The Ancient Genes
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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Orena, 300 Km away from Border.

" Awooww!!!!"

The howl gave rise to the fear of death in everyone's mind. The students and Instructors froze for a second.

Most of the people were forced onto the ground as they clutched onto their head in pain. They felt as if their head had exploded.

" Snap out of it!!! Move!! ", Instructor Strong said as he was the first to snap out of it and get back onto his feet. He somehow felt the looming sense of danger and even felt the misfortune which seemed to be coming their way.

His cry woke everyone up and they somehow managed to get back onto their feet and immediately began to speed up. 

Norek looked behind and could feel that the land was quivering. His face turned dark.

It was barely noticeable. But his senses were extraordinary from a very young age, it might have something to do with his dual elements. After all, not everyone's core could control and resonate with two elements.

 " Instructor, It's a beast horde. We have got almost 45 minutes before they reach this place.", he slowly sped up and caught onto Instructor Strong who was leading before whispering.

It didn't seem a good idea for him to shout it out. So, it was better for him to just inform the Instructor.

Instructor Strong felt the sweat dripping down his forehead. He was praying that his hunch would be false. But now it seemed he was dead on.

As they were moving, they found another group of people moving towards them. They were coming from the left and the one in the lead was the Head Instructor from Mage Department.

" Head Instructor where have you been? ", One of the Instructors asked.

" I was trapped in a formation by a guy in black cloak. It took me a while to break out of it. But when I did, he ran away. After that, I saw the True spell and immediately made my way here while rescuing the students along the path.", the Head Instructor replied with a tired face as if he had really exhausted himself.

Instructor Strong gave him a look but didn't speak as they continued to move.

After a while, they reached the camp Area. At this moment, the rumbling had become obvious as everyone could feel it.

" Wilson !! "

Seeing Wilson being carried on, Axel rushed towards him.

" Tsk.. I am fine, don't shout. I just need to recover my mana.", Wilson replied and immediately began to run his Mana Art.

" I can't believe there are only 47 of us left. We came here with 127 people.", One of the instructors said in a depressed tone.

" It is not the time to grieve. We have less than 30 minutes to get out of this place. And that still doesn't guarantee that we could outrun the horde. Be prepare for battle.", Instructor Strong said.

" Everyone...get into the Armored vehicles. We are leaving. ", the Head Instructor commanded.

And very soon the students were already into the vehicles. There were two armored vehicles. One of them was filled with the injured students and the non combat students while the other vehicle was filled with students from the Mage department and the one's who had some fighting ability .

The motive was very clear. They planned to use the mage forces to slow down the horde in case it managed to catch up to them.

" Grr!!! "

The vehicle's engine roared and the Instructor didn't even pay attention to the trees. The vehicle wasn't only a giant in size but was also made of a strong alloy which could easily snap these trees.

The armored vehicles with injured students took the lead while the other with uninjured students who were capable of fighting followed behind.

Few minutes after they left, the horde finally swept through the area crushing everything in its path. Every battle mark, dead bodies and all the other evidence which could have possibly pointed out to  some conspiracy and might even have revealed the mastermind behind were completely wiped out. 

The group continued to travel at full speed but the intensity of rumbling continued to increase and soon the first wave of beasts emerged. 

But luckily, it consisted of only low level ferocious beasts. A single attack from an instructor could easily take down dozens of this beast.

But looking at the endless sea of beasts, everyone's face turned pale. They knew what it meant.

It was a basic thing which was taught in the Academy. There had been incidents in the past and it was taught how much devastating a beast horde could possibly be.

Like the City of Vina.

One of the greatest tragedies in the history of humankind.

A massive Beast horde led by a Lawa Hawk, a mystic beast struck the city leaving millions of people dead.

And now looking at the endless amount of beast everyone felt something….but no one dared to utter any word.

At this moment, every beast within a dozen of miles had begun to move towards the border city.

The battle continued for hours and the low level beast continued to be easily wiped out. The group had travelled more than a 100 km as they had travelled in a straight path by clearing out the forest in front of them.

But at this moment, another howl pierced the sky.

" Awoowhh!!!"

With the howl, a group of savage beasts finally emerged from the horde and the Instructor's faces turned grim as they finally began to reveal their true power.

In the midst of the battle, this group failed to notice that they were not the only one running away.

A few kilometers away from them towards their right, there were two people who were madly driving a battered armored Jeep trying to get away from the horde.

But it looked like their vehicle was not as advanced as the armored vehicle of the Academy and hence they were sure to be consumed by the horde.

But at this moment, they changed their direction and started moving towards a destroyed bridge.

These two people were obviously Max and August.

The people from Academy took the long way while the duo risked their lives and were successful...well only August managed to cross the bridge and was only 5 km away from the border.


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