The Ancient Genes
115 Celestial Wolf
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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115 Celestial Wolf

Orena, 300 km away from Border.

" Crackle! "

A bolt of lightning flew towards the guy in the black cloak. But he was quick on his feet as he swiftly dodged the attack.

The area or more likely this battlefield was devastated beyond recognition. The greenery from earlier was nowhere to be seen. All that was left was charred ground and shattered terrain along with deep cuts.

" Tsk..What a disappointment. You only amount to this much after all of that crap you said.", Wilson mocked as he wiped out the blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

" I admit you are strong. You made me bleed. But..that is your limit. You will still die. I just need to hold you here and let others kill everyone out there. And then, it will be your turn.", the guy in black cloak said as the breeze began to slowly twirl around him.

Suddenly, the aura in the surrounding started to change. And the land began to quiver.

The guy in the black cloak looked at Wilson and felt that something was wrong.

At this moment, Wilson spoke and there was a rage in his voice, " So, you mean there are more of you? "

As he spoke, the mana in the surrounding started to rush towards him. He was sucking the mana at a crazy rate.

' Dammit! This guy was still hiding his power. '

" Boom! "

With a loud sound, a pillar of lightning descended from the sky engulfing Wilson.

The guy with a black cloak looked at the column of light with a wary look in his eyes.

Finally, the pillar of lightning started to fade. And as it did, Wilson emerged out of it.

But, his hair had turned white with shades of purple in them. His pupils had turned purple and electric currents continued to sizzle around him.

Suddenly, Wilson waved his hand and a trident made of lightning emerged out of thin air.

Wilson pointed the trident towards the guy in a black cloak and spoke, " You are the first one to have witnessed my true spell, it's called Lightning Emperor. I still am not good at controlling my strength in this form. So try not to die too early."

" B*astard…"


Orena, another area.

" Master, I am sorry. Those two guys got away."

The Head Instructor was kneeling in front of James.

" I didn't expect you to make such mistakes, Avondale. Didn't I tell you never to underestimate your opponents?", James said as he looked Avondale kneeling in front of him.

" It's entirely my fault. I have failed you.", Avondale replied.

" It's fine as long as you get it. Besides, those two wouldn't survive the horde anyway. "

" What about the other two from the group? ", James asked.

" They weren't there.", Avondale replied.

Suddenly, a figure emerged from the darkness and stood in front of James.

It was Victor Edwinson.

" Did you complete your task? ", James asked.

Victor nodded as he looked at James.

" Good…", James suddenly stopped midway and turned his head towards a certain direction.

Everyone could feel that the mana in the surrounding was moving towards that direction.

" True Spell...Norek Blaze, I really underestimated you.", James mumbled as a killing intent flashed in his eyes.

" Crackle! "

" Boom! "

The pillar of lightning descended from the sky and struck the land sending waves a couple of miles away.

"Looks like we need to accelerate our plan. A true spell….it must have alerted the instructors.", James said calmly.

" Both of you go and get those three. We are going to initiate the final phase. Take these stones and keep it with you all time...unless you want to die.", James further said as he took out five pieces of black crystal which were leaking a strong demonic energy.

Even Avondale who was a peak Expert Tier mage felt a strong pressure within the black crystals.

" Don't keep starting at it and move before the Instructors intervene. When the chaos begins, reveal your true identity and save the students whom we need to and meet at the Camping Area with armor vehicles. Now move!"

" Whoosh! "

And the two figures disappeared in darkness.

Seeing the two figures disappearing darkness. James took out a transmitter. It is a device which is used for communication in Orena and places where mobile phones don't work. It is a device with a formation in it and manipulates the Wind element to carry messages within a certain range. And it is expensive and can only be used by wealthy organisations.

" is the time. Please inform the esteemed 12th Elder.", James spoke politely.

" Good kid! I bet the 12th Elder will be impressed. I will try to put in a good word for you, who knows he might even take you as a disciple. Haha… let your father know he owes me one.", the voice came through the transmitter.

" I will. ", James replied, ending the conversation.


5000 Km Away from the Border City.

This area is considered to be the place where the true peak level Mana beast resides. No one has ever ventured into this territory. And will probably never do.

But at this moment, two figures could be seen on the cliff of the highest ranging mountain in this area.

One was clad in a black colored robe and stood with his hands behind his back. While the other person dressed in a gray rob stood behind him without any motion.

" Master, It's time.", The person in gray robes suddenly spoke after he received a message from his transmitter.

" Hm..I didn't expect that brat to be this capable.", the old man said with a smile.

" Even though his strength is a bit weaker. He is much better in battle of wits.", the servant replied.

" seem to like this brat a lot Vali…", the old man said with a laugh.

" I only speak if the truth.", the servant replied without a change in his tone.


The two men suddenly found several eyes in the darkness glaring at them.

" It looks like we got a company.", The old man in black robe laughed.

" This Mountain is the Celestial Wolf's lair, master. The leader of the pack should be around the peak of the Mythic level beast."

" Then let's take that guy.", the old man said as a terrifying aura surged out of his body forcing the beasts to flee in fear.

But in the middle of the chaos, a huge shadow as tall as a 4 storey building leapt down from one of the high rocky terrain. It's two huge eyes seem to be staring at the old man as a strong amount of blood lust slowly spread throughout the whole mountain, leaving the beasts trembling in fear.

" Grr!!!"

The old man faced the beast with a smile.

" It's finally here. Come here little guy. If you do a job for me, I will award you."


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