The Ancient Genes
117 The Last Exchange 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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117 The Last Exchange 2

Orena, 300 km away from Border.

Wilson stood without any hint of fear as he stared at the guy in front of him.

" Fine, I will kill you.", Victor said as a white light began to conjure in front of him.

But Victor suddenly felt that his surroundings had started to turn cold. At this moment, he felt an icy sensation traveling through his left heel and moving further upward towards his knee.

He slowly turned his head down only to find his right leg being covered in a layer of ice.

" How about you leave him alive? ", a voice came from the darkness in the distance and a figure seemed to be walking towards them.

" Crack! "

" Shatter! "

" What if I don't?", Victor said as the layer of ice on his feet shattered.

" don't need to act so quickly. I have got a deal for you."

At this moment, the person finally came into Victor's sight and his eyes turned grim because he wasn't alone. He was dragging two other guys along with him.

" Haha..I like the look in your eyes. Anyways, let's get down to our deal. You leave that idiot and I will give both of these guys to you. As you can see, I haven't removed their masks yet. Your identity is safe unless you don't want to..", Norek said calmly.

" Who the hell are you calling an idiot?!!", Wilson retorted. 

But, Norek ignored him and further added," And one more thing...If you kill him. I promise that you won't leave this place alive."

Lisa had clearly ordered him to help these guys. So, he couldn't possibly let him die.

As Victor was contemplating, a figure suddenly appeared beside him.

" Fine, we accept your deal."

The new guy was James's Servant, Avondale. 

Seeing this man appearing out of thin air, Norek suddenly felt a sense of threat. This man was dangerous. But fortunately, he could feel four presence heading towards them and two of them were particularly strong. The instructors were finally here. 

" Release that guy.", Avondale ordered.

Victor gave him a look before releasing Wilson.

Norek too threw both of the guys towards them. He didn't want to have another fight now that these guys were willing to leave.

" Woosh! "

With that, those guys disappeared.

Wilson slowly got up to his feet and said, " There are more of them. We need to confirm if others are safe or not."

" I already did. You don't need to worry. They are safe and moving towards the Camp Area. They have already met one of the Instructors.", Norek replied.

" Whoosh! " 

At this moment, the Instructors appeared. The one in lead was Instructor Strong.

Seeing the injured students, they immediately rushed in to provide help.

" What happened here? ", Instructor Strong scanned their surroundings and looked at Norek who was in much better condition in comparison to Wilson for answers.

The other Instructors too turned their head to hear him out.

Norek sighed and began explaining the event that took place here. 

Some of the Instructors were shocked to find out that the one who fought here was a student. 

After hearing what has happened, Instructor Sarah spoke, " Instructor Strong, the enemy is definitely powerful as the experts from the Mage association are nowhere to be seen. But, I can't understand their motive. They can definitely wipe us out."

" Their motive may not have been to wipe us out Or they may not be strong enough to take us down from a frontal attack.", Instructor Strong said.

" Then how do you describe the disappearance of experts from the Mage Association?", Instructor Sarah asked.

" What if they have a strong Assassin? ", Instructor Strong replied.

" Assassin who can instantly kill an Expert Tier Mage. There shouldn't be such a figure in Arcane.", Instructor Sarah replied.

" It's more complicated than it actually looks. The Field trip ends right here. Fire the flare and gather all the survivors. We are heading back.", Instructor Strong commanded, he and Sarah knew where this was heading to. But the other Instructors who were local of Arcane didn't. They had no idea that the students in front of them were from the influential families from capital.

Hearing the command, one of the instructors took out a flare gun and shot it up in the sky.

" Bang! "

The red colored flare meant that everyone had to stop their activities and immediately return to the Camp area. 

" Let's move."


On the other side, Elly's group along with Axel and Kevin were already nearing the camp area.

Kevin had gained consciousness for a bit before passing out again. But it still showed that his condition was improving.

They had met an Instructor on their way and a few other students who were not in good shape and had been attacked by some mysterious guys in black cloaks.

As they were traveling, there was a bustling noise in the bushes and everyone immediately took onto a defensive stance.

" Who's there?", The instructor said as the balls of flame lit up on his hands.

" Don't attack! We are students.", a voice was heard behind the bushes and soon a group of students came out of the forest. The person in lead was a familiar figure with blonde hairs stepped forward.

" is you, James. Are you alright? ", the Instructor sighed in relief as he saw that they were a group of students.

The group of students were not in a good condition. They were clearly injured and somewhere being carried on the back of others clearly in an unconscious state.

James's clothes were battered as if he had been through hundred battles.

But the moment, he stepped up. He felt an intense killing intent. He looked in the direction and found a guy staring . He didn't clearly remember who he was. But he knew that he was one of the few around Wilson.

" Bang! "

The sound clearly shifted everyone's attention and the Instructor looked at the flare signal.

" Let's move...the trip has come to an end. We are leaving.", the instructor spoke and everyone began to move.


Camping Area, Orena.

The surviving students returned one after another. Most of them had been through battles and had been injured.

When the group of students containing James, Axel and Lisa returned to the camp, Wilson and others were still on their way.

But suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew carrying along an intense amount of bloodlust.

Everything seemed to have frozen as a sky piercing howl shook the land.

" Awooww!!!!"


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