The Ancient Genes
125 Max in Rage
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The Ancient Genes
Author :ReincarnatedSaint
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125 Max in Rage

" You perverted b*stard!! You are dead!! ", Max roared as he took out his dagger and dashed toward the old man.

The old man looked at Max and smiled. It looked like he wasn't going to move. He stood there with his hands behind him with a smug look on his face.

When Max stabbed the old man, blood didn't come out as expected. His dagger passed right through the old man's stomach followed by his own body.

" Haha!! This is a hologram brat. You want to kill me…. The Tech God….dream need a thousand years even before you become capable enough to paint my pinky.", the old man said with a laugh pointing his pinky towards Max.

But, Max had already realised that it would only be a waste of his energy knowing that it was a hologram and as for thousand years….' Time will speak for itself old Geezer ', Max thought inwardly.

Seeing that Max wasn't getting angry anymore and had calmed down, the old man said with a laugh, " Haha..not have improved. If it was in the past, I doubt whether you would have the same look on your face."

" Don't tell me you have got so much free time to go around and mess with every other human. Spit it out...what the hell is going on? You know about her, right? ", Max said as he pointed towards the blue hair girl.

" Cheeky brat! You have grown some balls...even though I am happy for you. You should be using it towards your enemies not your own ancestors.", the old man said with a scowl.

" Get lost...I will try to figure it myself.", Max said as he turned around and picked up his top.

But as he did, a smile was forming on his face.

' Old man...even if you send a hologram. It still doesn't change the fact that you are the one talking to me. Since you are here, it has to be something important. Today, I will anger you to death.'

Seeing that Max really had turned around and didn't seem interested. The old man frowned.

' Is this brat trying to play games with me. Fine let me see how long you can keep your curiosity in control. When the time comes, I will make you beg in front of me.', the old man thought as an evil grin formed on his face.

One Step..

Two Step…

Three Step….

Four Step…

Five Step…

Six Step…

The old man was still confident when Max took the first two steps. But as Max took two further steps, he started to sweat. He was given the responsibility by the God Council in the Higher realm. If it was found out that something went wrong because he was messing around. He would be in for trouble. The moment Max took the Sixth step. The old man couldn't control himself and shouted.

" Wait!! "

Max suddenly stopped and turned around with a grin. But inwardly, he sighed in relief.

' Phew! I thought this old geezer wouldn't stop me. I was almost thinking of turning around.'

" What are you looking at, old geezer? Spit it out. What's going on? ", Max said with a smirk.

The old man stood there trembling in rage having a difficulty in controlling himself. He wished that he had personally gone down there and taught this brat a lesson. But alas, this was his last chance. He was only allowed to contact twice and this was his second time. Now he could meet them only when everything was over.

" Sigh! Fine then. Listen carefully.", the old man calmed down and began.

" That girl is a spirit."

"You mean the spirit of the hammer? ", Max asked.

" Well not exactly.The hammer was just a gateway. It was the shell left behind by the previous spirit."

" And what is that supposed to mean? ", Max asked in confusion.

" Well you know that the battle between the humans and demons is not a new one. It has continued from ages and there have been people like you before."

Max nodded in agreement.

" Do you remember that...the first time we met, I said that humanity was at the bottom of the food chain and the Human God was the person who developed the Flow energy which had helped humanity to fight back."

" Yes..", Max replied.

" But there is still one thing which I didn't tell you. This only gave us the power to fight. Not the power to rule or defeat the demons.", the old man said with a sigh.

" Then how did you seal the Heavenly demon? How did you defeat the rest of the demons? Are you saying that what I currently have isn't enough?", Max asked with a frown.

" Yes, we had to form bonds with spirits...The only beings without any restrictions to travel around any dimension.", the old man said while pointing at the blue haired girl.

" You asked me whether the girl was the Hammer spirit right? Well, the spirit can appear in different dimensions. But in doing so, they form shells. The hammer was the shell of the bonded spirit of your predecessor. Since your predecessor is gone. The spirit has returned to its dimension. Leaving behind its empty shell which acts as a portal for you to connect to any other spirit."

" But why was it me? The hammer should have been in contact with several other people.", Max asked.

" Because you have awakened the genes of Primal Humans. Even though you haven't fully turned into a Primal Human. It's still a fact that you have the genes. Not to mention it's the one of the first Human God."

" Fine, I get it now. But what do I do with her now? And how does this whole thing work? Wait a second...if it was going to happen like this. Why the hell didn't you just give me the hammer instead of the System? What the hell was the System for?"

" Well I couldn't. Gods are not supposed to interfere with the working of other dimensions. And you don't need to worry. It's a kind of fate. The spirit Shells always ends up with the awakened one. It could be said to be the dimensional law. Like air flows from a high pressure area to a low pressure one.", the old man explained.

But Max kept looking at the old man with a sharp look in his eyes. He was more interested in the second part.

" Well, the System wasn't anything necessary? It was just a thing that I was working on...I just wanted to collect some data on its working when all these things happened. It was only then when I decided to give you all the System to help you guys. And I uploaded the Ancient Technique which could have helped to stimulate your genes and fasten your awakening process a bit.", the old man said as he began fidgeting and avoiding eye contact with Max.

" That's it, nothing else. Now let me tell you how the thing with spirit work-"

But before he could speak any further. Old man was interrupted by a sinister voice.

" Wait old man!! You sure are in a hurry. I have got several more questions to ask. Don't just run b*stard!!!"


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