The Ancient Genes
116 The Last Exchange 1
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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116 The Last Exchange 1

Orena, 300 km away from Border.

" Cough!..cough!..", Axel coughed vigorously, throwing out the remaining water.

" alright. Can you hear me?", Lisa asked as she tried to wake him up.

" Crackle! "

At this moment, a pillar of lightning descended from the sky and struck the ground.

" Boom! "

The strike shook the land sending shockwaves in all directions.

" What...was that..explosion? And that pillar of light…", Reena asked in fear.

" It's a True Spell...we need to get out of this place. ", Elly spoke with gritted teeth. 

She understood what it meant. If such a thing happened in the watch of several experts. It was clear that the enemy was not someone to trifle with.

" Where are we going? ", Luna asked in a serious tone. She too belonged to one of Noble House and knew how to remain calm.

Elly too was contemplating on what to do? Was it safe to just move away from the battle site and wait to be rescued or move towards the Instructor's camping area?

" really need to think that much? "

Hearing the voice, everyone turned their heads to see that Axel was up.

He looked towards Kevin before shifting his gaze towards Elly.

" Let's move towards the Instructors Camping Area.", he said while getting back onto his feet.

Elly stared at Axel for a while before nodding.

" Let me help you carry him.", Axel walked towards Elly and helped Kevin up.

The group slowly started to move through the forest as the battle on the other side continued.

They were travelling in an arrow formation with three girls ahead as vanguard. Axel, Elly and Kevin in the middle while Lisa acted as the rearguard.

" Hey...What happened to you two?", Lisa asked.

But the lack of reply from Axel left her fuming in anger.

" You should let us know what kind of enemy we are facing? Besides, where are the other two from your group?", Elly said calmly.

Hearing her, Axel sighed before speaking, " Those two were out when we were attacked at the base. That man was strong to the point that I couldn't judge him. But if I have to say…", he suddenly stopped and looked towards Lisa before continuing.

" He should be a level lower than that blue haired guy who almost killed us…"

Elly looked at Lisa for answers as she wasn't clear about who he was referring to.

Lisa's eyes widened in shock as she replied, " Y..You...that man was a Master Tier Mage."

But the shocked look in her eyes was suddenly replaced by that of a disdain as she spoke," You are saying that he is only a level below a Master Tier Mage. But that still makes him a top class Expert Tier Mage. And you want me to believe that you managed to survive an attack of from an Expert Tier Mage."

" If you don't believe me, you are free to go and find that guy in order to clear your doubts.", Axel replied without even sparing a glance at Lisa.


Orena, Another area.

The ground had been charred black and there was not a sign of vegetation around this area. If one looked from above. They would find a black circle in the middle of the forest area.

" Huff! … I am out of mana. It was tougher than I thought. I need to break through the Advance Tier Mage in order to properly channel that amount of energy."

Wilson said as he looked at the sky. His hairs and eyes had already turned back to normal. 

He suddenly turned his head and looked at the body beside him. 

" Hm..this guy is still alive. Did he have a defense artifact on him?"

" Sizzle! "

A weak current started to sizzle around Wilson's hand as he took a step towards the guy. Even though he could only produce that weak bolt of current. It was still enough to kill a defenseless guy who was already on the verge of death.

But as he was a step away from the guy, he suddenly felt an ominous foreboding as the hairs on his body rose. He wanted to move. But the mana in his body had already depleted and his muscles had turned sour from the battle slowing him down.

" Shing!!"

Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in the upper right part of his chest and before he knew, a blinding ray of light had pierced him.

" Tap! "

" Tap! "

The sound of footsteps rang and a guy walked out of the darkness. His one hand was in the air which was shooting a beam of light which had pierced Wilson's chest.

" You are still standing… no wonder that idiot lost to you. But even though he is an idiot. I can't let him die yet. ", he said as he raised his other hand forming a whip of light and pulled the unconscious guy on the ground towards him.

" Now...for you.", Victor said as he looked at Wilson.

 Even though his legs were shaking, he refused to go onto his knees and kept staring at Victor with an arrogant look in his eyes.

James had only told him to retrieve these guys. It was up to him whether to kill anyone or not.

But the more he looked at Wilson, the more irritated he felt. He had felt that gaze countless times. People looked down on him just because he wasn't selected for the position of the Young Lord.

Even though he was equally talented, his cousin was elected as the Young Lord of the House. 


Because he wasn't the descendant of the current family leader. His grandfather is the younger brother of the House Lord. 

Victor believed that this was the only reason that he lost to his cousin. The House Lord never intended to give him a fair chance. He was never given the same resources as his cousin to train. He still remembered that a while ago, he was summoned back for a banquet.

It was for the return of House Lord's second son, his uncle, who had returned with his wife and daughter after a long time.

The House lord was very happy that his little granddaughter had awakened so early as an Ice variant. He even gave him special privilege to use any resources as long as it was the family's property.

This was the difference between the treatment and the reason for his betrayal.

And looking at Wilson, he had once again remembered these things.

" You.. kneel down in front of me and beg for mercy if you want to live.", Victor said with a killing intent in his eyes.

Wilson looked at the guy who was emitting killing intent and smiled before speaking out two words.

" F*ck off!"


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