The Ancient Genes
124 Meeting the Old Geezer Again
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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124 Meeting the Old Geezer Again

" What the hell is this?!! ", Max grumbled in disgust as he pulled out the sticky substance off of his skin.

Suddenly as if the slimy liquid had gained a life of its own, it moved. The slimy liquid left Max's skin and fell to the ground and slowly gathered into a spot.

Max looked at the transparent liquid feeling that it was a bit familiar. Even though he had never seen this thing before. He couldn't help but feel that there was a connection between them.

" Huh.. Is it smiling? "

If someone had heard Max right now, they would have definitely taken him for a weirdo. After all, how could that thing smile? But in the eyes of Max it did.

As Max intensely looked at the slimy liquid trying to figure out where he had seen it and Why did it give such a familiar feeling? The liquid moved.

It transformed into a beautiful girl with blue hair. Her eyes were as clear as crystal and Max felt his breathing stop.

No….don't get me wrong. Even though the girl was beautiful. Max had already reached a point where just a beautiful girl would not make him go crazy. After all, he didn't have quite a good experience with beauties.

First, he got into an accident with Elly which led to him getting bashed by Lisa.

Then he had rescued Lisa and that girl's attitude towards him still wasn't a good one. Besides, even after rescuing Lisa. He got lectured by Elly. 

Even though he wanted to scream that ' I was the one who rescued your friend. You should be thanking me '. He could only do that in his mind. After all, the incident was supposed to be kept secret.

So that was his interaction with girls. And if you want to know about even before that...this guy didn't have any friends except Mark...forget about girls.

So back to the current topic. 

Why did he freeze?

Because this girl in front of him was naked from head to toe.

" Damn it! It's tough to handle with my mentality. But she doesn't seem to be an enemy."

Max was thinking about whether to retreat or try to communicate with this weird girl. But as the girl got closer, he realised.

He realised why she seemed familiar.

Max immediately ran his hands over his body. 

" It's gone!!! You gotta be kidding me? ", Max mumbled as he looked at the girl.

He still couldn't believe this and took off his top only to find that his hammer which should have been hooked to his holster was missing.

Max had to hook the hammer because it was an item that couldn't be stored in his inventory. The girl definitely gave him the same feeling as his hammer did and now his hammer was missing too.

" What kind of sorcery is this? The hammer turned into a beauty. Did I break out some evil spirit within it?"

Max thought but then threw out the idea. The hammer saved him a couple of times. The spirit definitely couldn't be evil. He made his decision and stood there. He wanted to try communicating with the girl.

The girl got closer...a bit more she was almost on Max's face.

" Dammit! Don't test my patience!! You think you can get away with molest…"

Before Max could speak anything else, the girl grabbed him by his neck. Max's eyes widened as the distance between their lips decreased.

' Sigh! Is this how it's going to be? My first time….am I really graduating today…', Max closed his eyes and thought as he allowed nature to take its course.

But the sensation which he was waiting for never came. Instead, he felt a sharp pain on his neck.

Max opened his eyes to look at the girl biting on his neck and it wasn't a soft one. She had almost drawn out blood from his body.

Max pushed the girl and retreated. As he prepared to take out his dagger, a notification window appeared in front of him.

« Hahaha!!!! Finally, you formed the connection. You really surpassed my expectations brat!! Not only are you still alive. But you are the first one out of the five too...»

Max looked at the familiar screen. But the voice...he couldn't help but tremble in rage..he was too familiar with the voice.


Max shouted out in rage. He still hadn't forgotten anything. Even though the old man was powerful, he definitely wouldn't kill Max. After all, he needed Max's help. Max thought of taking advantage of this fact and land a blow or two if possible even if it meant getting beaten to a half dead state.

" Haha don't shout brat."

This time the voice didn't ring in his mind. He could clearly hear it coming in front of him.

Max looked at the spot where the sound came from and soon a figure formed in front of him.

An old man with long white hair and beard with a sword hanging around his waist.

It was the Old geezer, the God who gave Max the system.

" How have you been brat? ", the old man asked as he stroked his beard and scanned Max curiously.

" Tsk..You better hurry up with your words before I beat the crap out of you.", Max replied as he cracked his knuckles.

" Hoho..I see you two were busy. ", the old man said with a lecherous smile.

The girl with blue hair was standing there naked while Max had taken off his top too.

If it was anyone else, they would have definitely mistaken the situation for something else. But this old man definitely knew what was going on and he still was spouting nonsense.

Max couldn't control himself any longer. The mere presence of this old geezer was driving him nuts and now this b*stard was trying to mess with them.

" You perverted b*stard!! You are dead!! ", Max roared as he took out his dagger and dashed toward the old man.


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