The Ancient Genes
113 Mastermind
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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113 Mastermind

Orena, 300 away from Border.

A guy was sitting on a chair made of earth while leisurely starting into the sky. His body was emitting a malicious aura.

It was James Ovens.

He was really happy today.

" Our day of revival is coming soon. We, the demons will once again rule the land."

Yes, the House of Ovens, also known as one of the 12 Noble House is just one of the alias for the Demons to operate in the world.

This time James was here to carry out the final phase of his plan. The elders of the Demon council had finally decided to make a move. And James was ordered to finish the task which he started.

It all started 3 years ago when a group of a mercenary who had ventured into Orena in search of a rare Ore had come across an Ancient cemetery.

The news sent ripples through the entire Continent of Mistellin. 

James clearly knew it was a chance, a chance for him. The day of their Lord's awakening was near. He had to become a candidate for the position of an Elder. But he knew that the chances of his selection were low because unlike his elder brother, he wasn't strong enough. So, when the news of the ancient cemetery came out, he formulated a plan and with the help of his father, he presented it to the council.

Even if he wasn't strong enough to compete with the other younger generation of Demons, he could still get a place for Elder with his wits.

In the end, he got a chance. His plan was passed and he was appointed to lead the mission to success.

His ambitions were huge. His plan focused on bringing the 12 Noble Houses to their knees. 


When the news of the Ancient cemetery came out, it was obvious for the noble houses to take a look at it.

But, no one would have thought that the ones to be sent out from the House of Ovens would include Young Lord himself. 

In that situation, how could the Walker family who was the other leading family stay back?

It would definitely affect their reputation if they didn't send someone of equal status from their family.

 And the Young Miss was sent out.

With two of the leading families sending out the younger generations, the other families too had to send out their younger generations.

As for the Ancient cemetery, they were very unlikely to find any traces. Even though the other families didn't know it, the House Ovens knew it properly. The Ancient cemeteries were remnants of the battle from the past era. And were like pocket dimensions. There was no guarantee if they would appear again. They could appear at any place and at any time. There was no logic behind their appearances.

With the help of Ancient cemetery, James gathered many of the younger generation from the 12 Noble houses as well as their allies in Arcane. Each and everyone could be considered to be a genius among humans.

This completed the initial phase of his plan.

With the initial phase of his plan being a success, the Council finally gave him the permission. And it went way beyond his expectation.

He still couldn't believe the words of his father that day.

" Son, this is a heaven sent opportunity for you. Our Lord has come out after years. And this time, he plans to let those group know about his revival with your plan. That's the reason you are getting a special permission."

Now, he believed that his position as an elder was confirmed as long as he returned.

Now he just needed to complete the final phase of his plan.

Curious about it?

So what would happen if he wiped out all the younger generation genius of these families?

He could obviously shake them to their core.

But it wasn't interesting enough. Besides, he could utilise this opportunity in a better way.

So, he made a bit of change to his plan. He would leave behind some of the youngsters. Humans are greedy, jealous and emotional creatures. James clearly knew about it. He used this greed and jealousy to get this second in line heirs of the noble families to his side.

Now he had his people in the Noble houses. They already had the support of 3 noble houses. If he could succeed, he would have 4 more. This was enough to break the power balance.

But there was still a variable which made him wary, those group of people whom the Lord wanted to notify about his revival…..the Ancient families.

So, he couldn't act rash. He needed to be careful and not give out his true identity. He had to gain influence over Humans. So he decided to save some people. If he were to save a few people, this world would crown him as a hero. And once he became a hero, it didn't matter what he did. He would always be right as long as he played it right.

This was the main reason why he was after Lisa. If he could make her his woman, it would become much easier.

In these three years, anyone who came in his way was silenced forever.  He himself didn't remember the number of people he killed.

And one of them was Axel's brother.

" Haha..everything is going according to the plan."

If it went like this, he could just bring and gift the entire world to his Lord.


Orena, another area.

" Splash! "

The sound of water could be clearly heard. 

" Wow! Look it's a stream here..", a sharp voice of a girl broke the silence in the surround.

" Ah! Finally, I can take a bath…", another girl said as she walked towards the stream before squatting down near it.

" You guys are really easy going? Do you think we are on a picnic?", a sweet voice asked and a graceful figure with blonde hair walked near the stream.

" Oh! come on Elly, you need to relax. Let's have some fun.", Lisa leaned on Elly's shoulder as she stared at her with puppy eyes.

"Stop messing around. What if we are attacked? We need to be careful.", Elly said with a frown.

" You don't need to worry about it. You should have noticed it too. That stalker my dad had set up for me. He should be nearby.", Lisa whispered before going towards the stream.

She looked into the water to see her reflection. But suddenly she realised that it wasn't her reflection.

It took her a bit to realise that it was another person.



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