The Ancient Genes
120 A Show of Power 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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120 A Show of Power 2

The night sky was full of stars. The moon shined with a unique glow. But alas, no one was in the mood to pay attention to the beautiful night.

" Move!! Move!! We don't have much time."

" Get out of the way...the earth squad is here."

" Mount the Canon! "

Several cries were ringing throughout the border city. Mages from different cities were pouring into the Border city. And the number had already crossed a few thousand.

The Association and Union had even deployed several team's from the headquarters at the capital. But it was obvious that they would require 3 to 4 days to arrive.

Beside this, several quests had been issued to provide assistance at the border by the Association.

It was done to get the private forces, mercenary and rich families to move into action. As at this moment, nothing could be counted too many.

But could they hold on until then?

No one had any idea because the size of the beast horde was still unknown.

The Master Tier mage who was stationed at the border city by the Association stood on the city wall and announced.

" My fellow comrades, today we have gathered here to fight and protect our loved ones. There are millions of people whose lives are at stake. I, on behalf of the Association, ask each and every one of you to lend me your power to fend off the beasts. "

" Yeah! Let's kill those beasts."

" Yeah! We will protect everyone."

" Yeah! Kill them all."

" Kill!"

" Kill! "

" Kill! "

The Master Tier mage smiled as he looked over the crowd. He was confident that he could fend off the beast horde. With him included, there were 5 Master level mages, 200 expert tier mages, 400 Advanced tier Mages and the rest were mostly High Tier mages. Such a force was quite strong and he believed that it was enough for them to emerge victorious. After all, there weren't any Mystic level beasts in thousands of kilometers from the border. Unless one of the peak level Savage beast had evolved into one.

" Rumble! "

At this moment, the rumbling began and a cloud of dust seemed to be moving towards them at an incredible pace.

" Earth Squad step forward!! ", the expert commanded and a group of mages stepped forwards.

" Reinforce the Wall!! Long Rangers prepare your spell! Combat fighters move into action after the first batch of spells and retreat before the second is fired. We will attack and retreat!! There is a team of medics who will take care of the injured. So, don't abandon your positions to help others and wait for them to arrive. We can't afford any mistakes. Now Commence!! "

With his command, the group of mages immediately jumped into action. The mana in the surrounding started to move and at the command of the group, the earth protected out of the ground like a tsunami wave before attaching itself to the city wall. But it didn't end there. The mages made platforms on the earth wall for long rangers to position them and get a better aim.

With the structure constructed, everyone took their position watching the horde approaching.

But at this moment, some people seemed to have noticed something.

" Bang! "

" Boom! "

There seemed to be a sound of battle which was approaching closer to them as well.

" Look!! Armored Vehicles!! "

The shout immediately attracted everyone's attention and people-focused in the direction which the man seemed to be pointing at.

And indeed, there were two beams of light moving away from the horde and multiple spells being fired behind killing the beasts catching up to them.

" Commander, what do we do? ", the generals turned towards the commander for the decision.

Looking at the situation, the commander frowned. It was a risky move to try and save these people. If they didn't manage to get them inside the city and seal back the border, the beasts would definitely make it into the city. At that time, not only would it become chaotic. They would lose their advantage too. Right now, they could definitely minimise their losses, if they kept the beasts outside.

The commander looked at the horde and identified that there were several savage beasts leading the horde. It even included three peak level Savage beasts. 

Only a mystic beast could command such an army. He thought that his guess was right. A peak level savage beast did evolved into a 1★ Mystic Beast.

" Leave them. There are many more lives at stakes. We can't afford to lose.", the commander ordered.

Hearing many people felt that although it was heartless, the commander was indeed right.

Even though the 1★ Mystic Beast was equivalent to a Master Tier Mage and had strong bodies. It would only end up being a bit troublesome for 5 Master Tier Mages. But still the commander abandoned those people because he didn't want to risk his life if he had an easy win.

At this moment, his assistant came forward and whispered, " Commander, it seems that there are Students from the Academy in those Armored Vehicles."

" Which Academy? ", the commander asked with a troubled look.

It was very clear that the students of Academies were valued by the authorities. If someone from the Academy ended up dying here. He would surely have to answer the higher ups and if they turned out to be from any of the top 5 Academy, he would be in for a lot of trouble as no one in the top 5 Academies were ordinary figures.

" Sir, it seems that it is the Arcane Academy.", his assistant replied.

" So it's those good for nothings. Leave them be. No one would care for if they die.", the Commander said in relief. He knew that the Arcane Academy was the odd one out of all academies who had refused to follow the order of authorities and angered both Association and Union. It was a miracle that the Headmaster still sat on his chair and the Academy was operating on its own guidelines.

" Zuff!!"

" Ziuff!! "

The sound immediately attracted everyone's attention. Even the commander turned around only to see two black cloaks being thrown into the air as two figures emerged out of the crowd.

One of them had a heavy build and a large broadsword on his back. While the other one's build was unclear due to his loosely fit clothes. But there was not a single person who didn't recognise the duo.

Murcas Daigo, the 7★ Mercenary from Arcane and William Kingsman, the Headmaster of Arcane Academy.

" Commander, it looks like the Association really doesn't care about my students. I will definitely remember this favour .", the headmaster said with a smile which rose the hair on people's bodies before jumping off of the city wall.

" still haven't changed.", Murcas laughed as he jumped after the Headmaster leaving the people dumbfounded.


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