They never expected him to stand there and protect them. They realised that he was not as bad as the rumors spoke about him.

" Let's go and get the Instructor. That guy...there is definitely something wrong with him.", one of the students said.

" We can't leave him alone.", another student argued.

" You idiot! Can we help him in our injured state? We will only end up burdening him. Let's hurry up and get the instructors.", the student who was saved by Wilson spoke.

Finally everyone understood this and started moving.  But it looked like the guy in black cloak wasn't planning to let them go.

" I don't remember saying that you guys can leave. Where the hell do you think you are going? ", he spoke as a gust of wind lifted his body above the ground and he charged towards the retreating students.

But before he could reach them, a purple flash went past him and the next thing he knew was an arrogant voice before a kick landed right on his chest.

" I allowed them."


The kick sent him flying and the guy crashed into a tree.

Wilson slowly stretched his body before taking a step forward.

" Let's get this started."

With those words, the mana in the surrounding started to surge and the aura of a peak mid level Mage was released.

He held his hand high and brought it down.


At his gesture, a purple bolt of lightning hit the tree where the guy was lying decimating it into ashes.

Seeing no trace of him, Wilson frowned. 

But suddenly, the hairs on his body stood and he immediately tilted his head.

" Woosh!"

As soon as his head moved, a rock flew past his head at a speed of bullet smashing into the trunk of a tree in the distance leaving a huge hole in it.

Wilson turned around as he wiped the cut on his cheeks before speaking, " You are fast."

The guy opposite to him didn't seem to be in the mood to talk. He immediately took a step and swung his hand, slashing forward.

" Razor Wind "


The blade of wind struck Wilson the moment it left the guy's hand.

" Splash! "

Blood splattered from the cut on Wilson's hand and chest. He had brought forward his hand. But the attack still broke through his guard and injured him.

" A basic level spell casted by a mid level mage can not be this destructive. You are...not a mid level Mage.", Wilson said as he started down at the guy ignoring his wound.

" I never said I was one.", the guy replied casually.

" Someone as strong as you can't be a local. Which House are you from? Is your House trying to betray the 12 House Alliance?", Wilson asked with a smile.

Hearing him, the look in the guy's eyes turned grim and he spoke,"Enough talking. I need to kill those guys too."

He moved and in the blink of an eye, he had already closed in on Wilson. A gust of air had already started to revolve around his hand, forming the mid level spell, Wind drill.

" Die!!"


The impact from the collision sent tremors through the ground sending the dirt into the air.

But as the dust settled, the guy in black raised his head and spoke, " Why aren't you dead yet? A mid level mage should be dead by now."

His Wind drill was being grabbed by a thunder claw formed from Wilson's hand.

" Mid level Mage...I never said, I was one.", Wilson replied with a smile.

" B*stard!.."


Orena, another area.

This area had a strange scene. There were ashes along with a raging flame. But at the same time, there were trees completely frozen in ice.

The ground had several craters and a fight was going on.


Three guys flew backward from the collision. 

One of the guy landed on his feet and slid backward but managed to maintain his foothold while the other two crashed onto the rocky terrain. Their clothes were tattered and blood was oozing from several places of their body. 

What was strange was that this two guy had burn marks at some places while some parts of their body were covered in a layer of ice.

" What's wrong? I thought you two guys were going to kill me.", Norek asked with a smile.

" monster, isn't it cheating. You possess dual elements. Who would have thought that you would be here in Arcane? The Mage King really loves his daughter.", One of the guys in black sighed.

" aren't enough. You are alone, and you alone can't change anything.", the other guy said with a laugh.

" You think you can beat me.", Norek asked as the look in his eyes changed.

" No, we can't. But we can definitely stall you for some time."

As they said this, the aura around their body turned even malicious and it started to surge at a rapid pace.


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