The Ancient Genes
121 A Show of Power 2
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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121 A Show of Power 2

The two armored vehicles carrying the students strode ahead without a care of the obstacles ahead as spells flew in all directions.

Even though the armored vehicles were tough, after taking several attacks from the horde. It had worn down and it didn't seem that it would last much longer.

The Instructors had gone all out to protect the vehicle and keep the horde away. If it weren't for their constant efforts. They would have died a million times already.

Seeing the Instructor's sweating profusely. The Head Instructor asked Instructor Strong who was driving the vehicle, " Instructor Strong, are we there yet? "

" 10 more minutes!! We will be there.", Instructor strong replied before releasing a spell and clearing the path ahead.

Hearing him, everyone's tension eased a bit.

" You heard him. We need to hold a bit more. Don't give up!! ", the Head Instructor really played his part as a good leader.

But at this moment, it seemed as if fate had been toying with them. Three Savage beasts emerged from the horde and started to catch up to them.

" It's a Golden Lion, Metal Wolf and Iron Mantis. All are peak level savage beasts!!", one of the Instructor's recognized the beast. He has been the one to study about the place and hence knew about the strongest beasts in this part of Orena.

But he couldn't understand why these beasts were suddenly here. If he wasn't wrong, they should be more than 3000 km away from the border. But he had no idea and hence he could only inform everyone about the beasts.

His words made everyone depressed. If it was only a fight, the Instructor's were strong enough to ensure student's safety and could have escaped. But the thing was not that simple. The moment they stopped. They would be engulfed by the horde and crushed to death.

" Don't stop...attack!! ", the Head Instructor commanded.

With him commanding, every instructor began to cast spells.

" Bang! "

" Bang! "

Seeing the beasts taking a direct hit, some of the ordinary students cheered. But Axel shook his head and Wilson was focused on recovering his mana.

When the smoke from the attack cleared, the students who cheered became deathly pale.

It was clear that ordinary spell couldn't even scratch these beasts not to mention killing them.

Suddenly, the Iron Mantis swung it's scissors like scythes releasing a cross shaped wind blade.

The Instructors on the back of the armored vehicle stepped aside. But one of them was a bit too slow as he had exhausted himself beyond the limit.

" Splash!"

" Boom! "

The wind blade sliced the instructor in four parts. But it still didn't lose its energy as it hit the protective covering. The strike was too strong for the protective covering and it crumbled revealing the students inside.

The student's looked pale and were gripped by fear.

Seeing the situation, Instructor Strong called out an Instructor who looked exhausted and switched positions with him.

Instructor Sarah too stood up. She looked around and spotted all her students from the formation department.

" I want you all to lay down a defensive formation on the armored vehicle and a Speed enhancement formation.", she commanded.

" Instructor that is impossible. We are still first years. Two layered spell formation is difficult. Not to mention that in order to reinforce this vehicle we will need a much larger formation.", one of the student's said.

" If you can't do it. You all may die. I am going to help the other instructors to fight. Axel you lead them.", Instructor Sarah said before walking towards the back of the vehicle.

Everyone knew that Axel was the best student in the Formation department and was being trained by the Academy on scholarship much before others.

Axel looked at the people staring at him with expectation. He couldn't help but laugh inwardly. They were among the one who never approached him and talked bad about him behind his back and now what were they expecting from him.

He sighed even though he could easily cast a two layered spell easily. This vehicle wasn't the size of his firearms. Besides, this type of spell which could enhance some abilities was tougher to perform than any other spell.

But it wasn't like he had a choice and one thing was clear. He was doing it for his friends and not them.

The inside of the vehicle had a large space. Almost comparable to their dorms in space. There were a total of 70 seats with enough space in between to walk.

In order to draw a formation to cover the entire vehicle. They need to clear almost half of the space.

" Pull the chairs out and start laying the edges. I will lay down the core. We don't have much time. Move…", Axel said before beginning to work.

Outside the battle continued to rage.

Instructor Strong stood along with Instructor Sarah looking at the beasts catching up to them.

Suddenly, the mana around them began to surge. The temperature in the surrounding increased and strong gale emerged out of nowhere.

" Flare! "

Instructor Strong's body combusted in flames. The flame wasn't an ordinary one. It had a deep red shade and seemed to have bath in blood of thousands.

" Flame Serpent! "

Instructor Strong said as two eyes emerged from the flames. The flames began to move and slowly a giant snake appeared coiling around Instructor Strong.

On the other side, the gales began to move towards Instructor Sarah and soon it conjured into a 9 feet long scythe.

" Scythe of the Tempest! "

Wilson suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the Instructor's feeling the unusual movement of mana.

" True Spell...they can control it so easily. If it was me. I would have ended up damaging the vehicle.", Wilson murmured.

James on the other hand was looking at the fight too. 

To be honest, he was surprised once again. Yes, before coming here, he had researched and found that Arcane was a backward area and High Level Mages were strong power houses while Advance level Mages were peak level power.

But now that he looked at it. He didn't know where these experts kept popping out from. 

The Headmaster, the 7★ Mercenary, now the two instructors in front of him. Everyone of them had crossed the power limit.

Now he wondered what was going on. But that was all it was. He didn't care whether they were weak or strong as long as they didn't interrupt his plans. It didn't matter.

The battle started and the flame serpent lunged at the Iron mantis baring its fangs trying to dig them onto its neck. But the Iron Mantis was quick on its feet and dodged it. But the moment it did, a wind blade released by Sarah hit it right in the center of its body sending it flying back into the horde.

After a minute, the Iron Mantis soon dashed out of the horde with blood flowing from the wound on its body. But it wasn't seriously injured although it looked like it managed to hurt the beast's pride sending it into a berserk state. 

It attacked again and Sarah and Strong fought back.

Strong and Sarah were both expert tier mage. But they had just been promoted to expert tier and fell short in comparison to the peak level Savage beast. But their combos made them strong enough to counter the beast.

On the other hand, the Head Instructor was holding the Golden Lion back.

But at this moment, a scream was heard and everyone saw the Instructor fighting the Metal Wolf impaled in his chest by a metal spike. He had stopped breathing.

Looking at the Metal Wolf catching up to them. Everyone felt that it was all over. There was no one to hold back the Metal Wolf anymore. The moment it reached the vehicle.

They were dead.


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