The Ancient Genes
123 An Unknown Place
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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123 An Unknown Place

The Silver Wolves bared their fangs and snarled at the broadsword which was emanating a fierce aura.

" Scree!!"

A screech pierced the heaven and a huge shadow appeared in the sky. It was a hawk and it seemed that there were two people riding on the back of the beast.

" So, how are we going to deal with it? ", Murcas asked the Headmaster with a smile.

" You go and stall the Wolves while I help the students. Once they are safe, we will immediately leave.", the headmaster said calmly as he prepared to jump.

" Huh? Aren't we going to stop the horde?", Murcas questioned in confusion.

" I too was thinking about it. But now that I am here. It would be good enough to get out of here alive.", The headmaster said before he jumped down.

" Hey! Explain...tsk..this bastard, always trying to act cool.", Murcas said as he tried to grab the Headmaster. But the headmaster had already jumped by then and Murcas missed him.

" Hey Giesel, Why don't you go ahead and check out the situation ahead? I will treat you to something delicious after returning. And remember to retreat if it seems dangerous for even a bit.", Murcas patted the beast's head leading to a cheerful cry from it.

Murcas wasn't afraid that Giesel would be hurt as it had recently evolved to mid leave Savage beast and both of them had a connection due to a contract and if Giesel didn't turn away on sensing danger. He would command it to.

" Well, then its my turn.", Murcas said as he jumped down and started to chant. To deal with those Wolves a High Tier Spell definitely wouldn't be enough. He had to go with his very best.

The Wolf too glared at him and suddenly began to draw mana towards them. Their mouths began to glow as they prepared for a breath attack.

The moment Murcas landed on the hilt of his sword, the four Silver Wolves attacked.

" Awaken! ", Murcas completed his chant and the breath attack hit him. The impact sent a cloud of dust into the air and it seemed impossible for any ordinary person to survive it.

" Boom! "


Everyone was surprised when the sword came out of nowhere. As they were wondering who saved them, a figure landed on the roof of the Armored Vehicle with a thud.

" Headmaster!!!"

The students and the Instructors screamed in shock. The instructors and students were touched to find out that the headmaster had come out himself to save them.

The headmaster nodded at the students and the Instructors before speaking out a few words. But the few words were enough to bring tears in the eyes of the students.

" Let's get out of here."

With that the Headmaster raised both of his hands and a transparent crystal-like cube formed in front of him.

" Zzmm! "

The cube suddenly expanded to the point it was no smaller than the armored vehicle itself.

The headmaster had lifted the cube above his head with one hand and looked at the horde with calm eyes.

Everyone looked at the headmaster wondering what the cube could do when suddenly, the cube dispersed into smaller pieces.  

" Whoosh! "

In front of the bewildered eyes of the students, the thousands of pieces of transparent crystal flew towards the horde like javelins leaving behind a glow as they pierced the beasts.

The beasts screamed miserably before their body disintegrated into nothingness not even leaving behind a corpse.

The students gasped at the terrifying power displayed by the Headmaster. The figure of the Headmaster no longer looked like a human to the students. They couldn't help but think if they really had just witnessed it. Were Mages this powerful?

It wasn't exaggerating. Even though these students belonged to prestigious families. How many of them could have actually seen a Master Tier Mage in action.

Lisa too looked at the frightening sight. But there wasn't fear but a yearning and admiration in her eyes. She had only heard the rumors. But today she had confirmed it. The headmaster possessed the same element as her.


Like psychics and beastman. It was another rare and strong variant.

But what was truly terrifying was the degree of control which the headmaster had shown. He had destroyed the beasts at the cellular level erasing them completely and that too without breaking a sweat.


An unknown valley, Orena.

A body had been washed to the shore of the river. But the person seemed quite lucky as the water in the river didn't seem to have any mana beasts.

" Cough! Cough! ..", the guy seemed to have come to his senses and coughed the water which seemed to have entered his body.

" F*ck! I thought I was gone.", Max said as he gasped for air.

He seemed to have remembered falling from the bridge. Even now he felt terrified thinking about the incident.

" How long has it been? I need to get back.", Max murmured as he stood up.

But when he scanned his surroundings, he failed to recognise the terrain. 

" Where the hell is this place? ", Max said.

As he looked around, he didn't find any beasts nor any humans. Which made him question whether he was even in Orena anymore.

But his doubts were cleared as he took out his smartphone from his inventory.

" No signal...I am still in Orena unless some idiot came out and places a jamming formation in this desolate place.", Max murmured feeling hopeless. He didn't even know where to go. If he went in the wrong direction and ended up encountering some high level beast. He would be dead.

And beside, there was no guarantee if he was travelling in the direction of Arcane.

" Huff! Leave it! I will just scout out this area and make sure if it is safe or not. After that, I can slowly decide on finding my way out."

Max decided and took a step forward. But at this moment he noticed that there was a slimy liquid which seemed to have covered his entire body.


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