The Ancient Genes
119 Chaos
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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119 Chaos

East Gate, Border City.

The sky had turned dark. The bustling on the streets had decreased by quite a lot. It was mainly due to the fact that it was more dangerous to venture into Orena during the night as humans would have a problem with their sight while the beast could still easily move with the sense of their smell.

On the city wall, two guards were leisurely chatting. 

" Yawn! How much more till we are off the work? ", one of the guards said with weary eyes.

" Two more hours to go.", the other guard replied.

" Damn it! Why the hell are they keeping us here for lookout? Didn't the report mention that there weren't any unusual activities?", the guard with weary eyes said with a scowl on his face.

" Stop complaining and look out. Besides, I am having a bad feeling today.", the other guard said with a grim look in his eyes.

" Shut up! You say this every other day. But nothing had happened until today. You just watch too many mystery shows.", the guard with weary eyes yelled as he pointed at the other guard's face.

" Just wait and watch. I am sure it's different today. ", the other guard retorted.

" Fine! I will count till 10. If nothing happens, I will use my fists to manifest your bad feeling into reality.", the guard with weary eyes said as he began counting.

" One! "

" Two! "

" Hey calm down. Let's have a proper talk.", the other guard said seeing the serious look on his colleagues face.

" Three! "

" Um.."

Suddenly the speed of his counting increased.

" Four! "

" Five!"

" Six! "

" Seven! "

" You b*stard! You just want to beat me up don't you? Fine..come on then.", the other guard said as he raised his fist.

"Ten! "

" Bang!"

When the guard with weary eyes finally counted up to ten, a loud bang was heard and both the guards who were fully concentrated and were about to engage in a fight felt extremely shocked and couples with the fact that they had just betted for something dangerous happening it made them even more terrified.

" H*ly mother of cow!!! "

" F*ck!!!"

It took them a while to realize that a person was banging on the door of the Gate.

Usually the gate would be closed at 7. But no one stayed out this long, so it was rare for such a situation to occur.

" Open the door! "

" I said open the door!!!!"

The guy  screamed at the top of his lungs and the guards finally acted and used the secondary small gate to let the person in.

" Hey you fine there kid.", one of the guards went forward to support the guy who seemed to be exhausted and in a terrible condition.

" We don't have time. Give me a phone and inform everyone, a beast horde is coming!! We need to evacuate everyone."

This guy was August who had run all the way without a stop and had finally managed to get here.

Hearing August, the guards frowned. What August was saying was not something that could be taken lightly.

" better be prepared if you are joking? ", the guard with weary eyes warned him as he loaded his flare gun and shot it into the sky.

August immediately grabbed the guards collar and said with a grief in his eyes, " I f*cking lost my friend!!!! AND YOU THINK I AM JOKING!!!!"

" Let him go. If you are telling the truth. We have something more troublesome to deal with. Take this and follow us to the garrison.", the other guard pulled the two apart and gave his association phone to August.

August immediately took the phone and dialled a number.


Arcane Academy, Student Council Room.

There was a person with a large frame sitting on a comfy chair and was looking through the files of the contestant for All Academy Competitions this year.

The nameplate on his desk clearly told that he was the student with the most authority in Arcane Academy.

The Student Council President.

At this moment, the telephone in front of him rang and he picked it up.

" Bruce, it's me.", August's voice sounded from the other end.

" It's only been a day and you have already forgotten how to address me.", the president said with a smile.

" Bruce, I am not in the mood to joke. I am ordering you with my authority to follow my command."

Hearing those words, the president's expression changed and he immediately stood up.

" I await your order my lord."

After the conversation ended, the president immediately summoned all the members and a command was issued.

" Evacuate all the students from the Academy."

The members were all dumbfounded by this order. But the president didn't even seem to give them an explanation. He just asked them to begin it while he was going to get the headmaster to make the announcement himself.

Within a few minutes, the entire Academy was in chaos. But luckily the headmaster's announcement made them silent….because they couldn't utter a word in fear.

It didn't take long for the news to travel as the expert from the Association stationed at the Border city had sent out a group to scout and they had indeed confirmed that a beast horde was approaching.

Within a few minutes, thousands of calls rang throughout the Continent leaving people in sweat.

The experts from the Association and union from all the nearby cities started to move towards the border city, while the low level mages began evaluating people towards the underground shelter.

As the chaos ensued, many people took this opportunity to break into artifact shops and loot it. While some took it to looting the people moving towards the shelter.

 Instead of evacuating this bunch of idiots dreamt of making fortune and would definitely be the first one to die.


Because there was a guy who was planning to use these people to practice his sword skills.

Derek looked at the chaos and jumped down from the rooftop drawing his sword out of its sheath.

" Shing!"

A thug with a knife who was threatening a couple was sliced into half. His mouth and eyes were left wide open in shock. He wanted to scream but he was already dead.

The couple look at the guy walking away with the bloody sword with a grateful look in their eyes.

" Not fast enough...I need to be even faster."


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