The Ancient Genes
114 True Spell
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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114 True Spell

Orena, 300 km away from Border.


Lisa screamed as she fell backwards on her butt. Her scream attracted everyone's attention.

" What's wrong Lisa?", Elly rushed towards her.

"", Lisa pointed towards the stream.

Elly looked in the direction and saw a body in the water. 

" Ahhh!!!"

Another girl screamed as she rushed out of the water.

" There is a body in water!! "

Elly turned around to look at the girl screaming behind her.

' Another one? What's going on?'

She clearly felt that something was wrong. But she calmed herself down as it was important to stay composed in this type of situation.

" Don't be afraid. Pull the bodies out of the water. Since the body is not floating above the water, these people still might be able to make it alive.", Elly commanded as she jumped into the stream to take the guy out.

Lisa too got up to help and when they pulled both the guys out. They were stunned to see the two familiar faces.

How could they not recognise their own club members?

The fat guy who was being pulled by three girls was obviously Kevin. While the one whom Lisa and Elly dragged out was Axel.

" What's going on? ", Lisa asked in confusion.

" Let me take a look at them.", Elly moved her hands towards Axel and Kevin  as the mana in the surrounding started to surge and two balls of green light formed around her hand.

She was a variant too.

Wood Element.

It didn't only give her strong controlling and destructive abilities. But also a healing ability.

The glow from her hands started to spread towards the duo's body and as it did, the expression on Elly's face turned grim.

Suddenly, she felt a touch on her hand and when she turned her head. She saw Kevin's finger lightly touching her hand.

" S..Save...h..him.."

Even though his voice was weak, it still didn't miss anyone's ears.

Elly looked at Axel and then spoke, " Your condition is too severe. I will need to treat you first."

" Lisa and Reena, you take care of Axel. Even though he has some injuries, it isn't that severe. His case is no different than that of drowning."

" Meera I need you to get me some warm water."

" Luna, I need you to assist me."

Elly carefully gave instructions.

" But shouldn't we be getting the instructors.", Luna asked with a worried look.

" No..we don't know what's going on? There was no way for something like this to happen in watch of the experts of association. We should stick together.", Elly replied with a grave look in her eyes.

Hearing her, everyone nodded and began to work.

" What are you doing? You need to get towards his head.", Lisa said to Reena as she saw her placing her hand on Axle's stomach.

" What?..", Reena didn't seem to understand Lisa.

" I mean, I will try to pump the water out of his body while you use your wind element to get air into him.", Lisa explained.

" What!!..but wouldn't that require fine control. I am only a Beginner level mage.", Reena replied with a worried look.

Hearing her, Lisa remembered that this girl in her group was from an ordinary background. It was not a surprise if she was still a beginner level mage while the rest of them were all low level mage.

" Do it manually then.", Lisa replied.

" How do I do that? ", Reena asked.

" CPR, mouth to mouth.", Lisa replied in impatience as time was running out.

" can't.. besides I don't know the correct way of doing it. You should do it", Reena replied with a red face.

Lisa almost went mad seeing the girl blush. They were talking about saving a life here and she... here was blushing.

Still, she wasn't wrong. It was better for her to perform it, since she had been given training about all this stuff along with several other survival tactics. 

Although she had always performed such techniques on dummies. It shouldn't be any different. Besides, she would be finally done repaying this guy's favor.

" Fine...I will do it. You push when I signal you to.", Lisa asked as she bowed her head trying to reach Axel's mouth.

But at this moment, she suddenly noticed Reena covering her eyes with her hand. Her face had turned red in embarrassment. After all, CPR was still a kiss and she was a pure soul.

Her actions made Lisa a bit too conscious about her actions and even she started feeling troubled as her face inched closer towards Axel.

' It isn't a kiss...I am saving a life. Yes, just repaying his favor...yes...calm I a.. Kiss.'

The more Lisa tried to justify her action, the more embarrassed she became.

When Elly noticed the two red faced girls. She shouted in anger, " You idiots! Are you waiting there for him to die?"

Hearing her, Lisa greeted her teeth and her next action surprised everyone, as everyone knew that Reena was a wind element mage. But they didn't know that her control over her element wasn't good enough.


Orena, Instructors Camping Area.

A bald man with a strong built and olive skin stood out of the tent and looked towards a particular direction.

" What's wrong Instructor Strong? You don't look good.", a lady with dark green hairs walked towards the instructor.

She was the Instructor from the Formation Department.

" Instructor Sarah, You are better at sensing the mana than me. Do I really need to tell you?", Instructor Strong replied with a laugh.

" You shouldn't worry. It isn't unusual for students to fight. It is just that the fluctuation is too strong. Maybe they are engaged in a group battle. Besides,  there are several experts from Mage Association keeping an eye out. If something was wrong, they would have already made a move. And if they make a move, the mana fluctuation wouldn't be just at this level.", Sarah said as she smacked Instructor Strong's back.

" You should stop that. Anyways why don't I see the Head Instructor?", Instructor strong asked with a painful expression.

This time, the Academy had sent out only the Head Instructor of the Mage Department. He didn't know why, but the Head Instructor of the Blacksmith Department had asked him to keep an eye on him.

" He went on a patrol again. He should be returning soon. It has already turned dark.", Sarah said with an indifferent look.

" Instructor!!"

" Instructor!!!!"

The screams immediately caught everyone's attention. All the Instructors rushed out of the camp.

Strong and Sarah were already out of the camp. They caught hold of the injured students as others came forwards to help.

There were a total of 7 instructors including the Head Instructor of Mage Department.

But before they could question the students about the situation. They felt the mana in the surrounding being sucked away.

Only a True Spell could do such a thing.

When a Mage reaches the High level category. They gain access to a large amount of mana. But in order to manipulate it properly. They need to develop a True Spell. 

And when a Mage finally forms his True spell. He reaches the Peak of High Level.

Many of the instructors here themselves had not completely formed their true spell.

As the instructor looked at the direction of the fluctuation, a stunning scene occurred.

A pillar of purple colored lightning descended from the clouds striking the ground.

"Bang!!! "


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