The Ancient Genes
122 A Show of Power 3
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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122 A Show of Power 3

The Metal Wolf suddenly sped up seeing that the man was finally dead and its path was clear. It's hind legs kicked the ground leaving behind deep impressions and in no time it had left the Golden Lion and Iron Mantis behind.

The Instructors looked at the Metal Wolf. If it caught up to them, they would be doomed.

Instructor Strong commanded the Flame Serpents moving it towards the Metal Wolf. But as he did, the Iron Mantis began to retaliate even more fiercely making it impossible for Instructor Sarah to handle it.

The Flame Serpent was forced to stay and fight the Iron Mantis.

At this moment, the Metal Wolf was already onto them.

The students turned pale in fear. The Wolf was no longer a beast but a grim reaper for them. 

Suddenly, the beast kicked the ground and pounced towards the armored vehicle with its jaw open planning to chew off the back of the Vehicle.

The students screamed and closed their eyes. The instructors tried to move but failed to do so.

When everyone thought that they were done for, a strange sight came into being.

The Iron spike which had impaled one of the Instructors suddenly vibrated before leaving his chest with a whoosh and flew towards the eye of the Metal Wolf like a bullet.

" Puchi! "

" Awooww!"

It pierced the beast's eye evoking a miserable howl from its mouth. The students opened their eyes to see James standing up with his hand in the air and the beast howling. But it didn't seem to be enough to stop the Wolf.

Suddenly everyone felt a chill as if they were in the middle of a snowstorm as they were wondering what was going on, a blue object flashed past their eyes.

" Puchi! "

" Awooww!! "

The beast released another miserable cry. The students looked at the Metal Wolf only to find out an Ice arrow stuck in its other eye.

James glanced at Norek beside him who was standing with an exquisite looking ice bow in his hand.

They only exchanged a glance before taking a step forward.

Although the Wolf had both of its eyes pierced. It wasn't knocked back and if left like that. It would most probably collide with the vehicle. If the worn down Vehicle couldn't take it. They could already imagine themselves ending up as the beast's dinner.

But before they could take another step. A figure flew like an arrow from the gap between them. Lightning sizzled around his hands forming 12-inch claws.

" Bang! "

Wilson collided with the Metal Wolf head on. The impact from the collision sent jolts across his entire body as if he had run into a car. But with his blood pumping and high adrenaline, he clung onto the beast's head refusing to let go.

The Metal Wolf tried to shake Wilson off of its face, but Wilson was stuck to him like glue and no matter what it did, the Wolf couldn't get rid of the human on its face.

Suddenly Wilson realized something. Even though he wasn't interested in studying much. He did study stuff which could increase his chances in battles.  He immediately extended his hand and caught onto the steel spike lodged in the Wolf' eyes.

" Drop dead!! "

Wilson roared as lightning charged out of his body and he pushed the spike deeper into the Wolf's eye. 

The Wolf finally lost its momentum and Wilson kicked the Wolf slowing it even more while barely managing to grab onto the back of the Armored Vehicle.

The Students cheered and even the Instructors smiled in relief seeing the Metal Wolf dead and eventually its body disappearing in the horde.

Even though it was a peak level Savage beast. It still couldn't handle such an attack. The beasts were stronger than humans of the same level because of their tough bodies. But it didn't hold the same for their insides. The Metal Wolf had let down its guard seeing there was no one left to fight him. This led to its eye being pierced. Wilson took this opportunity knowing that the optical nerve connected to the brain could which is an important organ for all living beings. 

And the rest was simple. He basically fried its brain.

With the Metal Wolf out, the situation eased. 

James looked at Wilson a bit pissed that he stole the show. But it was still far from over. He stepped forward and suddenly the rocks started to fly out and gather above him.

James then pointed it towards the horde and said, " Go! "

With a single command, the rocks and stones flew towards the horde like at the speed of a bullet.

The onlooker's eyes widened in surprise. They could have never thought that they would meet someone of such a rare attribute.

A Psychic.

Wilson, Norek, Lisa and Axel looked at the guy with a single thought in their mind.

This guy is strong.

With Wilson and James stepping forward to fight. Norek didn't remain behind and with the ice bow which was his true spell. He pulled the string and shot out several arrows immediately killing several low level beasts.

Several other students including Lisa stepped out of the protective covering to fight back the beasts. And very soon, they gained advantage igniting hope once again for the students.

But at this moment, several miserable cries of the beast rang out from the horde surprising everyone and four silver colored wolves dashed out of the horde.

The Wolves didn't seem to care about the beasts in front of them. They were faster than any other beast and carved out a bloody path in front of them shredding everything into pieces in front of them.

Golden Lion and Iron Mantis which were giving the Instructors hard time were turned to shreds by the four Wolves in no time and then the Wolves turned towards the Armored Vehicles.

When everyone was thinking that this time they were done for sure. A huge sword came flying towards the Wolves.

" Boom! "

The Wolves immediately jumped back and fiercely stared at the sword which had left cracks in the shape of the spider net.

On the other hand, all the other beasts bypassed the site with the wolves and sword not daring to interfere in fear.


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